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Developing Baby Walking Habit and Baby Walkers!

Babies are cute little bundle of joys that start making a difference in ours and their lives as soon as they are born. The development process of a baby is a miraculous change that is a joy to watch.

The constant progress that a baby makes each day is like a life lesson showing everything eventually evolves into another and in its own time.

Baby through their happy and sad experiences learn to open their eyes, smile, cry, make faces, twist and turn, make noises, mimic and make a lot of changes in our lives.

And right when you see the baby making efforts to sit and stand you know your duties and responsibilities towards the baby has increased because the baby now starts getting exposed to the real world things.

The possible harmful things all around the house and the constant baby activities are to be watched attentively by the parents and help the baby grow faster and better.

Considering a baby walker in the developmental years of a baby is a good idea as it can help the parents as well as the child to trigger the walking habit in the child and make the process a little easier. Know all about it here!


What is a baby walker?

A baby walker is a tool or gaming equipment sort of device which helps the baby to move about in a half seated and a half standing position.

It gives baby the support in walking, saves the baby from falling and does not give much strain on the baby’s legs. This way baby enjoys walking without getting too tired of it!

The baby walker comes as an aid for babies who have started showing signs of learning to walk and constantly trying to be on a move. When they are put in these baby walkers they tend to enjoy their new learnt thing and get more acquainted to it.

How can baby walker help in baby’s growth?

Baby walker and its help in baby’s growth is a debatable topic as some people are of the view that giving access to baby with a much speeder and easier way of walking will enable the baby to explore the house quicker and hence expose the baby to more hazards.

The constant moving around the house may sometimes make him fall through the stairs, hit by the furniture, get in touch with the heaters etc.

With baby walker, it becomes easy for the baby to reach out to objects, which were previously hard to reach like candles, Diya’s, choking hazards, alcohol, phenyl, medicines etc.

The habit of babies putting everything into the mouth may just trigger the danger and it might prove unsafe for the baby.

However, some people are of the view that putting baby in a baby walker enables the baby to explore more things and thus develop his senses. The ease in the walking creates a need into the baby to walk and thus baby learns to walk faster than before.

But there are also instances of baby not getting enough chances to sit, crawl and get hurt which are essential for the baby to achieve developmental milestones and life lessons.


What are the things to consider before buying a baby walker?

Although the viewpoints of different people regarding the baby walker is different, baby walker nonetheless sees a great sale among people who pick up different sized baby walkers for their kids.

Experts are of the view that if you need to buy a baby walker, these pointers should be kept in mind.

  • New baby walkers are made with the understanding of the possible accidents and hence are mechanized to walk slowly. Buy new ones as they will keep track of the baby’s pace while walking, saving him from any possible accidents due to speed.
  • Check that the baby walker should stop walking if one of the wheels of it touches a low edge or get struck. This way even if the baby tries to move towards danger, he cannot!
  • There are walkers that can be locked enabling one to put the baby into it but restricting the baby movements. So baby will get the feel of walking but not actually walk and hence totally safe.
  • Look out for the attachments that are there on the walker and if the fancy designs will be of any harm to the baby or not. Buy simplest of walker to avoid discomforting or hurting the baby.

Many people may suggest on buying the baby walker as they have never faced the situation of the baby getting hurt through them but practically there are instances, which should not be forgotten.

Consider the living of your house, the care you will be able to take and the elevation levels in the house to decide if it is safe for the baby to use a baby walker.

What is the right age to put the baby into the baby walker?

There is no right age to decide if the baby needs a baby walker, the movements and hints from the baby will show that your baby is ready for the walk. The first sign that the baby gives is when the baby stands on their own foot by themselves.

This is when the baby is not able to maintain the balance but has managed to stand on his feet. This suggests that soon this will become more often and the baby will try walking too.

Hence, this is the right time to buy a baby walker. Other hints or situations that you can look out for deciding if the baby needs a baby walker are:

  • The baby keeps cruising around in the playroom and crawls to travel distances and tries standing wherever he can get a hold of supportive things.
  • If you find babies of your baby’s age walking perfectly but your baby is still finding troubles in extending feet.
  • When the baby is able to stand for a few seconds but loses balance as soon as he starts walking
  • When the baby’s crawling has been a habit to the eyes and baby is showing no signs of standing or walking.



It is good to encourage and put the baby into the baby walker for some time if the baby is showing no signs of standing or walking.

The fact that the baby’s feet are touching to the ground and they feel balanced will make the baby try in themselves to repeat the way adults walk.

Hence slowly making the baby learn, walking and standing.

Why is baby walker banned in many nations?

Baby walker as we said earlier is a debatable topic in many nations. People are of the view that giving a baby walker in a house makes the baby more accustomed to support, brings in instances of the baby getting access to possible hazards, and instances like falling off from the stairs, touching the fire, hitting on hard objects, getting hurt with the furniture, fall off guard etc. are more prominent.

The small things that were unreachable by the baby previously are now easily in the baby’s reach and clutches and there are more instances of baby chewing on unrequited choking hazards or dangerous substances like phenyl, hot food, metals, candles, strings etc.

And so there has been an upright ban to baby walker from thee nations. These nations support manual ways of teaching the baby how to walk which creates a habit into the baby to resort to their parents for every guidance and trust and imposes more responsibilities on the parents to guide, care and assure baby’s all round development.

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