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Britax USA Stroller Rain Cover

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britax-usa-stroller-rain-coverBritax has been taking babies for a joyride for the last thirty-five years. They have continuously developed their products in order to promote complete safety to the children during their ride.

They work closely with child experts, vehicle manufacturers and consumers to bring about developments in the designs and make the installation and use an easy process.

The stroller Britax USA stroller rain cover is a favorite among parents of modern days.

Salient Features of Britax USA Stroller Rain Cover

  • It weighs around 14.4 ounces.
  • It provides complete protection to the child from rain and wind.
  • The rain cover is custom designed so that it can easily fit into the stroller. It is secured using hook and loop attachments.
  • It has integrated adapter system.
  • It has infinite recline positions.

Pros & Cons of Stroller Rain Cover by Britax USA:

Why we love this:
  • The handlebar is adjusted, so, tall parents cannot complain!
  • It has large canopies.
  • The pockets behind the seats are roomie.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It offers smooth movements and glides.
  • The fabric quality is good.
  • Each seat can be adjusted individually.
Keep in mind:
  • There are only two choices of colors.
  • It has plastic wheels instead of rubber.
  • It has Velcro closure for the canopies.
  • No cup holders are available.
  • The handlebar can get deteriorated easily.

 What is a Stroller Rain Cover? 

A stroller rain cover is a vinyl cover which is attached to the stroller of the baby. It fits over every stroller with a canopy. This cover is helpful during the outdoor trips which are interrupted by unpleasant weather.

This cover provides protection to the baby from rain and snow. The sides of the stroller rain cover provide proper ventilation to the baby and it keeps him safe even during bad weather.

Parents should carry stroller which has a stroller rain cover attached to it so that their baby is safe in all weather conditions.

 What to look for when buying Stroller Rain Cover? 

There are various types of stroller rain covers available in the market. This wide range might confuse you regarding which one to choose.

Different companies manufacture stroller rain covers with different qualities. So, you should keep few points in mind while you go to buy a rain cover for your little one.

These covers can have plenty of features but the most important and basic features of a stroller rain cover are mentioned below. It's important to note whether your selected rain cover has these qualities or not.

  • Compact and light: You surely don’t want to carry something heavy while travelling with your baby. A stroller rain cover is always light and compact. Weight and space can never be a problem with rain covers.
  • Washer friendly: There’s no special care to be taken for a good rain cover. It is washable and that too, along with other clothes. These washer friendly covers lessen the stress regarding special maintenance.
  • Easy to secure and remove: The stroller rain cover is clearly not complicated and very easy to use. The cover should be easy to secure as well as to remove. Usually, these covers can be easily installed even if you’re fastening it for the very first time. Stroller rain covers are not at all fiddly and you’ll not end up spending more than just a few seconds while putting it in place.
  • Complete coverage: This is the main objective of stroller rain covers. You need to make sure that the stroller rain cover which you’re planning to purchase, ensures full protection for the baby. Uneven weather conditions should not be able to harm the baby in any way.
  • Rain and snow protection being the basic, excellent wind protection and UVA/UVB protection is also one of the important features of a good stroller rain cover. If you can find a cover with these added facilities, you should definitely opt for it.
  • Reflective stitching is recommended for safety purposes. Also, accessible front zippers are added to many covers as they make access to the child easier. You can also look for these added features.
  • Cost effective: Last but definitely not the least, a good stroller rain cover doesn’t cost much. This useful baby product is worth the money it costs. It ensures the value of money. This definitely doesn’t ask for a fortune like other child products like organizers and bassinets.

Types of the Stroller Rain Cover

Universal rain cover–

This is one of the most commonly used stroller rain cover. It keeps your baby safe from unwanted moisture & also when it gets cold outside. It allows enough ventilation & fully protects your child from rain/snow.

Its front zippers make it easy to use. Provides best value of money. Keeping in mind the safety of your child universal rain covers come with reflective stitching. So if you want to get something worth your money then you can definitely go for universal rain cover.

Umbrella stroller rain cover–

Having an umbrella stroller at home? Don’t worry at all this umbrella stroller rain cover not only protects your child from rain but also prevents your stroller from getting damaged.

It helps not only to cover your baby but also his/her belongings, keeping both of them dry. It also protects your child from chilly winds & generally fits into every kind of umbrella strollers.

One of the special feature of umbrella stroller rain cover is that apart from protecting your child from rain/snow it also protects your little one from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, keeping him safe!

Double stroller rain cover–

Yes you heard it right; double stroller rain cover is the best you can buy if you are blessed with twins! Want to take out the twins for a ride & can’t manage two strollers & end up getting them drenched in rain?

No worries, double stroller rain cover helps to keep your twins dry & safe from the rain/snow. Double stroller rain cover also comes with quite a many pockets where you can keep your baby’s milk bottle or water bottle. Thus you don’t have to carry them around with you all the time you take them out.

Benefits of Stroller Rain Cover

  • Not so expensive – well if you are thinking of getting stroller rain cover if your child then can you go for it as it is quite affordable & won’t cost much of your salary. So, if you don’t want your baby to get drenched during rain, rush to your nearest store & buy the stroller rain cover.
  • Portable – well what else can you demand if your stroller rain cover can be easily moved from one place to the other. So, if you can easily move the stroller rain cover if you are going out for a trip during a rainy day. Your baby can enjoy the trip without getting drenched at all.
  • Can be washed – did your stroller rain cover just got dirty? Got mud spots on your rain cover? Don’t worry much, the strolled rain covers you brought for your baby can be easily washed& dried & cleaned.
  • Compact – stroller rain cover is a compact product that you are buying for your child. You do not need to carry or handle different accessories related to it. Just carry the stroller rain cover & your baby is saved from getting drenched in the rain. 

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