New Born Baby Care Tips For Dad

Planning a baby? Or already a new born’s father? Being a new dad is hard. And when, you actually don’t have a direct link with the baby, like a mother has, as the baby was not in your womb for around 9 months, you are bound to feel some hesitation, frustration and not knowing what to do for a period.

A baby is a blessing to a family. It brings the dad more intimate, more sincere and more responsible about the family. The dad, you, has to play an important role when it comes to bonding between the baby and you.

It is true, that the bond between a mother and a child is God-gifted. The baby was tied to her, but that means, you have to do some work to come between the mother and child’s divine relationship and make some place for yourself. And, if the baby is your responsibility only, then you need to be extra caring and responsible.

A new dad has a lot to take care of. When it comes to your new born, you should pay attention to the mother, even before the child is born. We are trying to narrow down your work in 3 different stages and suggest you some tips.



Ante-natal stage:

When your wife or partner conceives, your duty starts from that time. We will be talking a lot about new born care, but this few tips are mandatory for a healthy new-born.

  • Arrange things before your new-born arrives. Make a place for the child and you can shop for clothes and accessories.
  • Try to be around the would-be mother as much as possible for the sake of the baby. It would be hard for her to trust you and rely on you later otherwise.

Intra-natal Stage:

It’s when the baby is going to arrive at the first. Remember to fix a nearby hospital beforehand. And most importantly, try to be with your partner and the kid.

Post-natal stage:

Now comes the real deal. How will you take care of a new born? Almost every dad feels at a loss during this time. You have to hold a baby, calm him down, change his diapers, and all on a sudden it’s too pressure to handle. So, there are some tips:

The tip is, hold the baby up by putting a hand under her neck and pull the baby towards you where the other hand is over the buttock. Don’t try too hard, it will come naturally.
  • Ask for help: Ask the pediatrician, the nurse, the nutritionist, there is no shame in that. And if they or someone else comes forward to helping you, accept it. You don’t need to be modest all the time.
  • Holding the baby: Holding the baby close is the most important thing. You might not have more time, as the mother would be there all the time. But try to spend some time in the gap that will relieve her from the stress.
  • Learn to calm the baby. You will learn it eventually; if you are spending time with her. Her body language will be clearer to you and you will find ways to make her go to sleep or stop her from crying. Go for the international method. Swinging, slashing, patting, singing and talking.
  • Babies love movements, so you can easily calm her by the above mentioned methods. If not, try feeding her. Most of the time, crying is due to hunger.
  • Make eye contact with the baby. The baby will know to trust you. Remember the baby can see clearly closely. So come closer and make a contact.
  • Start bonding with the baby as soon as you can. It will hard to get between the mom and the child, but try your best. It’s your kid and you have the right. And when your partner will see that you are handling the kid well, she will trust you more, and leave you two alone to have a quality time together.
  • Take shifts with your partner, if it is possible, for the sake of the new-born. If not, try to bring in a nanny. It is hard to take care of her all the time. Best idea is, try to take rest, when the baby is sleeping.
  • Hardest thing will be when a baby cries. If the baby is well-fed, don’t assume that it is hungry all the time. Crying is in the baby’s nature. Try to figure out the reason.
  • Cuddling really helps. If it worsens with sounds coming from the chest, consult a doctor immediately.
  • Try to give a bath to the baby. As a new born you have to take special care around the belly button. But after a week, it gets easier to handle. As the belly button drops off.
  • Talk with your kid. It might sound silly, but it works, trust me. Try bilabial words like, mom, papa etc. They catch these kinds of words quickly.
  • Warm bath or soaking her with wet clothes, according to season will stop the baby’s fussing. Try to sing lullabies.
  • Be responsible and responsive. If the baby is crying, or hungry, don’t wait. It will make a good impression on your partner and make your bond stronger. Keep your promises.
    Children depend on their father in this case. They want their Dad to keep the promises. So, whatever you can do or cannot do, be frank with the kids, as they grow up. Go on a play date with them, spend some quality time. That will create a strong bond.
  • Have fun with the kids, they love it. Throw her up and catch, put her over your chest, listen to the heartbeats. A definite treat for you.
  • Wherever you go, take diaper bags with you. Things are going to change with a baby around. Again, you can take spare clothes for yourself. You don’t know, when you might need it.
  • You can put layers in the baby cribs. So that, even if she poops, you will have to remove one layer. Try the pattern, mattress-cover-sheet.

Some medical tips:

  • Check the temperature of your kid rectally. If it’s more than 100.4 degree , contact a pediatrician immediately.
  • Cough and sputum are two different things. They push out almost everything you give to them. So, don’t confuse that with vomiting.
  • Don’t ignore the oral care. Try to brush her up, when she comes to age. And teach her that when she is a bit older.

No matter what, wrap your newborn with love and the promise to take care of her in the future. Happy parenting!

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