Best Pillows for Toddler Reviews & Buying Guide of 2018

Things to Look for while Buying a Toddler pillow

If you are trying to look for a pillow that will take care of the needs of your toddler then you have to consider these points.

Does your child suffer from allergies?

If your baby is allergic to wool. Then you can't buy him a pillow that is made out of wool. This will end increasing his or her allergic reactions. You need to be completely aware of what causes your child allergies and this will help to choose the material of the pillow.

Period of guarantee for satisfaction-

The pillows available today in the market come with guarantees. They can offer a period of three months satisfaction whereas some go on to offer a longer period of satisfaction.

Guarantee on a pillow differs from one brand to another. It covers seams that are torn, shape of pillow that has been lost and poor work.

When you look for a pillow with a longer span of guarantee period. It will ensure that you have a product that is of much better quality.

Soft pillow or a firm one?

Maintain a balance between support and comfort when you choose a pillow for your child. Try to press a pillow and see whether or not it regains its formal shape. If it doesn't then the pillow is too risky for a child to use. It might end up suffocating and smothering the baby.

If you press a pillow downwards and it doesn't change its shape even a bit then the pillow isn't made to provide any comfort to the child. Keep in mind both of these factors before opting for a pillow that your child can use.

Material for the pillow cover-

Pillow covers that are made for toddlers are mostly manufactured of cotton. You have to keep in mind that the outer part of the pillow is organic cotton and not regular. Pillow covers that are organic lack toxins, dyes and bleaches that are injurious to a child’a health.

These elements are commonly found in other pillow covers. Organic pillows are always marked and if you are not sure about the material then don't buy it.

Thread count on the pillow-

Every one who has purchased bedding in his or her life knows about the term that is thread count. It means the number of threads present in the fabric per square inch.

When the thread count is more then it means the pillow is of better workmanship and more comfortable and durability. Pillows that have lower thread count can be way more scratchy and irritating to a child's skin.

Material used to make pillows-

Pillow cases cover the material found inside the pillows that keeps the head of a child comfortable and supported. Different materials are used to fill a pillow that a child uses to sleep on. Feathers, buckwheat, down, memory foam, and synthetic foam is used to fill the pillows.

The materials we just mentioned are most commonly used as material. They make it easier for a person to clean the pillow. Don't buy pillows that use synthetic fills and buckwheat as they make a crinkling and loud noise when a baby shifts its head. This will end up waking a baby.


Is your child sensitive to dust, mould, microbes or anything? Pillows that are made with hypoallergenic material will reduce the occurrence of allergic breakouts in a child.

Organic pillows for toddler have this property in built. You will understand whether or not your pillow is organic if it has the markings on it.

Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow

Our Ratings

little-sleepy-head-toddler-pillowDoesn’t it fill your heart with happiness and joy when your toddler finally goes to sleep and you can hear the gentle rhythm of their breath?

Little Sleepy Head started out as a family run company making pillows for toddlers but soon parents begun to appreciate how the pillows helped in improving the sleeping patterns of their children.

Similarly, the Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow is a class apart and eases up your toddler’s progress from the crib to the bed.

Important Features of Little Sleepy Head Pillow:

  • Hypoallergenic pillow fluff.
  • Easily washable.
  • Soft and snugly.
  • 200 thread count, 100% cotton premium polyester cluster fiber.

Pros & Cons of Toddler Pillow by Little Sleepy Head:

Why we choose it:

  • The 13× 18 dimension of Little Sleepy Head toddler pillow makes it the perfect size for travel
  • You don’t have to fear your kids developing allergies because it is hypoallergenic
  • The washing process is quite simple. You just have to wash gently with cold water and dry under sunlight.
  • The softness of the pillow would make your toddler feel safe and protected.

Keep in mind

  • Children tend to make a mess out of everything and so there is a chance that the white pillow you buy from Little Sleepy Head might get dirty soon.
    However, this dilemma can be easily resolved by buying a cute pillow cover from the same brand. Who knows, you might even get a discount!

Types of Toddler Pillows

Toddler pillows available in the market are of various types-


It is one of the common pillow types, used for toddler. To give the best backup to your toddler’s neck, you can choose this pillow.

The cushioned part gives utmost comfort to your child’s head. Due to hypo-allergenic feature of this pillow, most of the parents prefer it. The researchers have proved that the kids, having hay fever and asthma, will get the highest value from this pillow.

Down and feather pillows

The down covers the major part of these pillows. Most of these pillows are bigger in size and are much softer.

For those, who look for long lasting pillows, these are the best products. However, there are also pillows, filled with feather. They are slight tougher, and can get flattened within a short time.

Pillowed filled with fibers

Polyester or other artificial fibers are applied to design these pillows. However, many manufacturers also use natural fibers for them. Wool is the most preferable fabric for its high level of softness. You have to check out whether the pillows are filled with high-quality fiber.

Foam and memory foam

The foam-made toddler pillows are available as both high and low quality products. While you have invested on the best ones, you can find that the pillow shape remains intact for several years.

The low standard foams are not able to do it. To give the optimum comfort to your toddler, you have to look for the higher-quality branded products.

Memory foam is another material with weight and heat sensitive feature. It is polyurethane foam, which can get adjusted to the shape of your toddler’s body.

These toddle pillows won’t give much stress on all the sensitive parts, like ear and jaw. However, one of the demerits is that they may cause restriction to movement. Thus, your toddler may feel stiff at the time of sleeping.


