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Exercise for Kids – A Guide!

Exercising is very important for all of us. In this fast moving era, we are ready to get spoiled by a lot many things like bad food habits, unhealthy living, hectic lifestyle and not taking care of our health.

While we are busy skipping our breakfast and running for work, being late to our dinners and resorting ourselves to unhealthy eating habits, our body silently gets into an unhealthy and unfit mode which is hard to cure.

Very much like us, kids take inspiration from our habits and get into the habit of not eating healthy.

Of course it is not because they choose to, but because they have no idea whatsoever about healthy living and eating. It is our duty to introduce a healthy, fit and good lifestyle to our little bunch of happiness.

Exercising by far is the most important activity that influences our kid’s lifestyle in a good way and keeps our health into check.

Apart from keeping their body active and flexible, exercise helps reduce weight and keep diseases at bay. If you don’t have an idea how to make your kiddo exercise, get insights from us and start it today!


What is Exercising for Kids?

For kids exercise means playing in the park, jumping here and there in the house, running behind you and obviously dancing to their favorite tunes. Kids don’t need hard tools in gyms to keep them fit.

Kids can be fit with the activities they indulge into and the food habits built in them. Exercising is something kids are not aware of until they start schooling and attend the compulsory physical training classes which they hate!

To bring exercising into them and in a healthy manner, it is important to inculcate a good exercising routine into them from the start.

What are the Benefits of Fitness and Exercise for Kids?

Exercising is beneficial for everyone. With children the essence of exercise lies in the introduction to healthy and fit life.

When you start making your kid exercise from the beginning, he begins to live in a healthy shell and does not fall for unhealthy lifestyle in future. The benefits of fitness and exercise for kids are:

  • Muscles: Exercising makes stringer muscles that are flexible. String muscles help them do simpler tasks with much ease and have that feel of the superhero they look at in cartoons.
  • Bones: Build strong bones with exercise and stay tension free for life.
  • Weight: Exercising burns fats and keeps your health in check. It helps in losing the unwanted weight and does not let the kid put extra weight.
  • Lungs and heart: We all know that exercising pumps up the breathing and in turn keeps our heart healthy. These movements are necessary for a strong and healthy functioning of the heart and lungs.

Above all exercising makes you feel good about yourself, cleanses the dirt out of the skin and makes you glow. There are added therapeutic effects of exercising which calms the senses and makes you feel good at all times.

The Three Elements of Fitness!

If going to the park and looking at other kids makes you any wiser, then you must have been finding the three elements of fitness taking shape there. Yes, the three elements of exercising which can only be built when the kids exercises. They are:

  • Strength: Kids strength lies in lifting the little objects they come across, being able to hold their school bags, playground bags and move objects around the house. Exercising helps build stronger muscles and trains the kid to hold, push and pull objects. Pushups while copying someone, pull-ups to trees and swings, etc help the child build strength.
  • Endurance: Another key factor that is introduced by exercising hard is endurance. Endurance improves the heart’s capability to pass oxygen to all the cells and keep the body more alive and active. It is caused by taking heavy running and aerobic exercises which make the kids go out of breath. Regular practice of these exercises makes the heart happier.
  • Flexibility: Exercising and moving muscles help in increasing the flexibility of the muscles which helps the kid to move freely, stretch and use body motions at full. So doing a handstand, cartwheel and even practices those dance moves gets easier now.


How do Kids Undergo Sports and Structured Exercise?

Sporting is a good idea to inculcate in your child, it helps to keep track with exercising and builds a whole new talent that shall keep the id going.

Sports are adventures that train your muscles, make exercising enjoyable and above all gives you a hobby you love doing.

However, bringing kids in terms with kids and structured exercising can be a little tricky as there are always good chances of them getting injured.

To help decrease their chances of getting injured and help them in progressing through structured exercises and sporting activities, a few points should be kept in mind:

  • Helmets are important: The equipment’s used in the sporting activities are really important in making you safe and preventing you from any possible injuries. The sports like football, hockey, baseball, cricket, skate boarding, skiing all need specific helmets to play them. Make sure that the helmet you use have met the safety standards and are safe to use in the sport you are playing.
  • Wrist, knee and elbow guards: Guards protect you against damaging any vital body part. Wrist, elbow and knee injuries can get serious and make your bone weak or damage it. Some sports come with special gearing for wrist, knee and elbow and should be worn while playing them.
  • Mouth guards: Mouth guards are equipment’s that protect your mouth, teeth and tongue against possible damages while playing a sport like wrestling, martial arts, boxing, football etc. They are clinically tested and can be bought from your dentist or good sports shop.
  • Eye protection: Eye protection is also very much needed while playing sports like ice hockey, baseball, football and softball.

What Kind of Exercises can Kids do?

The exercises that children can do depend upon their age. With increasing age, the muscles gain strength and endurance and so it becomes vital to decide the exercise of the kid according to his strength and capability.

The exercising power and energy in a baby is much lesser as compared to the power of 8-10 years old kid.

  • Baby exercises: Babies should be made to be active. With constant pulls and pushes, making them want to crawl and walk, making them carry their own weight is also an exercise for them. Constant lookouts and making them play with new toys that demands energy can be a good work out for them.
  • Toddlers: Children who can walk on their own should be encouraged to be more physically active and playful. They should be made to play outdoor games, ride bicycles, run and jump, attend summer camps etc for a much healthy life and exercises.
  • Kids over 5 years: Kids of this age must be made to practice a serious form of exercise. Stretching the body after they get up, making 5 rounds across the garden, sit and stand ups for 20 times etc. can be of help and will keep them motivated to follow a routine life and grow an exercising habit too.

How much of Exercises do Kids Need?

Kids need as much exercising as they eat food. Health lies in the fact that all the things that you eat shall be burned out from the body through activities. Any excess left in this process will only lead to gaining weight.

And so like adults, kids are also required to balance their weight by working out. The amount of energy needed in kids is very low and thus kids do get tired easily too. Care should be taken to ensure that kids don’t overdo exercising and spoil their health.


What can Parents do to Boost Exercise for Children?

Parents are the children’s role models. Every thought and habit that comes in a child is a reaction of what he sees in his parents.

And thus when it comes to teaching values and making the kid learn a new thing, it becomes important for the parents to understand that kids adopt habit because they watch their parents and people surrounding them do so.

The parents can:

  • Act as teachers: Parents can take their time out with kids and indulge themselves into teaching and doing the exercises with the kids to boost exercise for children.
  • Keep an eye: Whatever the kid does is to be looked at as the kid is always in need of a guidance which makes him feel safe and protected.
  • Encourage: Parents must send their children out to play and make the child explore new things for him to be active and fit.
  • Care: With equal effort comes equal care, the kid are very delicate and after a hard day of active lifestyle all they need is love and care from their surroundings.

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