How to Soothe Your Newborn?

The first time when your baby comes out of your womb and the nurse makes him utter a cry, on one hand your heart went out to him and on the other hand, you were relieved to find that at least he or she has come into the world with a healthy pair of lungs.

However, after you take him back to your home and he starts screaming while crying his eyes out, you start wondering that whether there is something you had been doing without even noticing?

If you are a parent who had just faced such terrifying instances, let us tell you that babies cry for a lot of reasons while they are still adjusting to a completely new environment.

Being patient with them and learning to soothe your newborn might seem to be a lot to ask in the initial days but once you get the hang of it, the rest of the journey will be a smooth ride!

Here we are going to share some of the reasons why newborns cry so that you can avoid those at all costs and also provide you with some of the most effective tips for soothing newborns so that you can be a champion parent at the end of the day!


The Secret behind Why Newborns Cry Revealed!

  • Imagine feeling hungry but not being able to order some food. Well, newborns go through the same experience when they are famished. Since they can’t really ask you to bring them food, they try to draw your attention by crying or screaming.
  • Though babies can doze off almost everywhere, falling asleep can be a struggle for them sometimes. The extreme tiredness makes them cranky and they begin crying.
  • The babies are quite sensitive to discomfort and would start crying as soon as their diaper begins to feel dirty.
  • If your baby suffers from colic or gas, it might provoke them to cry incessantly.
  • There is something, which your newborn loves the most in the world. It is to be cuddled and adored for the goofballs that they are. When that need isn’t getting fulfilled, they start crying.
  • When your baby needs to be burped to clear his air passage, he wants you to do the deed for him by coaxing you through crying.
  • With your newborn teething, the time can be a struggle for both your baby and you as a parent.
  • If the weather outside causes your baby any discomfort, rest assured he or she will begin crying.
  • He or she is sick. If your baby is running a high fever and is not in a position to be at his best, he will invariably cry.
  • Adults often tend to ignore the small things which are capable of driving babies to their edge. A blanket made of coarse cloth that irritates their skin to a strand of hair that has been stretched against their skin, the causes of their irritation might be minuscule yet pertinent.

The Ways in which you can Soothe your Newborn

  • Offer the body of your baby some rhythmic movement. Some parents use the ‘Rockabye Baby’ technique to calm their children by holding them close to their body and swaying back and forth. The regulated motion acts as a soothing stimulus to their frayed nerves and they go to sleep almost immediately without any further tantrums.
  • Give him a soft and warm blanket and a confined space to sleep in and he would doze off before you could go back to fetch him his favorite toy.
  • Put the tape recorder on, making sure to put in the calming sounds of the rushing ocean waves. Not only adults but also babies require some relaxation techniques, after all!
  • Babies often tend to cry when they have gas due to the discomfort in their chest. Lay them on your knees and gently rub their backs till they stop crying. If you find that their crying isn’t subsiding, it might be time to ask your doctor whether your newborn can have some gas drops meant for infants.
  • Don’t compromise on the number of hugs that you give to your newborn on a daily basis. Babies love to snuggle up to both their parents. In case you find it hard to hold your baby for a long time so that they finally stop crying, you can always make use of a sling to do the work for you while you carry on with your chores.
  • If your baby suffers from colic, the condition which makes babies cry for at least two hours in a day and doesn’t let go till three months or so have passed, you are in for a nightmare. But that’s what love is all about, isn’t it? Sticking by through thick and thin, especially when the things get hard. Just try to be there and comfort them to the best of their ability with lots of cuddles and kisses.
  • Go on a long ride with your little one. Once they snuggle up in the car seat and listen to the sounds your car makes while travelling, they will be soothed.
  • Seek help from a pacifier. The sucking would divert their attention and they would be able to transition smoothly from the newborn to the toddler phase of their lives.
  • Treat them to a vibrating environment. Do you have any appliance in your home such as a dryer or a washing machine, which vibrates while it’s still in use? Well, you are in luck as the vibrating movement is calming for the babies. Just put their transportable cot on top of the machine and hold it there till your baby stops crying.
  • Try changing the environmental conditions in your home. Maybe the AC is too cold or the heater is making your home too hot to be comfortable for your child. Or maybe your house is much too noisy for your baby to sleep in. Pay attention to the finer details and do the needful to remedy the wrongs.

Last but not the least, even after trying all the above soothing techniques, if you find that your newborn still isn’t calming down, you might need to get in touch with your doctor to get to the bottom of what is actually troubling your baby.

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