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Preparing Healthy Drinks for Kids

As health experts and nutritionists suggest, about twenty five percent of calories is derived from drinks and that is, without a doubt, a large part of our diet where we can choose to add nutrition or add empty calories!

Two of the best choices you can make are always, without a second thought, water and milk. Water is extremely important, especially when we are exercising. Almost every part of your body needs water to work properly.

If you think about it, fifty five to seventy five of our body is made of water, depending upon how much muscle you have.

Milk is another great choice we should make more often.One of the most important beneficial of milk is that it is rich in calcium which improves bone structure and helps to build strong bones.

But there are many other components of milk which are good for you too! Like the protein is important for growth, vitamin A is highly good for your skin and eyes; potassium is needed for muscle contraction.


Most people require three servings of dairy products each day to build up a strong immunity system. With all that said and advised, it cannot be altogether denied that neither milk nor water are drinks appealing enough to lure kids!

Their taste buds demand way more than the dullness of water and the blandness of milk. There are lots of other drinks you can make for kids and most of it can fit in the diet some way or the other.

Fruit juices and sports drinks cannot be undermined in this case. Here are some ways you can give the children the joy of taste and the goodness of health:


If you are choosing juice, then it should be a hundred percent pure fruit juice. Although a lot of nutrients are lost during the juicing process of the fruit, it is still a better option than synthetic juices sold in packaged forms at markets!

An orange juice is probably the best choice if you are going for it. But none of us need more than six ounces of juice a day.

Apple and Date Milkshake

We have all heard the saying since childhood- “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” , and it is never failed to prove itself to be true! Dates are very high in nutrition. All you need for this drink are dates, cinnamon powder, milk and apple.

Just assemble all the ingredients and grind them into a thin paste. Add the milk and a bit of water and your drink is all set.


Coconut Water

The veritable potential of this drink can never be underestimated. Not only is it refreshing and has a taste that appeals almost to anyone and everyone, but it is also highly enriched with minerals and nutrients which help fight a lot of diseases.

Coconut is excellent for digestion, provides good skin and also helps is reducing weight. This is the healthiest you can get at a considerably cheap price.


Now this is a complete YES at any and every situation. The countless benefits of lemon are pointless mentioning! Soda and lemon combine to create the best in health and taste.

If your child is too young, soda may not be the ideal choice in which case you can always use chilled water. Lemonade is easy to make with readily available ingredients and suits every occasion.

For enhancing the taste to the drink you may add a cube of cherry and the juice of coriander leaves. There is hardly anything better than a top glass of refreshing lemonade on a hot summer evening.

Hot Chocolate

Just the sound of it must get the kids with drooling mouth! Chocolate has many a benefits especially when warmed up to high temperatures with milk and cinnamon.

Condensed milk is the best choice when it comes to making hot chocolate, and you may also add a bit of coffee beans for better taste.

Although coffee reduces the food value of the drink, it does not hurt once in a while! Add whipped cream for a healthier and tastier drink. And make sure to drink it hot to maximize the nutritional value.


Banana Ginger Smoothie

Both banana and ginger are great oxidants which help fight many ailments. A drink made out of these two master ingredients is both great to taste and excellent for health.

For making this special drink you need honey, vanilla yoghurt apart from sliced banana and grated ginger. Blend all the ingredients in a mixing machine into a fine thick paste, stir well adding water or ice.

All required amount of salt and sugar for a fine and lingering taste.


Although the potentiality and the authenticity of beverages are always put to serious scrutiny, at times a cup of beverage actually pays off pretty well.

Horlicks and bournvita are two such popular choices of parents which have proved to be pretty effective for both kids and elderly people.

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