10 Best Baby Blankets Reviews & Buying Guide of 2018

The necessity of best baby blankets is quite easily noticeable if you make a list for the must have items for your newborn baby or toddler child. The use of this baby product is not a brand new sensation, although people tend to call it with different names and titles.

However, the purpose or usefulness remains same all the way. Apparently, newborn babies of infant’s body is not capable of maintain their body temperature, for what, baby blankets are an unavoidable items for any parent’s checklist.

Typically, baby blankets are very practical for swaddling or day to day wrapping of the baby, or fun fashion work or making up different patterns to match with parent’s lifestyle.

There are plenty of styles, types and sizes of best baby blankets are available in the market with unlimited number of different colors and patterns. We’ll have a look over the top most list of baby blankets here today.


 How to Choose the Best Baby Blankets? 

If you want to know the most distinctive ways to pick the perfect baby blanket, you should know that baby blankets are made with different fabric to suit certain temperature and can be heavyweight, mid-weight and lightweight as well.

Since the material is of blanket the most important criteria, let’s check what you should look for inside the blanket.


Cotton made baby blankets are said to be the most comfortable and least expensive solution. Besides, cotton blankets are most popular among the conventional parents as they are soft, breathable and cool, although they don’t seem to dry quickly when wet. And cotton baby blankets are free from all sorts of bleaches, toxins and non-toxic dyes.


Traditionally, muslin baby blankets are a popular pick by parents because of its easy cleaning procedure and cheaper price. Muslin is some kind of cotton fiber which is very soft to touch and breathable.


Microfiber made baby rugs are told to be the most useful baby blanket because of its stain and liquid resistance. They are pretty easy to clean, extremely durable and offer warmth in every attainable way.


Don’t get me wrong, wool baby blankets are usually very rough and tough, yet very useful for cold weather. But remember, the woolen part has to be outer portion of the blanket.


Since we’re talking about each type of popular baby blankets, fleece is one of them. It’s stain resistant, lightweight and really easy to maintain. But the main problem is its polyester material, for what most of the parents prefer to use it for layering.

1. Aden+Anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blanket

Our Ratings

aden+anais_swaddle_blanketAden & Anais has been providing fabric products for tiny tots. They have immense repute as millions of customers are satisfied with the fantastic products they offer.

Since, 2006 it has been manufacturing baby products and pay high regard to quality. Simplicity and safety being their key feature Aden + Anais has won million hearts.

The delicate prints and the subtle style would suit every taste. Soft and breathable materials provide assurance that you are giving your baby the most precious thing.

The durability of the Swaddle blankets are commendable and has been the most favorite amongst nurses, parents, pediatricians and celebs too.

Features of the Aden + Anais Swaddle Blanket

  • Breathable material reducing the chance of overheating.
  • Versatile use- as a stroller cover, a burp cloth, tummy time blanket, changing pad cover.
  • Becomes softer with every wash, thus comfortable.
  • 100% cotton muslin.
  • Opulent space makes the swaddling convenient.

Pros & Cons of Aden + Anais Swaddle Blanket

Why Should Use?

  • Breathable material
  • Keeps warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Non irritant
  • Subtle prints
  • Multipurpose

Keep in Mind

  • Hefty in price.
  • Not too soft.

2. American Baby Company 3301-BL Blanket
[product_des  position=”left” product_name=”American Baby Company 3301-BL Blanket” aff_link=”″ img_link=””][/product_des]

In our tips session, we said that any baby blanket made of fleece is very comfortable to wear. And here it is, the American Baby Company Fleece Blanket. It’s simply one of those perfect blankets that can provide top notch warmth and comfort to your baby.

Most importantly, you can use it in outside like in stroller, or baby carrier as traveling blanket. In our point of view, that baby blanket can be a perfect gift for baby shower. This very soft and cuddly fleece blanket has got 4.5 out of 5 in customer review. So, a pretty good blanket for your little precious, isn’t it?

3. Hudson Baby 50446_Monkey Blanket Set
[product_des  position=”right” product_name=”Hudson Baby 50446_Monkey Blanket Set” aff_link=”″ img_link=””][/product_des]

If you’re searching for something extraordinary and bit pricier choice than the other conventional baby blanket, consider the Hudson Baby Plush Security Blanket Set. It’s really soft, cuddly and a perfect companion to your baby’s sleeping time.

Not all cotton blanket can keep your baby safe, warm and cozy. That is why the Hudson Baby Plush Security Blanket Set is made of both cotton and Polyester.

Whether you are tired of searching for an all-round baby blanket for travelling, car seat, stroller, playtime, sleeping, and swaddling, this machine washable, BPA and latex free blanket should be perfect.

