Top 3 Skip Hop Products Reviews 2018


SKIP-HOP Utensil Set for Toddlers

Pros & Cons of SKIP-HOP Utensil Toddler Set:

Why we choose it:
  • The sides are soft and so easy to grip.
  • They are dishwasher safe.
Keep in mind:
  • According to some customers, the spoons are difficult to grip because of the decoration. They should have instead been longer, thinner and made of a different material.

Skip Hop Baby Diaper Bags

Pros & Cons of Skip Hop Baby Diaper Bags

Why we love it:
  • Very stylish and best in terms of functionality.
  • Has several features requested by parents all over the world.
  • Best suited for travelling.
  • Several pockets on the interior and exterior to hold a lot of items in an organized manner. Mesh pockets on the side can hold bottles while on the go.
  • The multi-way handles can be adjusted to carry it on the shoulder or just grab it by hand.
  • The bag can be adjusted on a stroller and carried easily while travelling.
  • Best bag for storing diapers and other baby essentials in a convenient manner.
Keep in mind:
  • It is difficult to use the bag or fit things into the several pockets with one hand when the other hand is managing the baby.

Skip Hop Baby Sleep Soother

Pros & Cons of Skip Hop Baby Sleep Soother

Why we love it:
  • Comes with 4 classical music and 4 nature sounds.
  • Adjustable lens projects starry night sky and can project onto any surface.
  • Calm and serene audio quality.
  • Adjustable volume control.
  • Soothing light equipped with dimmer.
  • Works on standard plug point.
  • Has an inbuilt auto timer which can run for 15,30 or 60 minutes as and when required.
Keep in mind:
  • Not equipped with continuous play option.
  • No dedicated button to switch off the sound from the light play.

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