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Outdoor Activities for Babies: Get Out of the Nursery and Let Them Play!

The world can be largely divided into two kinds of people: the extroverts and the introverts. While the introverts amongst the babies would like nothing more than cuddling at home with their favorite book of fairy tale, the extroverts would not be able to stop themselves from hanging out and playing with their friends.

As a parent, there is absolutely no way to ascertain whether your baby would grow up to be an extrovert or an introvert.

However, one thing cannot be denied. Outdoor activities are crucial for not only for passing the idle hours but also for the overall well being of your child’s mind and body.


If you find yourself skeptical of the benefits of outdoor activities, we are here to help you convince the reason behind why outdoor activities are so important and popular amongst children these days.

We would also give you some ideas that you and your precious baby can try out at the end of the article. Stay hooked because as we all know, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’!

Why have Outdoor Activities Become so Important and Mandatory for Kids in this Modern Day and Age?

  • First and foremost, kids these days tend to get hooked onto internet and become savvy with mobile and laptop usage at quite a young age. When they are not online, they get engaged in watching TV for hours on end, a habit which if left unchecked can prove to be disastrous as your child grows up. Outdoor activities give them an avenue and a lucrative opportunity to spend their free time doing something fruitful.
  • The playgrounds where the outdoor activities take place offer the children an alternate universe where they can play, jump, scream and shed all their inhibitions with abandon- a kind of freedom which gives them the room to grow.
  • The outdoor activities give your child the scope to develop their motor skills and also allow them to increase their cardiovascular resistance while taking part in myriad physical exercises. Rather than sitting at home and suffering from obesity through their entire lifetimes, children would be able to go out and be fit and healthy.
  • Luminaries such as William Wordsworth had repeatedly focused on the fact that children can be best nurtured in the bosom of nature. Outdoor activities, even if concentrated to your backyard or to the neighborhood park give your kids an opportunity to connect with nature. Not to forget the fresh air is supremely beneficial to the health of the kids.
  • You might provide your child with the best education at the top rated school in your district, but nothing can be more educative than participating in an outdoor activity. They would learn about how the world works in way a textbook simply cannot teach them. They would come to know why the seasons change, how they can cycle to school rather than using the car, how the bees collect nectar and make honey, how the birds create their nests and the practical application of so many other things!
  • Outdoor activities push children to their limits by encouraging them to try out new things so that they can discover their selves more and more with each passing day.
  • When children take part in activities outside their home, they get relief from all the stress in their lives, be it a personal problem or some petty academic tension. Their imagination keeps soaring as they learn to make sand castles and they come back to their homes happy and calm.
  • Outdoor activities teach children how to interact and get along with kids belonging to their age group and put in a team effort in whatever they do.
  • They learn to live by the rules of the game which ingrains in them the idea that they have to abide by the law and grow up to be responsible civilians in the future.

Outdoor Activities for Children Divided by Age

  • For Babies: If you are a parent of a baby and want to involve them in outdoor activities from the tender age itself, the right way to go about it would be to making them take baths outside or putting them in a stroller and taking them for walks in a park. The babies who have started crawling can play with their stuffed toys and also take part in activities such as crawling through makeshift tunnels. Even if you don’t want to try something extravagant, you can always put them in a seat of a swing and watch them squeal in delight.
  • 2-5 Years: The kids who are a little more grown up can take part in activities such as blowing bubbles, painting egg cartons and making crafts out of them, planting saplings in their garden, pretending to clean the house with water spray, making pictures by sticking the collected seeds or leaves on the paper, reading books on their garden swing, having a picnic and playing hide and seek with their friends.
  • 6-10 Years: As the children begin to grow up, the range of the outdoor activities also tends to increase quite a bit. If your kid belongs to the age group between six and ten years, he or she can take part in climbing trees, building sand castles, playing tag, camping with the supervision of an adult, organizing weddings for their dolls, swimming in pools or paddling in the sea, throwing stones into water bodies, learning to ride a bicycle and playing soccer, jumping rope, taking part in races and even hiking to less challenging destinations.

Outdoor Activities for Children Divided by Season

  • Spring: Spring is the ideal season for asking your kids to take up gardening. They can help you peg up the washed clothes in the backyard, blow bubbles, take long walks create houses for insects to live in, play with all their toys outside, plan a spring wedding for their Barbie or even have a picnic with their family.
  • Summer: Summer is the ideal season for taking up any kind of water sports. Your child can learn to paint taking nature as his model, soak in the sun on a lazy day by the beach while building sand castles, camping and playing hide and seek. They can even make lemonade and sell them to passersby and donate the money to charity.
  • Monsoon: Monsoon can be restrictive for kids who want to take up outdoor activities. However, you can always ask them to make boats using origami and float them or put on their raincoats and go puddle jumping. If you are a bit lenient, you can allow them to play football in the mud with all their friends.
  • Autumn: Encourage your kid to click pictures of everything yellowish or red and stick the photographs in a scrap book when they come back. You can let them go on scavenger hunts and also building heaps of leaves and jumping on them. You can build obstacle courses for them to cross. The sky is the limit!
  • Winter: Make snow globes, build snowmen and snow angels, pretend to be Eskimos, make an arrangement for food for the migrating birds, let them use food coloring to color the snow in front of your house. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean your kids have to be cooped up at home!

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have already jotted down some activities which your child can participate in depending on his age and the season. Give him wings to fly and watch how he soars into the sky!

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