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VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

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vtech-sit-to-stand-learning-walkerIn the market of baby walkers, VTech has been significantly contributing for a long time. The ultimate customer satisfaction and the interactive learning toys developed by them have really won hearts.

The sheer joy of discovery can be significant for your toddler and this unique range is filled with fun, colors, music, numbers, shapes etc. The baby would develop strikingly both mentally and physically.

The fun filled learning process would always help your baby. The walkers would support your child’s baby steps.

The interactive walkers provide support for creativity. Sing along songs and spinning rollers, does help in enhancing knowledge and motor skills.

Wonderful features of VTech Learning Walker:

  • Sit to stand walker teaches shapes, animals, colors etc.
  • 5 piano keys create wonderful melodies.
  • 3 light up shape sorters, light-up buttons.
  • 70 sing along music, funny phrases and songs.

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