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Decoding the Baby Movements During Pregnancy!

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life. With the realization of having been able to take a life into your womb to nourishing him daily and going through a variety of changes to bring into life a part of you.

Waiting each day for a sign, movement, change, reaction and catching up on your look in the mirror each day with the ideas building if the child will be like you or not makes the whole process more interesting, fun and enjoyable.

While you must be wondering when is the right time the baby bump must chow, how much it must show or when shall the baby be moving and you shall be able to feel the kick in you, it is necessary to know about the time when you shall be able to witness the joy and smile.

 We are here to guide you and solve simple queries you might be getting while decoding your baby movements and those butterflies in your stomach. 


When will you feel the baby’s first movement?

Baby movement is a very special feeling that makes a mother feels special every minute of the day. The connection just becomes real with the constant reminder of a life breathing inside.

However, it is not until 18 or 20 weeks into pregnancy that you will come across any baby movement.

Baby movement becomes prominent only after 18 weeks and if you are pregnant for the first time this might take a while for you to understand the baby movements.

For a new mother to be it is a new feeling and so might take a little time to understand. The gentle fluttering inside your tummy giving you quickening jeez every time is the baby’s movements and can be felt when you try to.

For women who have felt it earlier during their previous pregnancy this can just be a feeling felt in as early as 16 weeks because they will be able to tell the feel.

If you haven’t felt anything up to almost 24 months into pregnancy you should consider visiting the doctor so that the doctor checks the heart beat or conduct the required tests to understand what is wrong.

What is the baby doing in there?

The constant feel of life inside you must be raising a question of what the baby is actually doing in there. The start of the baby movements might as well puzzle you to wonder how is the baby moving, in what direction and if it is safe or not.

These questions can be met with answers through ultrasound tests that are done to check on the baby movements inside and gives you an incredible experience of the sight of the baby in its tiny self.

Right when you are feeling the baby move, you will be able to see on screen its movements and spot the directions he is moving into. And if the baby is awake this might become an adorable experience seeing the baby wiggle inside you.

Here is a small note of the movements you will be able to spot on the Ultrasound screen at different times during pregnancy and feel soon too.

  • Seven to Eight Weeks: The baby starts to feel the space around him and makes effort to shift from one position to another. You might find on the screen sometimes (if lucky) that the baby is trying to bend sides.
  • Nine Weeks: The baby is able to feel and move his hands and legs, suck through mouth and swallow and hence he starts making use of all these movements by then.
  • Ten Weeks: This is the time when baby starts moving hands and legs easily. He is able to touch his head with hand and even bend the body.
  • Twelve Weeks: Baby is able to move his jaw, stretch the jaw, yawn and make sucking movements well.
  • Fourteen Weeks: This is the time when the baby’s eye movements start and the baby starts to move those eyelids.
  • Fifteen Weeks: Baby is probably able to move his body and clench his fists by now. The baby even starts to suck his thumb now and if you spot it on the Ultrasound screen, you might as well be able to tell if the baby will be right-handed or left-handed later on.
  • Eighteen Weeks: By now the baby movements become strong and progressing towards more strong movements. You will have a fluttering feeling inside or like a bubble popping to make you feel that something is moving inside.

Gradually the baby will start giving more insights of its presence and movements with constant pushing, twirling and kicking. You will slowly be able to tell if the baby is asleep or awake with the pace of movements happening inside.

Towards the end of pregnancy, the baby sleeps too much and thus you will feel no movements for as good as an hour sometimes and then feel something all of a sudden.

This might be tough to crack but with doctor at your side with constant checkups and ultrasounds, this will be an easy experience.


The baby kicks!

Baby kicks are probably the most farsighted and awaited moments in the parenting life.

Not only does the first kick excite the mother with amazement and happiness, it beholds the heart of father and everyone involved to touch the tummy and feel the kick.

Everyone just starts conversing with the child in need of a kick reaction from the child. It is pretty much evident through the screen and can be felt very clearly by the mother and anyone who tries to touch the tummy and feel it.

There is no proper number of counting of the number of kicks the baby might give in a day. It all depends on the baby’s activeness, sleeping and waking patterns and movements.

Any preparation of journal of chart won’t work in baby kicks counting as every baby has a different waking and sleeping style. The baby might just give you a crazy ride one day and keep you astounded the other.

If you have not been able to understand the baby kicks or lately not feeling the movements, trying playing with your movements too.

Lie on the bed side wise with a cushion below the bump and stall still for a few hours for the baby to find the situation calm and give its movements to make you wake up.

Baby notices your movements and reacts just the way with it. If you have been constantly on the move, the baby probably feels asleep because of the body rhythms he might be getting making easier for him to sleep. Feeling baby movements can be tracked with your movements in several ways like:

  • Sit still on a sofa and start munching a snack. This will stop the body rhythm and bring a munching sound to his ears to wake him up and move.
  • Have a cold drink. The temperature change because of the cold drink will be felt by the baby and cause him to wake up.
  • Create noise by chanting something or reading out loud or just playing music to which baby shall respond.

Weird noises or movements that the babies make in there!

Sometimes you may come across rhythmic movements that occur every few minutes and left to wonder what is happening inside.

This might be your baby hiccupping. The feeling although can be a little discomforting sometimes but it helps decode that the baby is growing fast and healthier.

Babies tend to change their sleeping and waking patterns in there and sometimes might start kicking in the night while you are asleep. This may cause severe fetal movement causing pain and discomfort for you to sleep.

Other times the baby might just sleep with you and help you catch up on your beauty sleep well.

Towards the third trimester the baby falls short of the space for his movements and stretches and so the baby moves and kicks are more prominent, hitting and sometimes even cause deep pain causing you teary eyed, but there is nothing you can really do apart from trying to make him comfortable.

Like every child, every pregnancy is unique. You might feel different movements and patterns in your second pregnancy which is completely normal.

When should you see the doctor?

Seeing a doctor during pregnancy is generally pre-scheduled for normal checkups but it can always be increased at times of need. You can get in touch with your doctor immediately if you feel something unusual or notice any of the following signs:

  • Gradual decrease in baby movements compared to the usual experiences.
  • No movements even after lying still for hours.
  • Noise no more effect the baby and you get no response since 2 days.

You might want to munch on a few snacks once the movements decrease as the baby might have been feeling tired because of the constant moving. Munching on healthy food might help regain the energy levels in the child and make it active again.

It is better to visit a doctor as early as possible in times when you feel something is wrong with the movement of the baby.

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