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Giving Birth to Twins

Twins are as close as nature gets to human cloning. Their identical genetic nature is what makes them one of the biggest wonders of human reproduction. The similarities are astounding! Even twins, who had been separated at birth, end up leading similar lives, having similar tastes, jobs, hobbies and preferences. But identical can also confound […]

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The Modern Crisis: How Alcohol, Tobacco and Caffeine Effect Fertility

Remember the movie “Children of Men” where the whole world was threatened by a population which was basically rendered infertile? Well, that may have been a fictionalized tale, but rate at which infertility is currently threatening the population is alarming. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 1 out of every 8 couple has problems […]

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Caffeine During Pregnancy !

Many expecting women give up caffeine out of the fear of harming their growing baby! New research has been conducted throwing light into the caffeine concerns. The aim of this research was to compare the prenatal caffeine intake of the mom’s against their children’s behavior at age five. More than eight thousand pregnant women filled […]

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