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Step by Step Guide to Bathing Your Baby

One of the major concerns that new parents have is how to bathe their newborn babies. A lot of new mothers are terrified of getting water into their baby’s ears, soap into their eyes among a thousand other different concerns.

But it need not be that stressful. Once you start to navigate past those concerns bath time with your little one can become one of the best highlights of both of your days. With a little help and gentle care, bathing time can be so much fun!

How can You Bathe Your Baby?

Usually, it is recommended that once the region of the umbilical cord is dry and completely healed, it is then that you should introduce them to full water bathing, or else they can develop an infection. There are two safe ways to bathe your baby:

  1. Sponge bathing your baby, which is generally recommended first. You can use a wet soft washcloth or sponge to clean your baby.
  2. Bathing your baby in a tub, this is recommended usually after the baby grows a little and starts to crawl.

Step by Step Guide to Bathing Your Baby:

  • The first step to giving your baby a bath is to get all of the supplies that you need, like a mild soap or a wash, a bunch of soft towels and so on and so forth, in front of you. Make sure that you haven’t left the stove on, so that you may have to run to it in the middle of bath time.
  • You also need to make sure that the room as well as the bath water is neither too hot nor too cold. Fill out a few inches of the tub with water, before putting your baby in. Remember never to keep the tap running because it can fill up the entire tub.
  • You need to dress for this. Make sure you are wearing clothes that you don’t mind running or getting wet. Under no circumstances should you wear watches, rings or bracelet because not only can they get lost, but also cut the baby.
  • Some people use a baby tub to bathe their young ones. They are especially designed to support the baby’s neck. If you do not have those, then you can use the tub or kitchen sink. Make sure to cover the edges with towels so that the baby does not hurt themselves.
  • After everything is done, bring your baby to the bathing area. Bring their favorite toy with them if it helps. Undress them completely before very gently slipping them into the water. Always cradle their head and neck with one neck, and introduce their feet first into the water.
  • You can use a mild soap, but it isn’t necessary. Gently keep pouring the water on your baby using a small cup, so that they don’t get cold. Get a soapy and wet cloth and start by cleaning their scalp and hands. You can use a cotton ball to wash their nose and eyes.
  • When you pour water on their head, lean them back and try to cover their eyes so that they do not get soap into their eyes. Remember to rinse them thoroughly with water. You wouldn’t want any leftover water or soap in their skin.
  • Once done, gently lift your baby from the tub, and always cradle their head and neck using one hand. Keep a tight hold on your baby because they tend to get a little slippery after having a bath.
  • Follow this up by wrapping them in a gentle and soft towel. Do not rub the towel on her body. Simply pat her head and her body dry, and effectively get all of the water so that none is left between the skin folds.
  • If the doctor recommends, then you can use a mild baby lotion to help keep your little one’s skin moisturized, because the use of soap or wash can sometimes leave their skins a little dry.

Tips to Make Bath Time Easier:

  • Every baby is different, which means your baby may or may not like bath time. To make it more pleasant for them, get a ton of soft and noise making toys during bath time.
  • Get everything ready before you baby in the water. Once you put your little one in the water, you will not be able to leave them alone to get anything. Therefore, keep everything like soap, toys, clothes and towels within reaching distance of your hand.
  • Before you use any particular wash or baby soap, get in touch with a doctor because they will be able to tell you how mild the baby soap or shampoo should be.
  • Make sure that both the bath water and the bathroom are at a lukewarm temperature, because babies can get cold really quickly. Also, make sure that you fill the tub before putting your baby in, and fill it only with 3 to 4 inches of water.
  • Always be sure to never leave your baby unsupervised, and gently wash your baby’s skin folds, elbows, knees and the diaper zone.

Should You Use Only Water or Soap?

baby_bathing_guideSome doctors suggest that for the first few times, you should use simple water, and while you are at it, you should always wash the diaper zone of your baby because it is always in contact with the diapers.

After the first few times, doctors recommend an extremely mild baby wash in order to break down the water insoluble impurities, germs and dust left on the baby’s skin. But always ask your doctor before using a baby wash.

How often should You Give Your Baby a Bath?

As long as your baby has not started crawling, bath time can be limited to a few times a week. Once the start crawling, which means they start touching things, you can increase the bath time to almost every night.

So there you have it, a very simple and easy to follow guide to give your little one a bath, and also have yourself a good time while doing it.

However, all babies develop differently, so therefore, you should always check with the doctor first before introducing them to water, baby soap and baby wash.

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