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Indoor and Outdoor Safety measures you need to watch out for!

The first thing, which comes to a parent’s mind when he or she comes to know that they are expecting a child, is the unadulterated emotion of exhilaration. The second is the sheer feeling of panic. Don’t worry that’s only natural and somewhat like a rite of passage every parent has to go through.

You need to learn how to hold your baby, how to change your child’s diapers and a plethora of other things about which you previously had no clue at all. However, the hardest and most difficult bit is to ensure how you can keep your sweet babe safe and sound from all the harmful objects threatening his or her security both indoors and outdoors.


Here we are going to delve deep into some of the indoor and outdoor safety measures you can undertake in order to ensure the safety of your baby. Make sure you implement all your ideas so that your child grows up healthy and fit!

Sun Protection: Safety measures to protect your Baby from the Sun


When you consider how harmful the sun’s rays can be for the adults, you must realize that the damaging ultraviolet rays can be fatal for the babies whose skin cells are still sensitive and underdeveloped.

Cases of babies suffering from sunburns and skin cancer are far too common and the instances of dehydrated kids with fever, rash and pain is quite frequent. If you are looking forward to give your baby a holistic sun protection, give our tips a read:

  • Seek out the spots which are Protected- When you take your baby on a stroll outside, make sure that you keep him or her in places where there will be a shade from a tree or a nearby building. In cases when finding such shaded areas are not feasible, consider investing in a stroller s ion.
  • Make generous use of Sunscreen- Make sure you slather every inch of your baby’s body in a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 before you head out into the sun and then keep reapplying it every two hours or so.
  • Avoiding the Heat- Not only the sun’s rays but also the heat from the sun can be quite damaging. If you want to avoid the occasional heat stroke, always keep your baby hydrated with formula, breast milk and water (after six months), stick to the places, which are air-conditioned and dress him in light clothing.
  • Select the right Protective Clothing- Make your baby wear light colored clothes as they reflect the sunlight without absorbing it. Invest in a hat and sunglasses, which would not only make them, look cute but would also protect their eyes and ears from the sunlight.

Car Safety: Ways in which you can make sure your baby remains safe and comfortable in the Car

Every expectant parent knows that they need to baby proof their personal car before they can proceed to welcoming their baby with open arms and a world of affection.

If you find yourself clueless, as to how you can ensure car safety for your child you shouldn’t worry as half the battle is won once you buy the right car seat for your baby. Need some tips as to how you can select the right one? We are here to help!


  • Before you start shopping, take care to carefully go through the vehicle owner manual and see where the seat would fit in and how you are going to install it in your car- using the LATCH or the Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children system or simply attaching it using the seat belt.
  • Always select a car seat for your baby with has been approved by all the federal motor vehicle car safety standards.
  • Select the car seat type for your child after careful consideration of which would be the right fit for your baby’s age and weight. The rear facing ones are great for toddlers whereas the forward facing seats are for children slightly older. The booster seats are meant for those children who are school going and looking forward to transitioning to normal car seats meant for adults.
  • Last but not the least, make sure that there is enough space in the back of your car for the base of the car seat to fit in seamlessly and then get hold of a textured fabric in order to clean it up periodically.

Swimming Safety Measures for your toddler: So that he can be safe while having Fun!


Toddlers need only a day out at the beach or in the swimming pool to fall in love with water. The endless splashing about, the cool feel of water against their warm bodies and the general fun of it all, what’s not to love? But as a parent you should be concerned about drowning and even in swimming pools, there is the danger of slipping and falling hard on the concrete floor of the pool. Rather than banning your children from swimming for their entire lifetime, follow our swimming safety tips for toddlers and everything will be fine!

  • Besides air mattresses, inflatable toys, water rings and rafts, make sure you keep life preservers and jackets on the standby so that the chances of accidents are minimized.
  • Keep the first aid handy and try to learn CPR before you let them step into the water.
  • Both or either of the parents should always supervise their children’s swimming sessions. In case it isn’t possible to be present there, try to get a reliable friend or family member to baby sit them while they are swimming.
  • Teach your kids all the pool rules and don’t let them trespass when a pool fence has been created in the absence of a lifeguard.
  • Ask them to walk and not run when they are in the pool area so that they don’t slip and cause a fatal fall.
  • Never let them chew any gum while they are in the water as they might choke on it under the heavy flow of the water.

Home safety for children: Baby Proofing your Home

Every expectant parent knows that a baby begins crawling as soon as he or she hits the eight month mark and even before in some instances. Hence, baby proofing your home becomes one of the most important check lists for all those budding parents out there and even for those who had forgotten all about it but want to find quick and easy baby proofing solutions for their home. Are you here to seek some tips? We are here to help!


  • Buy a bath seat for your baby and also place a colorful non slip mat under the bath.
  • Children tend to experience burns due to the ignorance or inattentiveness of their parents more often that we would care to admit. Try to install an oven door or a stove guard so that he or she doesn’t stick their hands into the oven suddenly. After you have done using them, turn the power off on all the appliances and always keep not only the lighters and matches but also all your hair straighteners and dryers somewhere your baby won’t be able to reach.
  • Get hold of the door stops which prevents your baby from hurting his fingers when a strong gust of wind blows the door when your baby is present in the vicinity.
  • Never overcrowd your baby’s crib using fluffy comforters, pillows or sheepskins as they might unknowingly force themselves into the comfort of the pillows and suffocate. Moreover, if you have a cat as a pet, you should surround the cot with a cat net so as to save your baby from ugly and painful scratches. Also, refrain from putting in toys or hanging objects for them to play with unsupervised as you never know when your baby might ingest it leading to fatal circumstances.
  • Children have a dreadful propensity for falling and hurting themselves. If you wish to protect your child from such mishaps, make sure you install guards in your windows and also do not leave them unsupervised while they are on their beds or any other place at a higher level. Block the wide railings using Plexiglas or garden fencing and use safety gates to block the top and the bottom of staircases.
  • Keep all the fireplace tools out of reach of your child and keep the fireplace keys out of reach of your child.
  • Buy the dustbins, which have childproof lids.
  • Always put latches or locks on the cupboards, which contain hazardous items such as heavy pans or knives so that they can’t open it on their own. Also make generous use of appliance latches.
  • Once you have a baby, get rid of all your tablecloths as they would invariably pull and tug at the ends toppling everything that was on top over their bodies.
  • You must invest in edge and corner guards as those are the most prominent danger points.
  • Always keep the medicines and other toxic substances in cabinets far out of reach of the children

Hopefully, after going through this article, you became aware about how you can protect your kids from accidents and the occasional harmful circumstances. Don’t forget to follow our tips diligently if you truly wish to keep him or her safe and sound!

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