4. Luvable Friends 40118_Pink Receiving Blankets
[product_des  position=”left” product_name=”Luvable Friends 40118_Pink Receiving Blankets” aff_link=”” img_link=””][/product_des]

As per the name says, the Hudson Baby Plush Security Blanket Set is one of the most popular items of this given list of best baby blankets. Sure you want the perfect rug for your baby’s sleeping, cuddling and playtime.

So, how about you get one blanket for all of these? That very blanket is made of 100% cotton. Because of that, it’s stays really soft and gently on toddler’s skin.

Most importantly, the Hudson Baby Plush Security Blanket Set is machine washable for everyday use. The color, the patterns are perfectly induced to make it as a perfect gift for baby shower.

5. bogo Brands Fleece Baby Blanket
[product_des  position=”right” product_name=”bogo Brands Fleece Baby Blanket” aff_link=”×30-Inch-Plush-Fleece-Blanket/dp/B00TPYJK1W//ref=as_at/?creativeASIN=B00TPYJK1W&imprToken=STpTm4W.M9Ihe2TEEgJMbQ&slotNum=8&th=1&linkCode=w61&tag=outdooactiv02-20&linkId=9d5593421868b89a40e5025ff2cdc900″ img_link=”×300.jpg”][/product_des]

We often get rumors like polyester or fleece made blankets are not good for baby. Well, not all of that is true. It heavily depends on the company name and of course the brand reputation.

Plush Fleece Baby Blanket is ready to breakdown such rumors. It’s really comfortable and simply one of the greatest blankets to keep your little precious all cozy and warm.

No surprise that the Plush Fleece Baby Blanket is easy to clean for everyday use. But we would recommend you to not use this one for newborns but for toddlers and infants. Very generous in size and lightweight as well.

6. Baby Starters A20680H Blanket
[product_des  position=”left” product_name=”Baby Starters A20680H Blanket” aff_link=”″ img_link=””][/product_des]

Now a days, new parents love to go stylish all the time. If you such one of those stylish new moms or dads, and looking around for the ultimate baby blanket, the Baby Starters Textured Dot Blanket with Satin Trim is here for you.

Being made of 100% polyester, this blanket is machine washable to offer everyday use. Very generously sized yet utterly lightweight.

To us, that’s one piece of unique baby blanket that has velvety soft portion in one side and flawless satin on the other. This ultra-soft fabric can be a perfect addition when your newborn is arrived.

7. Rene Rofe Baby R414B Blanket
[product_des  position=”right” product_name=”Rene Rofe Baby R414B Blanket” aff_link=”” img_link=”×420.jpg”][/product_des]

Well, those who are searching for something fancy yet stylist from this list, the Baby-Boys Newborn Puppy and Stars Plush Coral Fleece Blanket shall be the most ideal choice.

Being made of 100% polyester, you can use this blanket for multiple purpose like strolling cover, cuddling, swaddling and nursing cover.

One thing, for heavy wash, use non-chlorine bleach one when necessary. As per our experts, that one of the fanciest baby blankets is the best looking item of this ongoing list of baby rugs.

8. Hudson Baby 50498_Blue Blanket
[product_des  position=”left” product_name=”Hudson Baby 50498_Blue Blanket” aff_link=”″ img_link=”×300.jpg”][/product_des]

Hudson is one of those brands which never cease to amaze baby experts and parents. On that note, the Hudson Baby Double Layer Blanket is not a surprise. It’s a super warm, soft and cozy blanket that stays gentle on tender baby skin.

But don’t worry, it’s utterly durable and machine washable also for daily use. Whether your baby needs sleep or snuggle, Hudson Baby Double Layer Blanket offer gentle cushion by wrapping your baby.

You can use it for outside reasons like stroller cover, decoration, nursing cover etc. A perfect gift for newborn baby shower.

9. Berlando 002 Baby Blanket
[product_des  position=”right” product_name=”Berlando 002 Baby Blanket” aff_link=”″ img_link=”×420.jpg”][/product_des]

Sometimes the best item stays in front of our eyes, but for some reason, we can’t notice it. The Chevron Baby Blanket is one of such kinds. In a word, it’s an ultra-soft baby blanket and ideal for snuggle.

Being made of 100% microfiber polyester, you can feel how premium the fabric is and how durably constructed only by taking it in your hand.

This machine washable blanket can be usable in stroller, play mat, and car seat. As per the reviews given by respected customer, the Chevron Baby Blanket is simply the perfect product you have been searching for.

10. American Baby Company 13307 Swaddle Blanket
[product_des  position=”left” product_name=”American Baby Company 13307 Swaddle Blanket” aff_link=”″ img_link=”×300.jpg”][/product_des]

We started with a baby blanket made of cotton and now ending the list with another 100% organic cotton made, the American Baby Company Organic Embroidered Receiving Blanket.

