Baby Thermometer for Your Baby’s Health

Babies are a bundle of love and care! They have to be paid special attention with the tiniest of things. Be it their nappies to even a small mark on their skin, when it comes to looking at your baby’s health you should not leave a chance.

And thus for those times when you have no clue of what your baby wants or what is wrong with them, you should keep all your amenities ready to take care of your baby.

Fever, cold, and a variety of seasonal diseases are common with babies and the most common change they all bring is the change in body temperature.

When you start seeing a change in your baby’s body temperature it is time to have a thorough check on them.

But before anything else, there needs to be a set of daily use devices for you ready at home to check on your baby anytime. And one of the most important ones is the baby thermometer.


What is a Baby Thermometer?

Thermometers do the same job i.e. detecting the correct body temperature and reflecting it on the scale.

But before you are set to picking up the same old thermometer for your baby check if it is the best thing to offer to your baby.

Baby thermometers are thermometers that are specially designed to suit the delicate and care need of the baby and have the special head which does not make the baby uncomfortable.

Unlike the regular thermometers these ones are specially designed to suit the babies, their soft skin and delicate nature and are completely harmless when you use on them.

Moreover, when you are using the old thermometer that has been used so many times there is bound to be hygiene and cleanliness issues and so a baby thermometer is the perfect choice!

Why Should I Need a Baby Thermometer?

Babies are not able to express all they feel from the very young age. And so when they are ill or not feeling well from inside they won’t be able to express it completely.

The cries and irritating nature may reflect something wrong but not exactly what is wrong with them.

When you have a baby thermometer with you, you can immediately check on your baby anytime and know if there is any change in body temperature and find early rescues to any disease.

What are the Types of Thermometers I can Use?

Certainly there are so many brands and companies manufacturing baby thermometers that there has been innovation in use and designs as well.

And so we have a lot of variants of baby thermometers to choose from - each equally effective! They are:

Rectal Baby Thermometers:

These thermometers come with a pointed tip which has to be inserted into the baby’s rectum and made to hold for a while to know the exact temperature of the body after a few minutes. Rectal thermometers reflect the best and the most accurate results.

The fact that these thermometers take about a minute or two to reflect the accurate temperature is very troubling as babies never settle unmoving anytime and specially when they are ill there is bound to be a lot of crying happening.

Make sure when you choose the rectal baby thermometer it has a soft and wide tip to make sure that it makes the baby comfortable while detecting the temperature.

Multi-Purpose Baby Thermometer:

These are the most commonly available thermometers easily available in drugstores and clinics. These thermometers are very inexpensive and can be used in a variety of ways to know the exact temperature of the baby’s body.

The thermometer when inserted into the baby’s rectum, mouth or even under the arms to know the temperature from as short as 10 second to 2 minutes.

The baby multiuse thermometers come with tip of mercury which is an inch long but has to be used carefully for the parents to check on the baby’s temperature without disturbing them.


Temporal-Artery Baby Thermometers:

These are the new thermometers specially developed for a careful and undisturbed used on the babies as these read the body temperatures in as short as a swipe across the baby’s forehead.

The temporal-artery baby thermometer also known as the forehead thermometer makes use of the infrared scanner to scan the temperature of the temporal artery and thus reflects the temperature.

It is extremely easy to use, safe and very comfortable for use on t eh babies. However, doctors recommend using of these thermometers only when the baby is 3 months or older.

Ear Thermometers:

This thermometer is to be inserted in the baby’s ear to get the right reading. The thermometer makes use of the infrared rays which detects the temperature.

Extremely safe to use and easily available at major drugstores but has a little careful use. These have to be inserted at the right angle to get the right temperature. Proper to use on a baby only when they are 6 months or older!

Behind the Ear Baby Thermometers:

Very much similar to the ear thermometers except that this one reads the baby’s body temperature through the carotid artery found behind the ear.

These are not to be inserted anywhere on the body and hence can be a safe measure. However it is a very new type of thermometer so doctors haven’t prescribed any safety precautions or child age for the safest use of it.


