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Giving Birth to Twins

Twins are as close as nature gets to human cloning. Their identical genetic nature is what makes them one of the biggest wonders of human reproduction. The similarities are astounding! Even twins, who had been separated at birth, end up leading similar lives, having similar tastes, jobs, hobbies and preferences. But identical can also confound […]

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Chickenpox In Babies

Chickenpox is an infectious disease caused due to contagion with varicella zoster virus (VZV) and hence this disease is also known as Varicella. VZV is a group of herpes viruses. This viral illness of childhood is characterised by a skin rash which are small, itchy blisters and red in colour. This disease is more serious […]

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Understanding New Born Behaviour

When a baby is born, she displays communicative behavior immediately. Every minor action and reaction, are cues about what the baby wants, dislikes and her needs. Often it may seem difficult to fully grasp the meaning of the baby’s behavior, but with careful observation, such as during feeding, holding or talking to the baby, one […]

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