Simply the cutest looking and perfect baby shower gift. Most importantly, since it’s 100% organic cotton, the American Baby Company Organic Embroidered Receiving Blanket is free from any sort of harmful elements like BPA, Lead, Phthalates, Latex etc.

 What is a Baby Blanket? 

A new mom receives a plenty of baby blankets as a present for her newborn. But what actually is a baby blanket? You can't call baby blanket as a cover for your little one. It's way more than just a lightweight blanket for an infant.

A baby blanket is a supporter of a mother which helps her in a variety of tasks during early infancy of her child.

This small piece of cloth is very useful during the first few months of infancy. There are different kinds of baby blankets available in the market, each kind having plenty of uses. Every kid demands immense love and utmost care.

Baby blankets are an important part of the care routine of a kid. As there are different kinds of baby blankets available, you need to remember unique needs of a baby while buying a baby blanket as a gift for a new mother or for a baby.

So, keep the needs of a baby in mind and choose a blanket for an infant accordingly. Take care of your kid with extra comfort that he requires. Availability of wide array in today's world ensures that you'll get exactly what you want.

 What to look for when buying Baby Blanket?  

  • Keep in mind the material – while you are choosing a blanket that too for your new born you must be very careful while you choose one! As the skin of the babies are quite tender as well as very sensitive, so one must go for such materials which are gentle on their sensitive skin & make them feel comfortable. Try to go for light cotton material rather than going for synthetic blankets.
  • The Right Blanket – well you see, you just can go about buying any kind of blanket for the child. Even if you choose the right material, still you need to find the best! As in all blankets are not for every season. If it is summer you need to buy light colored blankets which are light in weight, and if it is winter then heavy blankets would do good. If you don’t find the appropriate blanket for the right season, then your baby would feel uncomfortable.
  • No tussles – the blankets that comes with ribbons, tussles, fringes might look very appealing but it is advised that one should better avoid them. Why? Well because your tiny toddler can tangle himself/herself up in those loose ends & might end up hurting themselves. So to avoid such things go with simple blanket for your baby,
  • In size – when you are going to buy blanket for your baby just keep in mind the size. Not too large not too small would do. Because if you buy a blanket that is small for the baby then it might not help him/her in any way rather make him/her feel uncomfortable. And if you buy too large for the baby then it might end up overwhelming him/her & again make him/her feel suffocated or uncomfortable. So try to buy the right sized blanket for your baby.
  • Make it look cute – there are a lots of baby blanket that are available in the market now – a-days. So if you want to buy a cute baby blanket keeping in mind all the above things, you can go for bright color or blankets which have Cartoon Characters drawn on them! Choosing the right blanket for your baby is very crucial as they are going to spend lot of time with it, & they end up choosing their own favorite blanket; the one they wanted to be tucked in with every time.

Types of Baby Blankets

A blanket is just a blanket - this statement is acceptable in case of adults. A baby blanket plays a very important role in the life of an infant as well as in the life of a mother.

Most of expectant mothers have a lack of information regarding the types of baby blankets available in the market. Here's a guide to the same:

Receiving Blanket-

These are multipurpose blankets usually made up of high comfort providing lightweight material such as muslin's, polyester, thermal waffle, fleece, flannel and other comfortable fabrics.

The blanket is originally used in hospitals while "receiving" a baby. These are useful to lay down the baby on uneven or unfamiliar surfaces.

Swaddling Blanket-

These blankets are similar to receiving blankets but are designed specifically to help a baby swaddle. These are made from materials like bamboo muslin or cotton which are breathable.

Security Blanket-

These blankets provide a form of comfort to the baby. You can find soft toys attached to these blankets which make them more attractive in addition to their feature of being small and easy to carry around.

These are cute, soft and sometimes, personalized blankets which provide utmost comfort to the baby.

Crib Blankets-

These blankets are available in different materials, weights and sizes. You can get a variety of these depending on the safety and comfort of the baby.

A high quality, soft and fluffy poly is recommended as the material for these blankets. They have cute prints on both the sides which make them adorable.

Cellular Blankets-

Among all the available blankets, these are said to be the best for infants and are widely used in hospitals. Usually, baby blankets are made from fleece which be hot sometimes.

So, knitted or woven blankets are considered best for newborns as they have "cells" or holes which allow for airflow whilst and provide extra insulation. This helps in keeping the baby's body temperature regular i.e., neither too hot nor too cold.

Nobody can personally advice which among the above-mentioned blankets are best, but make sure to have a check at the material and weight of the one that you plan to purchase.

Comfort and safety of the baby is the priority, and then comes the style. Keep in mind all the needs of the infant and then add the best suitable blanket in the checklist of the newborn.

