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Parents with Disabilities Face a Challenging Life!

Parenting is one of the most important aspects of society as it defines how the future of humanity is going to be.

Many of the modern parents find it a tough act to follow but the importance of it has increased over the years with modernization.

Life now provides us with a lot of choice and lack of good parenting skill will cause huge problems when it comes to making the correct choice for a child.

Parents nurture us from the very beginning and guide us through the path of life. We begin to see this entire world through their eyes. How this nurturing is done is the most important part.

A child entirely depends on the parents for his or her livelihood. It is the parent’s responsibility to see to it that they teach their child to face the world and understand the various subtleties of life. They should be given a lot of love and care so that they have a beautiful childhood.


Childhood is a very important phase of life.

Every child has just one childhood and it is the responsibility of the parents to make it fruitful. Little life lessons should be taught in easy ways.

A child’s interests should be gauged carefully and encouraged sufficiently. Only when you charter your child’s dream from the very beginning do they start loving life.

To every parent, a child’s smile is the most precious thing in the world. Every parent wants his or her child to have happy future. Circumstances of lives of each one makes it challenging.

For some it is a walk on the cake and for some it is extremely difficult. But the motto for every parent remains the same.

They work very hard and give their child all the care they can. The difficulties one faces while raising a child are many. Many kids are indignant; many are not receptive to change.

Kids fall ill easily because they are delicate and every issue needs to be addressed. Not only is their physical development important but also their psychological development needs a lot of attention.

Parents need to be very vigilant about the child’s wishes and their mindset that they develop as they grow up.

Parents are completely responsible and accountable for the child and so should possess the capability to raise them up to be responsible human beings.

Difficulties Faced by a Parent with Disabilities


One of the many difficulties one faces while bringing up a child is monetary issues or health issues you face as a parent.

These problems hamper you from giving your child all the opportunities and facilities that you want to provide. You are unable to give your fullest to them in spite of your wanting so.

If the parent has physical disabilities then the entire thought of parenting becomes bizarre. But the world has seen many courageous couples with physical disabilities who turned out to be wonderful doting parents.

If you are facing a similar situation, read experiences of couples who have been braving similar situations and give yourself the moral boost.

It is of utmost importance that parents with disabilities need to keep mental resilience – only then can they provide the required care and support to their child.

A lot of reading needs to be done before parenting of such kind is taken up. Not only do you need inspiration but you also need to the tactics to give your best to your child.

There are various psychologists and guides who help you to gear up for this process of parenting.

If you know people who deal with the same scenario, ask them thoroughly about their experience before you take the decision of becoming parents and once you do use all the advice that is given to you by them. That is actually the best way to go about such a situation.

Some of the common issues that parents with disabilities have to deal with are:

  • Physical exertion
  • Keeping up with children
  • Giving them all the assistance required on a daily basis specially in the growing years.
  • Social messages given to children
  • Communicating with the children
  • Maintaining Discipline
  • Limited income of the family
  • Transportation
  • Assuring continuity and coherence in the children’s lives
  • Participation in school/college events


How to solve the challenges faced?

Each of the above issue needs to be addressed separately. The parent has to see to it that they have ready help when they can’t exert themselves any further physically.

They need to put in a lot of effort to know their children as they grow up. In the initial years, keep someone who can assist you and your kid.

The kid needs assistance all the time. People with disabilities many a times find it difficult to discipline a kid. To avoid such problems, make it a point to spend quality time with your child and become his or her fried.

Only then can you instill in the child the morals that will be required to shape him up as a great human being.

Also there are many gadgets that have been developed to monitor on your kids and track the whereabouts. Search the Internet to get more help on the device that suits situation the best.

Most parent with disabilities face a monetary problem due to the limited income. There are many institutions that provide financial and physical help to such families.

Get in touch with them for the correct assistance. Make arrangements for proper transportation for yourself and the child. You don’t want to miss those precious school events of your child, would you?

When such events are approaching, take extra precautions of your health so that you can be witness to the wonderful moments of your child’s life.

Many a times, children of such parents could also be born with disabilities. In such a case, don’t be discouraged. Be the role model for your child and help him to brave all the difficulties that come his/her way.

Children whose parents have physical disabilities are observed to be more open-minded. They grow up to be compassionate as they now what true struggle is. They do not get discouraged too easily and want to tackle the problem with all their might.

Do not consider yourself unlucky if you are parents with disabilities as being a parent is the most beautiful feeling in the world. The little bundle of joy is going to illuminate your life like nothing else and usher in a lot more happiness than you can ever imagine.

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