Best Toddler Travel Beds Reviews & Buying Guides of 2018

Things to Consider while Looking for a Toddler Travel Bed

  • Size: The first thing that needs to be taken into consideration while looking for a toddler bed is the size of the bed. You will need something small enough to fit into the luggage if you are flying and something that is portable. Inflatable beds are generally a good choice as they are pretty compact. Folding ones can be large to carry around, however they are not an issue if you are planning a road trip as they can easily fit into the trunk of your car. You will also need to make a note of the size of the child. Not only will they need enough room to be comfortable, they also need something that can serve them for longer and that they don’t grow out of in a month.
  • Age range: The age of the child is also very important while choosing a travel bed for toddlers. Most of the options available on the market are targeted to wider age range from 2-6 years generally. It is not really advisable to get a bed for a child under 2 years as they can easily roll off and it is a better idea to get travel cribs for their use.
  • Ease of use: It is also important to consider the ease of use for the product you are looking at and it can be a waste of money to go for something with bells and whistles that you can’t easily inflate or assemble. While most inflatable mattresses are easy to put together, they need to be inflated and deflated while travelling. Also consider an air mattress that has sides to prevent the toddler from falling over. Fold out beds are also pretty easy to use and it can be a good option requiring minimal effort if you test it out first so as to not get frustrated everytime.
  • Comfort: Inflatable beds can be very comfortable but they don’t really offer a lot of support for toddlers while sleeping. Folding beds can give a lot of support and are quite comfortable overall. Looking for a bed with sides can also help toddlers stay in the bed for the entire night and not roll off onto the floor.
  • Safety: It is also important to ensure that the bed meets the existing safety standards for your country. Some beds however can be safer than others. If you are picking an air bed, ensure that they inflate easily and can be secured. Folding beds need to be safe to unfold and should not have any possibility of “snapping” back to close up. For a younger child, consider a bed that has sides and offers more support. Also ensure there are no gaps where they can get stuck. For an older, less active child, an inflatable, mattress style bed can be good and can fit the child for longer.

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed

Our Ratings

shrunks-toddler-travel-bedThe Shrunks is a brand founded in 2007 and is dedicated to enhance the comfort of babies and toddlers.

The brand is known for the various kinds of baby travel beds for both indoor and outdoor use. The products score high on comfort and performance and are widely known.

Features of The Shrunks Travel Bed:

  • The design of the travel bed is compact and can be inflated in just 30 seconds.
  • Since it is inflatable in nature, it is portable too. You can carry it along anywhere while travelling.
  • You can tuck in sheets and blankets on the sides of the inflatable bed to provide extra comfort to the baby. The size can accommodate all standard crib size sheets.
  • The travel bed has side rails specially made to protect the baby and prevent him from falling off the bed.
  • The material of the bed is soft and cozy enough to give your baby a night of comfortable sleep.
  • The no squeak surface creates a calm and quiet environment even when your baby turns in sleep.
  • You can give your child a comfortable and cozy bed to sleep in anytime you want.
  • Keeping in mind the safety of your baby, it is safe from Phthalate, BpA and Lead.

Pros & Cons of Toddler Travel Bed by The Shrunks:

Why Should Use?

  • Easily inflatable in 30 seconds.
  • Easy to carry it while travelling.
  • It can be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes.
  • The side rails help to protect the baby in sleep.
  • It can accommodate crib blankets and sheets.
  • The sheet tucking feature is an added benefit to make the baby even more comfortable.
  • It claims that it is lead and BpA safe.

Keep in Mind

  • During the initial days it has a particular smell which may be irritating for some babies.

 Should You Travel with a Toddler Travel Bed? 

It is really interesting to have your baby as your travel companion. However, the most important accessory that you must take is the travel toddler bed. With no good bed, your toddler will not enjoy the journey. That is why you have to invest on these beds.

  • The toddler beds are lightweight and portable, and they are intended for parents, who love to travel with their babies. While you have only a crib, you won’t be able to move it to any place easily. However, in case of travel bed, you can tuck it inside your luggage bag. No one will realize that you have a travel bed with you for your toddler.
  • Travel toddler beds do not cover much space in your hotel room or child’s bedroom. You may also set them up inside the camping tents. You have to assemble the system while it is the naptime of your baby.
  • It is also easy to carry the portable bed in your car or pack it in your luggage.
  • While your toddler loves to sleep on a separate bed, it is better to buy the portable version of the bed. The setup process for these bags is also very easy, and within a short, you can assemble it in your hotel room or at the outdoor camping site. While your toddler feels tired, he can instantly get on his bed and have relaxation.
  • As toddler beds are available with fun designs, most of the kids find it interesting to lie on these beds.
  • The high-quality toddler travel beds have always skin-friendly fabric. For the children, who have allergy issues, these beds will give them comfort. There will be no problem to your toddlers’ skin.

For all these reasons, these travel beds are important accessories.

Choosing a toddler bed comes with a list of pros and cons that should be weighed out before making any purchases.

The pros of having a travel bed in many cases outweigh the cons and thus, it can be a good idea to invest in one. Here are some of the key things to keep in mind if you are considering a travel bed.

Why should you choose:
  • The baby gets to sleep in a bed that is safe and age appropriate for them to use.
  • It doesn’t limit couples to booking rooms for the entire family when they travel as these can be more expensive.
  • Children are able to relax in a sleeping environment that they experience at home, which can help them sleep better.
  • Toddler inflatable beds or foldable camping beds can take up little space and can be quite useful for more active families who like to go camping or take off-road trips.
  • Buying something that fits the size that is needed for a toddler or a baby can help in saving space while packing as these tend to be more compact in nature than something meant for adults or older kids and can actually help parents travel lighter.
Why you shouldn't:
  • It does take up some space and is another item that you have to carry around.
  • Toddlers are likely to grow out of the beds pretty soon.

