The Ultimate Baby Cribs Buying Guide

Looking for cribs for your toddlers and don’t know where to start? Then, this article is for you.

For a newborn, apart from clothes, the first thing that comes into mind is where do you place the tiny newcomer. And thus comes the confusion. What would you choose from? A crib? A cradle? Bassinet or a Bedside Sleeper?

A crib unlike cradle, bassinet and bedside sleeper is economically profitable and the most secure for your little born. True, some parents choose to stick with those for the first few months, but why not choose a government approved crib for a long term use and save some money?


First of all, while buying a crib you should give the utmost priority to it’s safety. Around 32 neonatal deaths occur every year due to falling from the side. But crib is the safest among your other options. It comes with safety guidelines and manual.

A crib might seem a bit big for your tiny kid, but as it’s regulated by the federal government, it is the best.

A crib is best bought new, because every year the technology is upgraded for your baby’s overall protection. Besides, you should look for hidden dangers, like screws, some wooden process, or anything that can harm the baby.

Not only the crib, try to buy a fitting mattress along with the bed sheet. Make sure they are rightly adjusted with the baby-crib, or else the baby can get entangled and suffocate.

There are different types of cribs in the market. There are the economic ones and the high-priced ones. Keep in mind about the baby’s comfort, no matter what you choose.

Also, you can buy a travelling portable crib, that might come with light-weighted drawers or basket to keep the essential necessities like, AFG Kimberly Convertible Crib doubles up as a table. Pretty cool, huh?

You can use it up as a table, after your baby gets big enough to leave the crib and go for bed. There is also Newport, Annabelle and many other famous companies.

Again, if you consider consumer reports, you can buy Europa baby palisades crib. It is the recommended best based on safety pick. But if you want to try both stylish and safe, there is Nursery works Abbey Crib, Pottery Barn’s Kendall Crib, Graco Lauren Signature Crib, Delta Canton Crib etc. Baby Mod Olivia Crib can convert itself to keep the baby comfortable.

For travelling, Graco Travel Lite Crib includes a bassinet that is height adjustable giving your baby the safety during a long journey.

In previous years, baby cribs had one sided drop-offs. But in 2007-2010, several cot deaths were reported due to entanglement and suffocation that resulted in bringing on immovable walls on both sides of the crib. Make sure you check this before buying.

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