Pearhead Baby Memory Book Review- Make Each Moment Count

Nothing can be more adorable that a new mother filling out the pages of her baby’s memory book so that when he or she grows up, both mother and child have something to look back upon to strengthen their bond of love.

With Pearhead Baby Memory Book, you can do all that and so much more with the journal, photo album and by taking your baby’s footprint with the Clean Touch Ink pad without running the risk of mess.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Memory Book for your Baby:

  • Check to see whether your baby memory book has spaces to document your love story, the time you came to know that you are expecting and the years after the birth.
  • The memory book must have an easy to use format.
  • It should be sturdy and durable.
  • It must have the space to include pictures and captions

Considerable Features of Baby Memory Book:

  • Keep Moments with Details: Preserve the little moments with detailed journals and pictures.
  • Comparison Feature: An opportunity to compare the small footprints with large ones when the baby grows up to see exactly how far they have come.

Pearhead Baby Memory Book

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Memories are all that you would have a few years down the line when your kid is too busy with soccer practice. The Pearhead Baby Memory book with 50 acid free pages for journal entries like “When mommy was pregnant,” “She liked eating,” “My Baby Shower,” “Where I was delivered”, “The Gifts I received” and many others make it one of the most attractive baby memory books out there.

Adequate amount of space has been provided so that you can add pictures to make the book appear more vibrant and thought provoking when you browse through it several years down the line.

What makes this one a class apart is the fact that the manufacturers have included a Clean Touch Ink Pad so that your baby’s feet remain ink free when you take his or her footprint.

Important Features of Pearhead Baby Book:

  • This memory book has a soft cover and is embellished with satin ribbons and fabric spine for that feeling of luxury.
  • It is available in three colors grey, pink and blue so that you can choose the book of any color based on your baby’s gender. In case you don’t want him or her to grow up with any gendered assumptions pushed upon him or her, you can always go with the neutral grey.
  • A 50 page, acid free journal and photo album is also included in the Pearhead Baby Memory Book so as to preserve the cherished memories.
  • The Clean Touch Ink Pad would enable you to take your baby’s hand and foot imprint without the ink ever touching your baby’s skin.

Pros & Cons of of Baby Memory Book by Pearhead

Why Should Use?

  • The book consists of pages which are lead and acid free.
  • The classy color, the fabric spine and satin ribbon embellishment makes it the perfect book to flaunt in your kid’s nursery bookshelf.
  • The easy to use Clean Touch Ink Pad ensures that you don’t spend hours having to remove the ink on your hand and your baby’s foot after taking his footprint. This memory book is 100% baby safe and mess free.
  • The mere fact that this book affords you the opportunity to keep a journal while including memorable pictures with cute captions and quotes underneath them makes this one a keepsake.

Keep in Mind

  • This book doesn’t have any space to include the name/s of your baby’s sibling/s in the family tree section.
  • It might take some time to go through instructions before you use the ink pad for taking your baby’s foot impression.

The Pearhead Baby Memory Book has been the first choice of parents looking forward to capturing and saving the precious memories not only of their baby’s childhood years but also the years that stretch out beyond the toddler phase. Buy this one during your pregnancy period itself and have fun recording all the little moments which make motherhood special.

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