Bring Home Skip-Hop Baby Soother and Sing Your Little One a Dreamy Lullaby

Babies have tender sleep. A little disturbance either in their system or in their surroundings is bound to wake them up and fill the house with wails that sends you scurrying to their care, stalling all your work.

Babies tend to feel safe and comfortable around a warm humming voice which makes them feel loved. They often tend to wake up with a puzzled frown on their face when they sense their parents are distant physically and these frowns often end in copious tears which breaks your heart every time to see them cry.

Baby soother is a great temporary alternative to make your babies feel less anxious when you are occupied in other work.


Important Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Baby Soother:

Your child will spend a lot of time with the soother, essentially you will not want your little one to be around anything that might harm them in the long run. Consider a few things before fishing it.

  • Do not go by looks alone, make thorough survey while getting it; make sure they have actually soothing music that you would want your child to hear. Bad quality audio can impair hearing permanently.
  • Since the soother runs on electricity, make sure that it doesn’t get too hot, heat rays may irritate baby’s skin.
  • Take care not to settle for either a big one or a small one. Go for a handy size which should be easy to carry and tuck in near to your child’s bed.

Considerable Features:

Atmospheric Light
Provision for atmospheric light play and control suited to the baby’s conveniences.
Project Dreamy Landscapes
Can project dreamy starry landscapes onto any surface.
Power Plug
Power plug built to fit most common sockets.
Auto Timer
Auto timer for music play time.

Skip Hop Baby Sleep Soother

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Skip Hop has been looking out for parents and their baby’s needs since long and this time they have introduced the Moonlight and Melodies night light baby soother.

As a unique product in the market, it is confident to cajole your kid and bring music and serenity into their tender dreams. Their commitment to parent and childcare reflects in the finish and quality of products and have slowly become a brand that parents trust.

It is designed in soft pastel color to give a soft nursery finish to the product that match up with its cultivated music collection.

Pros & Cons of Skip Hop Sleep Soother

Why Should Use?

  • Comes with 4 classical music and 4 nature sounds.
  • Adjustable lens projects starry night sky and can project onto any surface.
  • Calm and serene audio quality.
  • Adjustable volume control.
  • Soothing light equipped with dimmer.
  • Works on standard plug point.
  • Has an inbuilt auto timer which can run for 15,30 or 60 minutes as and when required.

Keep in Mind

  • Not equipped with continuous play option.
  • No dedicated button to switch off the sound from the light play.

Would you like your child to dream peacefully in a cozy bed, looked after by a cute wise owl and listen to sound of jungle crickets while sleeping under a sky full of stars and moon? Buy the baby soother already and count on Skip Hop to bring more joy and care to you and your child.

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