 How Do I Know If My Child Can Sleep On A Toddler Travel Bed? 

Most of the new moms try to know whether their child is presently able to sleep rightly on travel toddler bed.

To find out the solution of this query, you have to check out the age range of your toddler. The babies from two to five years can use this bed.

In the following situations, you may buy the bed with no concern.

Your kids have learned the way of climbing on the bed-
You have to see whether the rail of the crib is at the level of your baby’s chest. In this situation, he will be able to come out of the crib. It is also the right time to think of toddler’s travel bed. A child, who is deprived of sleep throughout a night, cannot be your best travel companion.

The baby outgrowing the little crib-
Your growing baby will feel uncomfortable in the small crib. He will ask you to offer a better place for their sleep. At this time, you can look for the toddler travel bed.

Your toddler has learned using toilet-
You have to make sure that the toilet is accessible to the baby. That is why you can move him to the toddler bed at night. It is also the right way of giving the toilet training to the babies.

However, you should take time to make the transition from toddler cribs to toddler travel beds. Removing the crib rails means you have detached the bedtime boundary of the baby.

In few cases, it will cause issues. The baby can try to get advantage from this freedom. He may pop out of his bed anytime.

As a parent, you will realize the time, when your growing baby does not fit into the crib.
There is another situation, when you have to place your child on the toddler travel bed.

While you are pregnant and are going to give birth to a newborn baby, you have to move the elder one to the portable toddler bed. This toddler may already have crossed two years or more, and he will feel comfortable with the bed.

 How to Choose a Travel Toddler Bed for Your Child? 

When you are trying to find a travel bed for your toddler, the first thing you need to take into consideration is their reactions to sleeping in an environment like that.

If your child is active or if they need to be contained in more sturdy settings like cribs or if they can sleep on beds that don’t really have any containment; whether they are prone to moving around in their sleep or whether they stay pretty much still are some of the things to keep in mind when you are making a choice to buy a travel bed for your toddler.

Types of Travel Beds for Toddlers:

There are generally two different types of beds on the market for toddlers, the inflatable and the folding kinds. Here are the pros and cons for both:

Inflatable toddler beds-
Inflatable beds need to be inflated and deflated whenever used which can be a bit of a hassle, however they are super compact and easy to transport. They can be uber comfortable or unsupportive for some children.

For smaller children it is advisable to look for options with sides. Self-inflatable mattresses are incredibly compact, lack side wing, are pretty thin and don’t need to be inflated, however they don’t really offer any support or comfort for the children and they can easily roll off.

Folding toddler beds-
Folding travel beds are way more comfortable and support the child’s backs while they are sleeping. They come in two variants, ones that are very easy to use and just fold up and don’t need to be inflated. Others may need some assembly. However, the ones that fold out are way bigger and are not really ideal for flying.

Difference Between Toddler travel bed versus a Travel crib

When you look for the best baby products, you may have found toddler travel cribs and travel beds in the store. However, most of the parents cannot think of whether they have to choose the beds or cribs for their babies or toddlers. The travel beds are different from the travel cots or cribs.

The toddler beds are floor level systems, and their sides are also very low. You can pack them up very easily. Thus, they are also portable in design. You may buy the toddler bed while you find that toddler is able to go out of the cot with his own effort.

Age of the baby

Not more than 2 (two years)-
As a mom of newborn or an infant (age- less than 2), you have to purchase a travel crib. It is more secure to your baby. The crib gives the best and the safest environment for sleep. The babies within this age range can use the travel crib.

Babies of 2 years-
While your baby is of 2 years, it is really to choose between the crib and the bed. At your home, your baby may have the habit of sleeping in a crib. In that case, you may invest on the travel crib. When the baby has become familiar to toddler bed, you can buy its portable version.

More than 2 years-
For these children, toddler travel bed is must. You may use these beds until your toddlers are of 6 years. These are versatile beds, and you can fold it to use as a padded seat of kids.
Whether you are buying travel cribs or travel beds, these features are common-

  • Lightweight- Since these products are intended for travelers, they have to be lightweight and portable.
  • Simple setup- After working throughout a day, you won’t like to give much effort for setting up your toddler travel bed or crib. That is why easy setup is the best choice.
  • Breathable- The fabric of bed or crib has to be breathable.
  • Washable- The toddlers can make the bed dirty. You have to look for the washable one.

 What age are toddler travel beds suitable for? 

Presently, your baby is using crib for sleep. However, after few months, with the growth of your baby, you can think of moving your baby to the toddler bed. However, he must feel safe and comfortable with the portable toddler bed.

Time for buying travel beds-

Most of parents ask- Is it the right time to buy portable toddler bed? Toddler’s age is a subjective issue. Thus, the parents have to find out the minimum age range for using the toddler bed.

The child specialists think that they have to be at least fifteen to twenty four months of age to use this type of bed.

While your toddler has learnt climbing in or out of the bed with no issue, you may detach the rails. The babies of almost three years are able to do it. However, there is no rule that you should remove these rails after attaining this age.

You have to check out whether your kids roll out of their bed at the time of sleeping. While removing these rails, you may better place a soft rug or pill in adjacent to the bed. Your toddler may not be familiar to the open, wide bed. That is why you have to make these arrangements.

Travel toddler bed is not intended for the school-going kids. Although you do not like to throw away the bed, it is the time to move to adult’s bed. However, you may also try to see whether your child’s body size fits to the bed.

In that case, you may stick to this toddler bed. Especially, while you are travelling away from your house and your kids look for special bed, these systems are essential. Check all the sizes of travel toddler beds and make your decision.

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