Know the Simple Ways to Build a Happy and Sweet Family Relationship

We all love to come back home after a long vacation or business tour or even after a hard day at work. No matter how small our apartment may be, home always has sweet connotations.

Have you wondered why home is considered sweet? It is not the decor which makes it so endearing; it is the environment that makes ‘home’ so inviting for us.

A house becomes a home when we have a sweet and loving family in it, waiting for us, caring for us and sharing all our joys and sorrows.

Family is the most important asset of our life. Whether in times of elation or during times of troubles, it is the support of the family which is essential. Our family becomes our greatest strength at all stages of life.


Our bonding with our family is irreplaceable and invaluable. Nothing on earth can replace the precious bonding that we share with our family members and we cherish it all our lives.

No amount of material happiness can take the place of the love and security gained from our family. It is our both our duty and need to take care of family relationships and build a strong bond with the members.

How to build a good family relationship?

A family is built out of sharing, caring, cooperation and understanding. Building good family relationships need a lot of patience and understanding of the needs of each member of the family. In return you get lifelong love, support and security as your valuable rewards.

Here are some tips we can provide you to maintain strong and healthy relationship with your family. It is not much hard work at all; instead it is quite a pleasurable job that fills your heart with positivity and warmth.

Understanding each other

Children and adults alike seek understanding in a family. You need immense patience to understand the child psychology and the needs of your children. A family gets completed by children and as parents you need to take care of your child’s physical and emotional needs.

This is very important in the all-round development of your child and helps you to bond well with your child. You must take care to know what your child wants or what he or she thinks or feels to understand the thought process of the child.

This initiates a sense of security in the child’s mind for you and there is no communication gap between the parent and the child. Similarly, as adults too you need to understand the emotional needs of each other.

Be it your spouse or any other family member, learn to give priority to their feelings and emotions and provide them with mental support by lending them an understanding hand. Mutual sharing of feelings and understanding them is the key to a happy family.


Taking time out for each other

As members of a family you need to be there for each other and give each other company.

We all have busy professional and social lives these days but it is necessary to take some time out for our family to spend quality time with them.

Give your Facebook and WhatsApp groups a break to spend some time with your loved ones in your home. Watch a movie at home with your little ones; engage in some games with your family members or go out on a picnic together at times.

This ensures that you spend quality time with your family and make each one feel loved and important even if you lead a busy life throughout the year.

Also make sure you have time to listen to the problems of your family members and help them out in times of distress. Sometimes it is important to even listen to trivial daily talks because it makes the other person not feel left out.

Plan sudden trips

A yearly vacation is a must to keep energy and positivity flowing in the family. You must plan a trip at least once a year.

Not only does it break the monotony of a busy life and reduces your stress levels but also brings the family together and creates a deeper bonding.

Planning sudden weekend trips is also an exciting way to maintain good family relationships. It makes each other feel the comfort of each other’s presence and realize the need for a family life.


Sharing Responsibilities

A family which shares is a family which cares. It should not happen that one person shares the load and the others do not.

This produces bitterness in the family as the one person who bears the load feels burdened and taken for granted while the others do not realize the importance of taking up responsibility.

To maintain good family relationships you should always divide responsibilities among each of the members so that the workload is shared and the burden seems no longer heavy and instead enjoyable.

Everyone can together contribute in the task of cooking the dinner or cleaning the house. It also gives everyone an opportunity to spend time together instead of being on their own, hooked to their mobile phones.

Eat together

It is very important for a family to eat together. When the family sits together after being caught up in all sorts of works, it gives them time to bond over food and exchange their daily events.

Meeting together at dinner time gives students busy with their studies, careers and teenage pressures and busy working parents to meet each other and share each other’s problems.

A family dinner at the end of the day also lightens several burdens and helps a person to relax. Cooking something special at times to please each other is also a great way to make each other feel good.

Ask each other about the day

In a world where family ties are loosening because each one of us is busy and caught up with so many things at once that we forget to ask each other simple questions like, “How was your day?”

It is very important that we know the whereabouts of our family members and what’s going on in their lives.


It does not imply interfering and interrupting their lives but showing that you care for them in little ways.

Sitting down beside your child to know what happened in school that day or what did his friends do makes him feel important which is needed in a healthy family.

This way you also stay updated about the happenings in their lives. Asking your spouse whether he or she had a hectic day at times sounds really comforting for the other.

Care for each other in little ways

If you wish to strengthen the bonds in a family you need to take care of each other in little ways to please them.

Give your children little gifts at times to make them happy or reward them for good deeds; surprise your mother by preparing the breakfast yourself for her or brew a strong cup of coffee for your wife after she has just returned from a tiring day in the office.

These are little ways in which you show that you care for the other person and value them even when you are super busy with your own life. Such little moments of love are very important in building a healthy family.

Celebrate Festivals and Anniversaries

Festivals, birthdays and anniversaries are social markers that are made to make us aware of our traditions and customs and value people and their happiness. They give us an opportunity to spend time with our families in fun and frolic and know the importance of each event.

Celebrating festivals and anniversaries with the family promotes happiness and good bonding. Shopping, cleaning and decorating the house before Christmas or any other festival of your tradition is an enjoyable event where members of the family participate together and have fun.

Giving surprise birthday celebrations to each other is another way to celebrate family relationships.

Treat Everyone as Equal

You must learn to treat everyone as equal. It is wrong to not consider the opinions of the younger members or the female members of the family. Never discriminate amongst each other and try to give each one of them equal priority.

This helps to inculcate good values among the members and positive feelings in the family. Let the family learn to accept each other as equals and peers in joys and sorrows. It also helps them to become responsible citizens.


Minimize Fights

To stop negative feelings from spreading in the family it is important to minimize fights and nip them in the bud.

Never let a quarrel extend for days. Try to get into the root of the problem, make each other understand and forget the fights soon.

There is no shame in apologizing or forgiving your own family members. You should always take the responsibility of ending fights between two or more members in the family to end any negative feelings of anger and bitterness. This is very important in maintaining good and healthy family relationships.

Learn to Compromise

Last but not the least you have to learn to compromise to build a strong family. Compromise and adjustment are very necessary to keep a family happy.

You must learn to accept the fact that everything cannot happen according to your wishes. You too need to take into account the wishes, the likes and the dislikes of others in the family too.

Adjustment and compromise does not mean putting an end to all your desires and dreams. It means adjusting them in order to not hurt others’ sentiments.

If your views do not match the other person’s in the family both sides need to tweak a bit to maintain happy relationships.

It is not too difficult to cancel a meeting with your friends if your mother wishes you to be at home this evening; or cancel a party with your friends if your wife wants you to be with her all day long.

Giving priority to the family members is the utmost duty in your life as family is your most important asset who would always be there with you through thick and thin.

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