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How to be Fit During Pregnancy?

There are a thousand restrictions put on a pregnant woman, particularly because it is the most critical and amazing time in the life of a woman.

The feeling that she is giving birth to a new creation, the breathing-talking doll of her life is beyond any explanation and thus she along with the people who care about her are all set to put a thousand of thoughts and make sure that she is safe, healthy and happy.

As soon as a woman thinks about having a baby her first thought is about her figure, health and fitness. Agree with us when we say that pregnancy indeed ruins our figure that we have built since years now.

But not anymore! There have been amazing examples of women, who have given birth to child keeping their fitness in check.

And it is possible! Before you start out on a hunt to find the ways and stories on how to do it, we have all the required knowledge for you right here!

How to Go about Fitness During Pregnancy?

exercise_during_pregnancyIf you have been planning having a child, keep that plan in mind and the first step is start exercising. You don’t want to bring a baby into an unhealthy body, do you?

Pregnancy is a challenging period in our lives and our body has to be just ready for it. Any compromise on the health and fitness would mean a compromise in the baby’s health and fitness. So it is very important to have a healthy body much before you start planning a baby.

However, if you are already pregnant and have been thinking to start getting fit, we would advise you to go slow and mindful.

Make healthy choices in food and workouts. Start with the simple stretches and walks that help you find happiness and make you sweat too. You don’t want to turn into a superwoman in a day; you want to get fit progressively!

What kind of Exercises can I do During Pregnancy?

Exercising has a whole new definition for pregnant women. You obviously are not allowed all forms of exercise and the moves that make you uncomfortable or put pressure on your stomach are a strict no-no!

Then how do we decide what should be done and what not? Consult a doctor and nutritionist. Yes, doctors are the in charge of your health conditions and they tell you exactly what your body shall be able to take and what not.

With their helping hand start your workout with simple walks and stretches, going on to better exercises, which are bearable by you and make you feel good.

If you have been into exercising regularly, your body must be well trained and ready for the exercise. And so, during pregnancy you will have to keep in mind that the level of strain your body can go through now has decreased. There is a need to give focus on health and fitness rather than figure and slimness.

For a pregnant woman there is not much of exercising required to help them stay fit and on track. Incorporating some moderate activity like a brisk walk in the garden four times a week, swimming or some exercises giving flexibility and strength like yoga shall be all she would need.

What Care should I Take While Doing Exercises During Pregnancy?

Care is of utmost importance while following a fitness regime during your pregnancy. Although you may feel that you are fit for some exercises, there is always a need to take doctor’s directions in performing strenuous exercises.

The points that you should keep in mind while following fitness routine during pregnancy are:

  • Always consult your doctors and Gynecologists before starting off with any new kind of exercise.
  • Do only mild to moderate exercises and save yourself from performing strenuous exercises
  • Target your perceived exertion rather than the heart rate
  • Don’t let yourself get too tired with the exercises and just do it to the level you enjoy making the moves.
  • Breathing is a good measure of your exercise level, so never let yourself out of breathe as much as you are not able to talk.
  • Dieting is not recommended for women during pregnancy, so make sure you eat a lot healthy food along with exercising.

Will Yoga Help to be Fit During Pregnancy?

yoga_for_pregnancyYoga is recognized as the ultimate fitness and meditational exercise for anyone and is a great way to adapt a healthy lifestyle.

Particularly during pregnancy, yoga is the most beneficial way to bring fitness to your routine, as the deep breaths and meditational effects have a relaxing and comforting effect on you.

It brings concentration, right breathing, and calmness into you making you a lot more patient and kind person. Yoga helps tone those muscles without the hassle of stressing too much on you.

As the weight involved is of your own body, Yoga is a perfect way to strengthen your muscles in a healthy way.

Although there are a set of yoga poses which are not recommended for pregnant women, one should keep in mind the poses and make the best use of Yoga.

What are the Pregnancy Exercising Myths?

Pregnancy is a critical time and this is when majority of myths relating to fitness surrounds you. Many people are of the view that a pregnant woman would not work out and only rest.

However, the reality remains that a healthy body is one, which has a good amount of activity going into it and making use of the calories it intakes.

A woman who exercises during pregnancy is able to bear the labor pain more efficiently than others and faces very little problem in getting back to shape after pregnancy.

There are women who have been working out even in their ninth month and have delivered babies happily and tension free.

Exercising helps you get rid of the daily tension and frustration and releases happy hormones which keeps you going. So exercising during pregnancy is totally healthy and normal.

Pregnancy or not, staying fit has no alternative. Fitness will always keep you on the edge of activities and away from illness.

It is always better to breathe in fitness rather to be always complaining of the numerous health problems of the modern day life. Staying fit during pregnancy makes you add up to your child health and saves from illness.

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