Picking Up the Right Baby Stroller for Your Tiny Tot

Every child is precious and needs to be guarded safely. Now, the problem arises for the parents, especially while travelling or a little shopping is that the child cannot be constantly carried in a baby carrier.

Not only would it tire the arms, they would also be risky while carrying loads of things. A stroller that is both safe and cheap is hard to find. What could be better than buying the perfect stroller for you little gem.

We all seek and browse a lot before opting for one, but we often end up buying the wrong ones. Not only for your child, you, may be searching one as a baby shower gift as well.

The more features it has the more pricey it would become. So opting for the right one is very much a necessity.

Some necessary facts to be aware of, before purchasing:

  • In case of infants, a stroller, which supports the neck and head, would be useful, as they would recline fully. Travel systems are also useful if you have to go on long trips frequently.
  • All-in-one systems can take up loads of space and you would not be able to fold them. This can be troublesome. So if you are short of space, avoid these ones. However, if you have long term plans, then even after your child grows, you would be able to use them. Car seat frames can be cheaper option while considering the infant carrier. They can snugly fit the stroller seat to the car frame.
  • Determine the location you would be mostly going to with the stroller. In case of urban areas, the lightweight and compact ones are useful. While taking long walks, the sturdiness is to be considered. However, heavy strollers can be difficult to push.
  • Rather than blindly having faith on the manual, perform a test-drive. Push it around, so that you would have a fair idea of how good it actually runs.
  • The handle height and comfort of grip must be considered. If you are tall, always select ones with higher handlebars. Ensure that you don’t bump into the stroller while pushing it around.
  • Check out the fold-ability, storage capacities and the seats to determine the right one. The ease of usage and the simplistic approaches are to be heeded.
  • The warranty, return policies and certification are to be given attention. This would ensure the security of the child. It would also take care that you do not end up buying the wrong one. Long-term return policies are ideal in this aspect.

Considerable Features of Baby Strollers-

  • Basic: These are the simplistic ones with basic amenities. They are easy to use, but they would not be loaded with added on features.
  • Joggers: These strollers are ideal for some brisk activity as they come with three tires. It is advisable to opt for these ones when your child is a bit older.
  • One, double or triple strollers: It solely depends on how many children are there in the family. Say, one wants to stroll an infant and another elder one, and then the double ones would be useful. For a single child the first one is ideal. Double strollers are designed in multiple ways. They can be both sideways or on two levels.
  • Harnesses and brake mechanism: The 5 point, the 3 point and the 2 point harnesses are in descending order regarding safety. The brake mechanism also varies in different types of strollers.

BOB Revolution Single Stroller

[product_des position="right" product_name="BOB Revolution SE Single Jogging Stroller" aff_link="" img_link=""][/product_des]

This brand has lived up to the expectations of the customers by providing high-end strollers. Every parent loves this innovative brand, which constantly is lending support to him or her.

Wherever you go the multipurpose BOB would smoothly help you stroll your child. Be it a rugged area or a crowded place, this brand would not fail to provide the ultimate support to your child.

These easy to use strollers are designed to suit every customer. Whether it is storage or fold ability BOB does present to you the ultimate and incomparable stroller in the market.

Features of BOB Revolution Stroller

  • Front pivoting wheels and lightweight frame offer a smooth joyride
  • Suspension system and easy to fold frame provides comfort as well as convenience
  • Multi-positioning canopy
  • Adjustable and comfortable seats
  • A 5 point padded harness with fastener
  • Storage space in seat-back, interior pockets and hanging basket

Pros & Cons of Baby Stroller by BOB Revolution:

Why we choose it:

  • Beautiful canopy with a peek-a-boo window
  • Despite being a jogging stroller it has a large basket underneath
  • Lightweight and easily movable
  • Comfortable seating
  • Sturdy build and durable
  • Padded handlebar

Keep in mind

  • A bit pricey
  • Front swivel is problematic
  • No accessories
  • Does not fold very compactly

The bottom line is that BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller, is really a winner in the league of jogging strollers. The well-built stroller is durable and would be worth the money, as BOB has designed a fabulous baby stroller, truly a bestseller.

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