It is the last type of pillows, intended for toddlers. While you see that your baby is sleeping on his back, you can buy this pillow. The side sleepers may have issues in using it.

 When is the Right Time to Get My Baby a Toddler Pillow? 

More than often shops sell cribs that come with bedding and a set of pillows. This is something that doctors don't recommend. Children below the age of two years are not recommended to use pillows.

This is because they can suffocate on a pillow, very easily. Pillows are given to children because parents often think it provides comfort and support to a child but it is not so. Children can sleep perfectly well without it too.

The best time to give a child a pillow is, when he or she is shifted to a room from the crib. If parents still feel it is important for their babies to have pillows while they sleep then a pillow that is firm and small should be given.

Feather pillows aren't suitable for kids. They can cause allergies and even suffocate a child. Because, feather pillows are too soft a child might end up sinking in it. This will cause suffocation and smothering.

Benefits of Using Toddler Pillows

It may be for the first time your toddler is going to use pillow. You have to buy special toddler pillow. The adults use normal, regular pillows, which may not be the right option for the toddler.

Those ordinary pillows are much big in size, and they can cause rash to the sensitive and delicate skin of the toddlers. The small pillows are designed specifically for toddlers. Thus, your kids will be able to cuddle the pillow comfortably. It gives them peaceful sleep during the nighttime.

Positive effects on your kids’ health-

Most of the parents don’t know why they have to purchase toddler pillows. However, the pediatricians have found out that the toddlers, who have allergy and ear infection, will get benefit from these pillows.

You may know the fact that most of the infants cannot sleep without grasping the pillows on their side. However, you have to speak to the pediatricians to make sure that the pillow is safe for your baby.

The toddlers get the benefit from using the right pillows, beds and bed sheets. The pillows help them to develop a healthy sleeping style. The babies, who are using big sized pillows, will feel restless and uncomfortable.

It may affect their physical growth and development. That is why you should invest on the right pillows. The toddler pillows are also useful for the better psychological development of all kids.

Other uses of toddler pillows-

The pillows are not only the companion of your toddler during their nap-time. They are also best option, while your toddler is having airplane ride. While they feel drowsy, they can lean on those pillows.

After you have bought the kids’ bedding's, you may search for the toddler pillows that go with the theme. These pillows have highly decorative designs, and you may buy the classy, cheerful and unique pillows for your toddler.

Safety Concerns for Toddler Pillows:

A good pillow requires to cover a few criteria as it is an important part of your child's comfort and support. Put a pillow right between the head and neck of your child.

A pillow that is way too fluffy and soft-

A child will end up suffocating when they are put on a fluffy and extremely soft pillow. His or her neck might end up straining. It also causes problem for the back. Thin pillows that are stiff and flat are perfect for a child. Don't pick pillows that have feather and fluffy goose down material.

Oversized pillows-

Apart from the risk of neck and back strains, a child can even feel suffocated in an oversized pillow. Look for pillows that come within 16 inches * 12 inches dimensions.

Fillers that are unsafe to be used in a pillow-

Pillows that have materials which cause safety hazards to a child must be kept away from a child’s reach. Grains and pellets are also are extremely dangerous materials found inside a pillow. Try out the natural fiber and polyester filling for your child's pillow.

Allergies shouldn't happen while using a pillow-

Pillows that use materials like feather and other material that has been chemically treated pose a lot of danger to a child's health. Pick a pillow for your baby that is hypoallergenic in nature. A hypoallergenic case and pillow will help your child be safe and healthy.

The size and colour of the pillow case-

You can't ever put a pillow case that is bigger than the size of your baby's pillow. The chance of suffocation will increase if your child sleeps on a bigger sized pillow case.

Buy a case for your baby’s pillow that is of his or her pillow size. Don't pick pillow cases that heavy. Buy lightweight, breathable and soft material.

 Why You shouldn't Give Your Toddler a Regular Pillow? 

First and foremost thing to remember here is your size and your baby’s size isn't the same. A kid under the age of two years old doesn't even need a pillow. But, if you wish to provide him or her with one to guarantee support and comfort choose one that is of toddler size.

Your regular size pillow will end up suffocating your child as it is too big for them. Plus, they won't be able to sleep as it will cause them discomfort, back and neck pain. Never make this mistake of giving your child your own pillow.

Maintenance tips for Toddler pillow

Babies are good at one thing and that is how to make a mess. Their pillows get dirty because of sweat, saliva, sticky and unwashed fingers along with drool.

As these things are common occurrences. You need to wash the pillow a child uses so that he or she stays away from bacteria's along with germs that cause illness.

Pillow cases are a must
This way the pillow remains clean and free from germs. Keep a whole pack of pillow cases with you in different shades and prints this will help to change them anytime there is a problem.

Wash the pillow
To wash your child’s pillow put it in the washing machine. Make sure it runs a complete cycle. This way you will have a clean pillow in no time.

 Do Toddler Pillows need a Pillow Case? 

The outer cover for your child's pillow is important. It must be one hundred percent cotton and be made of breathable material.

A pillow case that is bigger than the size of the pillow is extremely dangerous for a child. As it might suffocate a child. Don't pick pillow cases that are of dark colour or is manufactured with chemical laden, hypoallergenic materials.

Yes, you should buy pillow case for your toddler’s pillow. Make sure it is organic and hypoallergenic in nature.

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