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Giving Birth to Twins

Twins are as close as nature gets to human cloning. Their identical genetic nature is what makes them one of the biggest wonders of human reproduction. The similarities are astounding!

Even twins, who had been separated at birth, end up leading similar lives, having similar tastes, jobs, hobbies and preferences. But identical can also confound human expectations.

Advanced researches and genetic science are revealing that identical twins are not as identical as we expect them to be! There is a hidden world of twin foetal development which is too complex for the ordinary public to comprehend.

Motherhood and pregnancy is quiet difficult enough without having to include further complications like twin or multiple births!

But with some smart tips on having a healthy and happy multiple births, the going may get less tough.

Here are some Ways You can Help Yourself and Your Babies Ensure a Healthy Journey:

  • Drink lots of water- This may be obvious but make sure that continue staying absolutely hydrated throughout the day. The water is going to help you consume the necessary nutrients, keeping your fluid levels up and stabilizing your bowl movements as much as possible.
    It also helps you with constipation issues. Above all it helps your muscles stay relaxed which are a must during pregnancy. If you are pregnant during summer, this tip applies to you all the more.
  • Consume as much protein as you can- It is very important that your body gets a lot of good quality protein during pregnancy. There is no need to fuss in case you are a vegetarian. For there are plenty of protein sources available in cheese, yogurt, eggs, nuts and even protein shakes.
    If you are expecting twins you are going to need as much as protein you can get, not only for the babies but also for your own body. Protein also helps with the morning sicknesses and the random fits of nausea all throughout the day.
  • The Brewer diet- This refers to a pregnancy diet intended for high risk categories. A twin or a multiple pregnancy puts on a higher risk and the Brewer’s pregnancy diet has been planned keeping in mind the special needs of a twin birth.
    According to this dietary plan, you must, everyday, have four kinds of milk products, calcium enriched food, eggs (2 each day of any style), two different kinds of fresh and green vegetables, five kinds of whole grains, two kinds of vitamin C foods, three categories of fats and oil, and rich sodium sources apart from salt.
  • Don’t overdo anything- As you can already sense it, this refers to the latter half of your pregnancy when everything seems to be a total mess!
    The advice is: try not to overdo it physically. As doctors recommend, it is ideal for a pregnant woman (especially in case of twin births) to stop working during the last few weeks.
    It may not be feasible for everyone but too much physical strain during the weeks can jeopardize and complicate matters.
    If you go into complete rest during those last vulnerable weeks, it helps cut down the pre-term labor and the painful contractions, because towards the end if you are up on your feet a lot or exhaust your body too much from physical activities you are expected to get a lot more heated contractions.
  • Epsom salt baths- When you are pregnant you get a lot of extra aches and pains all over your body. This symptom is most rampant typically during the middle and end of the pregnancy.
    Taking a lukewarm Epsom salt baths have magical relief during these stressful times! Be sure to avoid really hot water or hot baths because that is unfavorably for the vulnerable state of your body, but a lukewarm bath surely helps a lot.
    Just put in one or two small cups of Epsom salt in it and soak in it for fifteen to twenty minutes to help ease the muscles and help you feel lighter.
  • Try not to wish or worry away the pregnancy- This is probably the most sensitive issue of the lot. As a pregnant with twins it is only understandable of you are too worried and stressed out.
    There is no denying that twin births are going to involve high risks, unexpected complications.
    Whether it is bed rest, or all the extra ultra sound, and growth skins and things remotely related to that and it is obvious that you are always going to worry about the time when the babies are to be born and to make sure that they stay in there as long as they need to and all that is totally justifiable given the vulnerability of the situation.
    But if there is one piece of advice that you cannot turn a deaf eye to is that you should not worry or wish the pregnancy away. It is hard not to worry and let go of it, but an entire lot of reward await the hardships.
    If you are eating healthy, taking good care of yourself and visiting the doctor regularly, you are pretty much doing all that you can to ensure a pair of healthy babies and the rest is kind of out of your hand!
    So there is practically no point being panic stricken with the entire thing. That only jars further complications.

Needless stating, it really is a great time and if you are lucky enough to give birth to one of nature’s wonders it would be unwise not to make the very best out of it.

Try enjoying it a little bit more instead of wishing it all away. Above everything make sure to be in good hands, never delay the appointments with the doctors and take every little thing into consideration.

The real struggle begins once the babies come out so make sure you prepare yourself for that during the last months. Do a good amount of research and reach out to women who have been under similar circumstances for help and advice.

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