Best Baby Carrier Buying Guide 2018

Are you thinking of taking your baby around? Do you want your hands to be free and again something that gives your baby ultimate protection? If the answer is yes, then baby carriers or slings are just for you.

Why do you need a carrier?


Baby slings/carriers are used from pre-historic times and at modern times, it has been upgraded into thousand times better.It creates a bond between the baby and the parents and also the baby can be kept a close eye on. Your hands will remain free to do any work you like. Our research says, the newborns actually like being hold up that close, and for the toddler, they love travelling in the back.

We keep some necessary points in our mind while considering which carrier will be best for your baby. The points you should also consider before buying a baby carriers are:

  1. Which carrier is the safest for your baby?
  2. What are they made of?
  3. Would this be straining for you?
  4. Would your hands be free or can you do the normal chores?
  5. Where exactly do you put the carrier?

There are different types of baby carriers in market to choose from:

  • Wraps: Wraps are made of pure clothes. The clothes are attached to the parents body and baby are wrapped around.
  • Ring slings: These type of carriers are based on dynamic tension created by metal. A piece of cloth is attached with two rings and when the baby is placed on the cloth, the weight of the baby creates a tension which kind of locks the baby with your body.
  • Pouch slings: These carriers are like a pocket and it can be attached with the body by drawstrings, Velcro,buckles, zippers or any other suitable method.
  • Baby backpack: As you wear backpacks while travelling, you can keep your baby in the back and wear it all day.

Safety rule for baby carrying:

The T.I.C.K.S rule is best for safe baby wearing:

  • Tight
  • In view at all times
  • Close enough to kiss
  • Keep chin off the chest
  • Supported back

Which position is best to keep the baby?


There are several positions-

  • Front
    • Front carry facing in
    • Front carry facing out
  • On a parent & rsquo’s side hip
  • Piggy back position (back carrying)

Babies are positioned according to their comfortablity. Like, new-borns like front or hip-carrying positions. But toddlers prefer the back.

Now comes the confusing part. Which one to choose?

  • Tula Ergonomic baby is the Editor’s Choice Award winner. The design is so simple, that you completely don’t need any further instructions. Onya Baby Outback also falls in this category. But this two comes with limited carry positions.
  • You can choose & lsquo; Holy grail & rsquo; which is suitable for all the ages. Only you have to change the position, which makes it very cost effective. You can also use Baby Bjorn and Baby K’tan.
    • Cons: It becomes uncomfortable when the baby gets older and might cause neck pain and shoulder pain of the parents, but it is the best for the newborns and light weighted babies.
  • If you want to consider wraps, you can choose from Moby Wrap original, Boba Wrap or Wrap modern.
    • Cons: Lacks support for bigger babies, besides, the baby have to cuddle in the whole day with the parent, which might cause uncomfortable feeling.
  • For different types of positions there are ‘Ergo baby Four Position 360’, Beco Gemini, Lillebaby complete all seasons etc
    • Cons: Low weight limit.

These baby carriers come with different types of accessories, which you need to study before you go out and pick one of the products.

Baby carriers are just amazing in their own way to provide you some relief from the tiresome job of carrying the baby around, feeding him, cuddling him. Now, all this gets a lot easier, when baby slings are chosen. Hope our review aided you in choosing a perfect one for your baby.

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  1. Wonderful post!! I agree with you. Safety is the main concern that every person should not miss. Also, carrying baby in an inappropriate way may cause you back pain hence you have to maintain the right posture. Thanks for sharing.

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