 What is the best materials for Baby Blankets? 

  • Cotton – One of the most approved & popular blanket materials for your new born is Cotton! As the skin of your new born happen to be quite sensitive, so it is best advised that buy all the clothing as well as the baby blanket that uses cotton as their material. Cotton is one of those materials which is highly absorbent as well as soft, which means that this material would be skin friendly for your toddler! They won’t trigger any kind of skin problems for your child, which might happen if you use synthetic baby blanket material.
  • Bamboo Rayon – don’t get worried on hearing the word Rayon. Bamboo Rayon is soft as well as quite durable, thus making it one of the most desirable material for making baby blankets! Not only soft but also this material adjusts with the baby’s body temperature thus not getting too hot while the baby is tucked inside.
  • Fleece – now this blanket material is probably one of the best material one can choose when he/she is intending to buy baby blanket. This fabric is very smooth & is well known for its cozy and warm nature. It is also easy to wash & do not absorb stains or spots. Thus, making it best material for baby blankets.
  • Gauze – this is again one of the finest material that can be used for making baby blankets. Just like cotton it is soft, skin friendly, as well as airy & quite light in nature. So, before you head towards buying baby blanket made up of this material, just keep in mind that the quality of this material might at times vary; mainly due to dyeing or printing! Otherwise Gauze material is just too fine for babies, & they can make perfect blankets for the babies.

Benefits of using Baby Blankets

Provides coziness – once your baby is born, it takes quite a deal to make your little sweet heart feel comfortable. Babies generally need something that is wrapped around them to make them feel secured; just as they felt secured when they were in their mother’s womb!

They need something like that, and that’s where Baby Blankets do their job. By choosing the correct combination of fabric the Baby Blanket can provide the best comfort to your child & even make him/her feel the comfort which he/she had when he/she were in womb!

Sleep enough – proper sleep is very essential for your baby, as it helps in their brain development. So being parents it is very essential that you make sure that your child is having a proper sleep.

Proper baby blankets help to fasten their sleeping process. You need to choose the right kind of blanket so that your child can sleep peacefully tucked inside it.

First favorite – your child’s first baby blanket can turn out to be his/her favorite one as he/she will be spending a great deal of time sleeping with it. So this helps his/her brain to recognize what’s their favorite stuff.

Baby Blanket Safety Considerations

As a new mother, your mind must be loaded with a lot of questions regarding the safety of your baby. Among them, a serious concern is the safety consideration of baby blanket.
You need to remember a few points while using a blanket for your baby.

  • Don’t use a blanket before 12 months of your baby’s birth. Babies can be smothered by blankets.
  • When your baby is ready to use a blanket, make sure you get him a fairly small and thin blanket.

These are basic and most important things to be kept in mind while making your baby feel warm using a baby blanket.

 When can a baby use a Blanket? 

Every mother has a motherly instinct screaming to protect her baby from cold. You must be wanting to wrap his little body in a blanket to make him feel warm.

But you might not be aware of the fact that blankets can smother babies, so it's safe to keep these blankets out of his crib till the time he grows stronger. You can introduce his first blanket after he’s 1, or older.

By this time, he'll be able to sleep safely with a blanket. Also, make sure you choose a fairly small and thin blanket for him, obviously after a year of his birth.

So, which one did you like most among the given list of best baby blanket? In case of any confusion regarding baby blanket or any sort of baby product, don’t forget to knock us.

And most importantly, don’t compromise about the quality for some bucks when it’s a matter of health concern for your little precious.

How to Properly Clean Fleece Blankets

  • Treat the stains– Don’t get worried, just follow these simple steps & your fleece blanket will be ‘spotless’ again. First add a drop or two of your dish washing liquid on the area of the spot. Then give it a rest for about 10 minutes & then use a paper towel to bloat in the stain! Do not rub the stain as it might get messy!
  • Wash it gently – While you are putting the blankets in your washing machine just keep it mind to wash them separately. Use warm water while you wash them & make sure you give them a gentle was as they might get damaged due to heavy washing! Try not to use detergent that contains bleach.
  • On Low Heat – yes you heard it right! As the blankets you are dealing with are quite soft in nature so if you dry them on high heat it might ruin the fabric. So always keep in mind to use low heat while you are drying Fleece Blankets.

 What can I use instead of a Baby Blanket? 

A baby blanket is a must for a baby as well as a parent. But there might be cases where a mother would want something else instead of a baby blanket, which is equally, or more, useful.

A sleep sack is a perfect alternative to a baby blanket. This is basically a wearable blanket which avoids wriggling out.

This is the combination of the comfort from a sleeping bag and softness of a lightweight baby blanket. These wearable blankets are way more comfortable for the baby than the blankets. You can definitely use this as a substitute to the blankets.

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