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Healthy Pregnancy Tips for Overweight Women

The first smile of your little one can make you burst into tears of joy and it is no wonder a paradise feeling.

Those exhilarating moments of touch and warmth are much awaited but it might turn into a disastrous phase of pain, aches and eventual loss of your deary before birth.

Overweight women are prone to run several health risks. Obese women not only have issues while conceiving a child it is even prolonged till pregnancy. Obesity can pose a plethora of obstacles for your child’s prenatal and fetal days.

Incessant worries are over as you can now get the best of medical science and secure your baby’s health without any impending danger.


Why is Obesity Harmful for the Fetus?

The first step to realize the harsh effects of obesity on your child is to get a clinical overview of the exact, embedded causes which can affect the little one.

Basically, being on the heavier side implies a higher BMI (Body Mass Index) which can result in certain complications.

There are certain factors involved that can influence your health and especially weight- age, family history, lifestyle pattern and ethnic backgrounds are some of them.

The higher one’s BMI is the greater is the danger of having a complex and disturbed pregnancy. Being overweight can lead to immense complications like:

  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Higher levels of blood pressure
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Propensity of having an untimely labor
  • Caesarean section
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Postpartum hemorrhage
  • Increased bleeding post-birth
  • Miscarriage

Do not be alarmed and stop panicking after being aware of the probable conditions and take charge of the situation immediately to avoid any problematic instances.

Food for Your Nourishment:

Diet and nutrition forms an intrinsic part of pregnancy as a woman tends to nurture not only herself but her small one too. This does not imply one should indulge overtly and gorge on those creamy-pies and chocolate ganaches.

However, various women immediately start off vehement exercises to shed off those extra pounds, and it is absolutely unwanted. Drastic changes in the body mass would adversely affect the fetus.

Eating 1800-2400 calories every day is perfectly alright. The best possible way to keep your obesity under control and undergo a healthy pregnancy would be to initiate a balanced diet enriched with high-fibers and starchy contents.

Start incorporating in your diet, leafy vegetables, colorful fruits and veggies, low GI foods which are harder to be converted to sugar by your body.

  • Eggs can be a great source for your required nutrition as it is loaded with 12 minerals and vitamins. Your baby’s cells are made of proteins and this would nurture immensely. An egg daily won’t add more than 90 calories and is perfect to make you full. It won’t add up to your cholesterol as it contains low saturated fat.
  • Beans are the storehouse of all fibers and it would reduce constipation and ease bowel-movement.
  • Just when you thought popcorns are a big no. no for your; here comes the greatest news. Popcorns are also whole-grains and it is healthy too, just avoid that dollop of butter.
  • Greek yogurt is not only low on fat content but is extremely yummy and would not contribute to added weights.
  • Oils and sugars are not completely prohibited. Regulate the intake properly.
  • Lean meat, salmon, even avocadoes can enrich your health suitably.

A healthy diet accompanied with proper diet supplements is the key to a safe pregnancy. A daily supplement of 5mg of folic acid, especially during the first trimester will support your child’s nervous system.

Vitamin D would help to regulate your fetus’ bones, especially if BMI rate is higher than 30. Gone are those days when females were suggested to consume food doubly; one should have food as per body weight and other health conditions.

It is advisable to consult a nutritionist to chart out your every day calorie intake.


Filter Ways to Tackle Obesity:

Undoubtedly obese women tend to fret over weight issues. But what would happen if your pregnancy interferes with your conditions? The best way to battle obesity while pregnancy, is to initiate certain light to moderate exercises.

One should obviously take care that weight related issues are dealt with caution and care during pregnancy. Consult your doctor first and clearly talk about your current conditions.

It is strongly recommended that one should skip cardio and weight trainings, pushups and chin-ups can be fatal too. To lighten your mood and regulate your health status, a brisk walk is unbeatable.

Running or jogging isn’t a necessity; just take rounds without straining yourself. Workout sessions must be restricted to short time spans to stay fit.

Keeping oneself hydrated is a must while exercising. In recent studies, doctors opine that women can start practicing free hand exercises and yoga postures to stay in shape.

Keep Track of Your Weight:

This is the prime way to control any unwanted weight gain suddenly. Obesity is no doubt a hindrance but it would further aggravate the condition if one undergoes abrupt weight gains, without bounds.

One should obviously keep track of the weight gains and time to time should inform the doctor about added mass.

Stress-Free Sleeping Hours:

Who said sleeping would make you more obese? Lack of sleep can be detrimental for your health. Make sure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep.

One might be amazed to know that a severe lack of sleep can lead to mood disorders and excessive food cravings.

Excessive food intake would contribute to more weight addition. So sleep properly to avoid any sort of mood shifts and stress.


Munch Your Way Through Pregnancy:

Yes you have heard it right. Taking smaller portions frequently would satiate your hunger and would not over-stuff you.

In this manner you can curb your hunger and keep morning sickness and heartburn at bay. Eating at regular intervals ensures a boost in your metabolism which would propel weight control.

Water, Water and more Water:

The normal water requirement for any pregnant woman is up to 8glasses a day. Abandon those cravings for flavored milks, colas, canned juices and alcoholic beverages. Start your day with a glass full of water to re-energize yourself and obliterate excessive weight.

Motivation is a Must:

As the old saying goes, nothing can be achieved without motivations. Set yourself achievable goals and be positive in your outlook. Stop rewarding yourself with delectable foods and focus on creative and worthy gifts. Start your own little garden and water it daily.

It would promote bliss and a calm of mind. Why not write down your thoughts and organize your mind? Start planning and work accordingly.

Fretting about your obesity won’t help and it can be supportive to socially connect with women who had undergone such troubles while they were pregnant. It is very crucial to involve your loving family to stop letting the enthusiasm fizz out.

Prenatal classes are a rage these days and why not seek out one? Enroll yourself and who knows you might even luckily meet like-minded people to share joys and fun.

Initiating a wonderful diet plan with brisk activities and sufficient hydration would make you the best mum, without any health hazard involved. Enjoy your motherhood without any woes and keep a record of your weight progress.

There is no point in panicking and it is an absolute necessity to give birth to that little one, safely and securely.

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