Oral Thermometers:

The accurate reading of body temperature is available through this when held below the tongue for about a minute. They are like the regular thermometers and are safe to use on the kids of 3 years or older.

Smart Baby Thermometers:

The technologically advanced thermometer which has been scientifically developed to detect the baby’s body temperature with the help of device which is placed under the baby’s underarm.

The temperature reading is passed on to the connected smart phone or device and thus gives the right reading through wireless transmission of temperature data.

These are also available as earphones or gears which when wrapped around the baby give the readings on the connected phone or digital device and the recorded data can be easily forwarded to the doctors.

Pacifier Thermometers:

These thermometers are built-in the pacifiers and used by doctors. But because the readings of these thermometers are not that accurate, doctors don’t use much of them and thus don’t recommend too.

How to Choose Baby Thermometers by Age?

Thermometers are medical devices which are made to be used with care and safety. So when you are to use a baby thermometer it is important that you know which thermometer is safe to use on your baby and at what age.

Babies are not to be checked on your own or through any device on your own before the baby turns at least 3 months old.

And because the baby is so delicate using a mouth inserting thermometer might hurt the baby’s mouth. Have a look at some of the guidelines and your choice shall become easier.

  • 3 Months Old: Doctors recommend the use of rectal thermometers, multi-use thermometers and even temporal-artery thermometer for a 3 month old baby as the babies don’t have so much of sensation there in the starting age.
  • 6 Months Old: Ear thermometers and smart thermometers can be used when the baby turns 6 months’ old.
  • 3 Years Old: By this time babies are aware enough to use thermometers on them while you are making them do it. So using oral thermometers, smart thermometers, axiliary thermometers can all be used after this age.

What to Look for When Comparing Baby Thermometers?

When trying to buy the right baby thermometer you are bound to get confused with the number of choices available to you.

However, the choice can get simpler and easier when you know what are the main things that should be taken care of and paid attention too while selecting the perfect baby thermometer for your use. Here are some of the factors that you should keep in mind.

  • The right age – Thermometers have a recommended age for the right use on the baby. Some thermometers suit only after 3 months or 6 months while others are only to be used after the baby is 3 years old or so.
    So, when picking up the right thermometers look at the recommendation either from the doctor or on the instructions given with the thermometer.
    Rectal thermometers and multiuse thermometers are recommended to be used on babies anytime.
  • Method of use – Choose the right method of use for the baby to be comfortable with. If you know that your baby gets irritated with the rectum insertion of thermometers, then choose modes which is more convenient and comfortable for the baby.
  • Using multi - Use thermometer can be the best in this case or may be the smart thermometers which are quick and easy to use.
  • Doctor’s recommendation – It is important to choose the thermometer which your doctor has advised for your baby rather than choosing yourself.
  • Price – Choose the thermometer which are affordable and good to use rather than buying expensive which you don’t use much.

What are the Safety Measures to be Taken While Using Baby Thermometers?

Using anything on your baby or their body shall be with proper care and safety. And thus when you are going to use baby thermometer, it is important to keep the following safety measures in mind.

  • Don’t check the baby’s body temperature right after a bath as it changes their body temperature and it won’t reflect the accurate.
  • Use a sanitizer to clean the tip of the thermometer each time you use it right before and after the use.
  • After using the thermometer make sure you clean it thoroughly and bring it to normal reading before storing it back to the case.
  • Don’t delay on checking your baby’s temperature when you have any doubts.
  • If you use the rectal thermometer use it only in that area and nowhere else, same applies for other thermometers too.
  • Call your doctor is your baby has unusual body temperature and you don’t know what should be done.

Baby thermometers are available in different variants and prices; selection should be made carefully with valuable advice from your designated doctor.

It is because the baby thermometers are soft and perfect for the baby’s body that they are so popular and one of the essential things you should have when you have a baby at home. Bring your baby thermometer for there should never be a delay in taking care of your baby!

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