Support Your Baby’s Tiny Steps with the Best Walker

As your little one starts to move around a little, one would obviously look around for a baby walker to keep the tot engaged as well as encourage it to walk. Baby walkers are often preferred by parents for their babies of 4-16 months of age.

The walker is a plastic frame with wheels attached, for mobility. Baby walkers usually support the child in moving around while exploring. Most parents become utterly confused while choosing the exact walker for their baby.

Usually walkers come in various sizes and with various features, which can be quite dizzying for the buyer. Purchasing a wrong and poorly built walker can be dangerous for the child, leading to accidents. Therefore, here is the easiest way to settle for the best walker without much fuss.

Things to Consider Carefully Before Buying a Baby Walker-

  • Safety- The first factor that concerns parents is the safety of the walker. It should be the top priority. Some walkers have rubber padding underneath the walker, which is essential. Though the size of the padding is dependent on the size of the walker, yet a well-padded walker along with other safety features would be very much useful. Some walkers also come with ultra-support, to prevent the walker stepping up on the ledges.
  • Seating- This point must not be overlooked because the comfort of your child is precious. The fabric of the walker must be non-irritant for the baby. Parents usually favor the plush seats as they come with extra cushioning. Most walkers lack padding but opting for one with soft seating is a necessity. Also check out whether the walker seat is detachable or not. Some of the walkers have seats, which can be washed, ensure that they are machine washable.
  • Price- Splurging for your little one is a good idea, but make sure it is worth it. Walkers usually come in a wide price range. Walkers can be available in a wide price range, right from 30USD to 130USD. The basic ones are the utilitarian walkers. They perform well and keep the baby secure. However, the walkers with a higher price have additional features for the child. Purchase can be made as per the needs and budget.
  • Entertainment Factor- A happy child is what every parent wants and entertainment consoles help the baby in interacting and learning in a smart way. Most walkers nowadays are decked with loads of entertainment features. Catchy tunes, beautiful lights, funny phrases, rhymes etc. can make your child content and merry. So, look out for these features in the walker, if your budget permits.
  • Detachable toys, snack tray- Some walkers have snack tray to stack the food for the child and sometimes the detachable console can perform really well as a toy.
  • Height adjustment- Generally walkers have three positions, which can be adjusted. The lower levels allow you to keep the walker close to the floor. It is ideal when your child is younger. However, as your child grows you can easily set the walker to the higher level. It is wiser to settle for walkers with adjustable positions, as they are more useful.
  • Fold ability- Baby walkers must be foldable as they help the parent to carry or store it easily. It is really troublesome to stack a huge and bulky walker, thus ensure that the walker you choose can be neatly folded up. If the walker does not fold it would take up much space. If the parents have to travel a lot, then a foldable walker is a better option.
  • Mobility- Most walkers have wheels of standard size. The wheels must be sturdy as the entire frame is dependent on them. Now wheels can be both locked or twirled, the fixed ones are attached at the back while the rotatable ones help in direction control.
  • Weight and Size- Considering the size along with the weight of the walker is crucial. The heavier the walker is, the more difficult it becomes to move.

Considerable Features of Baby Walker:

Safety Buckles
Most walkers are attached with safety buckles to ensure that the child is secure in it. In order to avoid accidents, the straps are made sturdy enough specially to protect the child.
Comfortable Seats
The padded seats are really comfy for the child. Padded seats which do not hurt and would not irritate your baby’s soft skin would be simply awesome.
Easy to Clean
Some walkers can be cleaned in a jiffy. This feature is really helpful especially if your child accidentally spills something on it or it collects some dirt.
Various Styles
Baby walkers are meant for not only helping the child to learn how to walk faster but also make learning experience fun. Additional factors that make the walker more luring for the child ensures that the tot has a good time.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

[product_des position="right" product_name="VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker" aff_link="" img_link=""][/product_des]

In the market of baby walkers, VTech has been significantly contributing for a long time. The ultimate customer satisfaction and the interactive learning toys developed by them have really won hearts.

The sheer joy of discovery can be significant for your toddler and this unique range is filled with fun, colors, music, numbers, shapes etc. The baby would develop strikingly both mentally and physically.

The fun filled learning process would always help your baby. The walkers would support your child’s baby steps.

The interactive walkers provide support for creativity. Sing along songs and spinning rollers, does help in enhancing knowledge and motor skills.

Wonderful features of VTech Learning Walker-

  • Sit to stand walker teaches shapes, animals, colors etc.
  • 5 piano keys create wonderful melodies
  • 3 light up shape sorters, light-up buttons
  • 70 sing along music, funny phrases and songs

Pros & Cons of VTech Learning Walker

Why we choose it:

  • 2 play modes- learning as well as music.
  • Attractive enough to stimulate the child’s senses.
  • Sitting and walking.
  • Perfect sounds.

Keep in mind

  • Lacks grip in tires.
  • No wheel lock.

Therefore, the bottom line is that VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is immensely popular and one of the best sellers. It is decked with multiple options for interactive fun and learning. It also does provide comfort and security for the child.

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