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Complete Baby Monitor Buying Guide

Baby monitor is an alternative option to hear baby’s movement and sound. Baby monitor is audio, video or two combination which gives you a better result to know your baby is in a sound sleep.

It is a set of small radio receivers with audio and video monitors also. Monitors have two parts – a transmitter and a receiver – and are particularly useful with infants who sleep in a room apart from their parents and wake up at night for feeding, changing, or comforting.

Monitors are great for naps, too – parents and caregiver can be occupied in another part of their home and hear when child wakes up. This transmitter basically send the observation, audios, videos, sounds and movements of a baby to their parents or caregivers.

Baby monitor is a full nursing package of your baby. To give a better result it works within 10 feets distance from one place to another, one room to another room.


Benefits of having a Best Baby monitor:

  • A baby monitor lets you listen to, or see, your baby when he’s in a different room. It can give you peace of mind to be able to hear every gurgle, splutter or cry.
  • A Baby monitor have a sensory monitors that can detect baby’s movements and breathing. An alarm will sound if no movement is detected within a short period of time.
  • No doubt, it is a sophisticated thing to monitor your child with a video and audio or a sensor pad. Parents can be choose breathing monitors for baby to find out the breathing conditions of baby such as asthma, cystic fibrosis or sleep apnoea.
  • When parents stay away from home, a baby monitor with two-way communication feature and multi-camera settings can work as a Nanny. Parents can keep watching their child via video streaming delivered through web.

Things to consider before buying a baby monitor:

There are several things that you have to consider buying your baby monitor. Mainly three things are more important to consider. These are as follows:
  • Audio device: Baby audio device consider only the sound of baby by using a transmitter which broadcasts the receiver or parents of baby.
  • Audio with motion sensor pads: Another device is audio with motion sensor pads. It’s not only the transfer of sound but also the movement of baby. One sensor pad plug into the baby’s room and another one is wherever their parents.
  • Video monitors: Baby video monitors is very popular nowadays. This device designed with a camera which is set into baby’s room and allow you to watching your baby’s activities. Besides computer, you can see that video with your smart mobile phone or tablet. In those device other more features are included in like identify room temperature, sound sensitivity light, night light, warning signal, transfer sound back from parents.
 Another more option you have to choose your desire baby monitor within your affordable range. 
  • Analogue: Now Analogue based device is rare collection. These types of device used to pick up different signals and broadcast sound from radios and monitors also. These are usually cheapest device model.
  • Digital: Today We are used to this name is digital. Yes digital device is more flexible than analog and its price range is slightly high than analogue device with a clear sound track.
  • Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT): DECT is kind of high technologically improved device which is wireless. It can transfer the single sound or conversation of baby as well as surroundings.

Key Features of a brand baby monitors as follows:


  • Batteries: Baby monitor systems have an electrical cable or rechargeable or non-rechargeable option of battery is mostly seeing in market. So when you decide to buy a baby monitor you have to think about battery life and the product warranty.
  • Handheld audio/video parent unit: Handle baby monitors are two types also it comes from analogue to digital. But the model can be differ from one to one.
  • Night vision: Night vision baby monitors is worked in night. You can see sleeping condition of your baby at night also. Night mood baby monitors are available in market.
  • Temperature sensor: Sometimes the room temperature is not suitable of baby due to the changes of degrees. Some baby monitors have an option to control the temperature of room.
  • Motion and sound sensors: Motion and sound sensors system depends on the model of baby monitors. Sound transfer quality may be high,clear, vague sometimes.
  • Sound and lights: Another important features are sound and lights. The volume of baby monitor can be up and down. You can hear your baby’s sound with clearly and see with high quality lighting system.
  • Out-of-range indicator: Range feature is another one which actually notify you within its range. Range depends on model of baby monitor. Some monitors works with internet. So that you can travel anywhere and you baby monitor work as you want.
  • Expandability: Expandability is also depends on the baby monitors model. Some camera can capture full of your house with four-five cameras some are only cover your baby’s room.
  • Connectivity: Baby monitors can connect with your TV as well as computer.

Top Brands:

The world's most wanted brands of baby monitors as follows.

  • Motorola
  • Dropcam
  • Summer Infant
  • Samsung
  • Levana
  • Lorex Technology
  • Safety 1st
  • Graco
  • Philips Avent

These brands are mostly buying brand in whole world but every brand have some unique policy to sell or may vary their product feature so you have to learn those more and knowledge about their policy also.

Monitor can’t be your substitute for your baby. So as much as you can spend time with your baby and take care of them. Monitor can help you to know your baby’s activities not fill up demands of her mother care.

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