Best Baby Sleep Soother Reviews & Buying Guide 2018

 What to Look for when buying Baby Sleep Soother?  

  • Cost – when it comes to their babies, parents don’t care much about money & are ready to invest as much as they can for their sweetheart. But they should keep in mind that always buying costly product doesn’t guarantee that they will be good, even if you are buying little cheaper models of the product they can turn into quite better than costlier products.
  • Volume adjustment – Putting your baby to sleep can be quite tiring job. You need to put in lot of effort to make him/her fall asleep, sing him/her their favorite lullaby & cradle them to sleep. But now you don’t have to worry anymore as now there are where you can play their favorite music. Not only can you play music but also in some of the baby sleep soothers you can adjust the volume as there come with keys which can be adjusted. You being the parent can make proper adjustments to make your baby fall sleep fast.
  • Power – well it is always advisable that you go for battery run model. You can place that baby sleep soother anywhere in the room. But do keep in mind that being battery run model, it can run out of its battery if you don’t charge it on time. Otherwise you can opt for the other type of baby sleep soother i.e. corded sleep soother, but in that case, you can’t move it freely from one place to the other, thus restricting the movement of the baby sleep soother.
  • Right sound – well every baby has different taste. So, may be some lullaby some like light music. So, before you head towards buying a baby sleep soother for your sweetheart, know what he/she likes & then choose from the extensive range of baby soother.

 What is a Baby Sleep Soother?  

Baby Sleep soothers use a very efficient conjunction of soothing lights and melodious sounds which lull a baby to sleep, as it is often very difficult to get them to sleep, and putting them to bed isn’t quite sufficient.

The Baby Sleep soothers calm down an infant’s brain, using a combination of aurally and visually repetitive routine, long enough for a baby to feel drowsy, and slide into peaceful slumber for a longer period.

Some Baby Sleep soothers are even equipped with projectors to enhance the visual impact thereby making it easier for the infant to sleep soundly.

The Importance of Sleep for Babies-

Sleep is essential for babies as it aids their growth and brain development. Apart from promoting mental and physical growth, it also influences and sets the future sleep patterns of the child.

A good night’s sleep reduces obesity and the chances of other physical and mental health problems for the baby in the future. Babies usually dream a lot, in fact, when asleep they dream almost all the time.

Dreaming is essential as it stimulates the brain cells, and helps in the overall mental development of the babies.

The benefits of using a Baby Soother

Baby soothers or pacifiers are an important part of a newborn's checklist. But make sure your baby is 3 to 4 weeks old before you introduce these to him. There are many good things that a baby soother can do for your baby and some of them are listed below.

  • It distracts a baby temporarily. So whenever you need to distract the baby, you can use the pacifier. Blood tests and other similar procedures can be carried out with ease by the use of pacifiers.
  • Some babies have a trouble in falling asleep or settling down. A baby soother can do the trick in such cases. Also, it does not make any impact on nighttime awakenings or the length of sleep of the baby.
  • The number of children dying because of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDA) is increasing day by day. Surprisingly, sucking a pacifier during bedtime or nap time helps in reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • Pacifiers are disposable and as we all know, disposable items are always good to use. You can simply throw them away when it’s time to break the habit and stop the use of pacifiers.

Safety precautions for using a Baby Sleep Soother

  • Well baby sleep soother may have a plenty of pros but it has also got few cons which can be a reason to worry about your baby. Researches have revealed that babies who use sleep soother are likely to get two times ear problems than to children who don’t use baby soother.
  • Try not to use the baby sleep soother all the time to make him/her fall asleep. Use it one time of the day & for the rest of the time, cradle your baby to sleep by humming his/her favorite lullaby. 

Alternatives options of Baby Sleep Soother

Baby Sleep soothers aren’t the only means of getting a baby to fall asleep. Establishing a sleep routine is of utmost importance. Baby pods create a snug and comfortable environment for baby which makes the baby sleep easier, faster and longer.

Doll companions are quite efficient as well. They mimic the breathing pattern and heartbeat of the mother which makes the baby feel safe and sleep soundly.

Musical mobiles studded with tiny figures which spin slowly are also a great alternative to Baby Sleep soothers. Baby massage oils are also efficient since massages tend to have a calming effect on babies which helps them sleep better.

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