Are your baby a toddler? Thinking of buying a baby walker for your kid? Want it both comfortable and secure? then you are at the right place. We bring to you a list of baby walkers, best for its durability, strength and as well as the safest for your vulnerable child.

There are different types of baby walkers. Some provides ample space in front to keep your baby’s own toys, some has it’s own activity center, so that not only the legs but also the hands of the baby are busy playing or doing activity. Who doesn’t like going around on his own? Your baby is surely going to like it.

You don’t need to worry about your baby’s security. Baby Walkers are chosen by many as many think, they build up a baby’s strength and stability.

You have to be very careful about the safety issues, check and recheck the safety part before buying a baby walker. keep the baby close by. Don’t let her go randomly. She can fall off, drown or get into minor injuries. Here are the list of the best baby walkers based on their features:

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1. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Our Ratings

vtech-sit-to-stand-learning-walkerIn the market of baby walkers, VTech has been significantly contributing for a long time. The ultimate customer satisfaction and the interactive learning toys developed by them have really won hearts.

The sheer joy of discovery can be significant for your toddler and this unique range is filled with fun, colors, music, numbers, shapes etc. The baby would develop strikingly both mentally and physically.

The fun filled learning process would always help your baby. The walkers would support your child’s baby steps.

The interactive walkers provide support for creativity. Sing along songs and spinning rollers, does help in enhancing knowledge and motor skills.

Wonderful features of VTech Learning Walker:

  • Sit to stand walker teaches shapes, animals, colors etc.
  • 5 piano keys create wonderful melodies.
  • 3 light up shape sorters, light-up buttons.
  • 70 sing along music, funny phrases and songs.

Pros & Cons of VTech Learning Walker:

Why we choose it:

  • 2 play modes- learning as well as music.
  • Attractive enough to stimulate the child’s senses.
  • Sitting and walking.
  • Perfect sounds.

Keep in mind:

  • Lacks grip in tires.
  • No wheel lock.
2. Safety 1st WA063AOK Walker

The name says everything. Sounds’ n lights are famous for bringing one of the best baby walkers in the market. And say, who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Their walkers are designed based on that.

The seats are convertible with two swing activity trays and can be adjusted for 3 heights. Even if your baby spills something, you can now wash it off.

3. Kolcraft KW029-JBL1 Activity Walker

One thing about this baby walker is, it is an easy purchase. Also, they are easily foldable, convertible and washable.

You are bound to feel that your money spent are worth it. And a JPMA certified product that gives you great colourful collection of toys.

4. Safety 1st WA061DWN Walker

From the name it is obvious that if you are looking for the safest baby walker, then this is the best.

It has some unique features, like some charming songs added, along with flashlights that pop with beats. You can adjust the car walker according to your baby’s height and size.

And attention to your baby’s multi-developmental activities are also paid. The toys are provided to develop the kid mentally.

5. Baby Einstein 60098-1 Walker

The coolest design and the best baby walker in respect of colour, design and attraction. It has a unique design that gives a platform for the baby to remain sturdy and try walking.

It is fun with the ocean like sound at every move. It has high back seats that provide additional support.

6. Disney WA056CZR Walker

Sweet bubbly pink and features your baby’s favourite Disney characters, walking around is now fun.

You can take it anywhere and store it anywhere. As it can walk on carpet or roads or anything. It is one of the best walkers you can ever have. Also, it is adjustable to three heights.

7. Disney WA083CLV Walker

Who doesn’t love Mickey mouse? and this baby walker focuses on that. Also it has smooth wide base and padded seat, along with added 12 charming songs with flash light. So, why wait? Ready-set and go!

8. Fisher-Price K6070 Walker

The best feature a baby walker can have! It can rotate 360 degrees allowing your baby to play at any direction she wants.

You can also open it up from the top. It improves baby’s motor skills and has the unique rain forest theme.

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9. Delta Children 22201-025 Walker

This baby car walker is the choice by only one look. It looks like a mini car, along with steering wheels, horn , designs and everything.

This walker makes your baby’s first walk joyful and improves multiple sensory organs. For chubby thighs and better activity, this one is the cutest and safest option.

10. Joovy 120 Walker

Worried that your baby might bump with the stairs and fall off? This baby walker ensures that this incident doesn’t happen. It has 6 brake pads that help to prevent falls on stairs.

It also comes with super-sized tray and spoon and gives the baby walker a premium look, as it’s coated with white glossy material.

Common Features of Baby Walker:

Characteristically, a fully competent baby can start walking around the age of one. In their initial stages of the movement, they need a good support such as baby walker to get them up and start walking. Hence, some important features of a walker that you must consider.

Firmness: This quality is must for a good walker. To keep the baby away from any catastrophes during his preliminary stages of moving you have to make sure that the body of the walker is pretty steady and heavy.

The good systematic design of the walker body will help in keeping the center of gravity close to the ground and prevent rolling the walker.

Material: Non-Toxic Materials or Natural materials should be the most concerning feature. Natural materials are always preferable although plastic materials are not that much harmful but, be careful about the color.

Because, babies have an aptitude to chew on belongings hence, natural material is preferable your baby.

Weight: As any heavy thing won’t tip over easily accordingly the heavier is the safer. But be careful about too much of weight then the baby might not be able to move the thing. Also, this will be more annoying to carry around when you intend to go outside.

Height: Height is an important matter; a perfect higher base will allow a toddler to pick the ground easily as compared to his height.

Base: Walkers with a wider width helps on stability. Slim walkers have the tendency to tilt and drop or stuck in a narrow place which can be dangerous for your baby.

Wider base also helps the walker to pass the door easily. Some manufacturer has added bumper guards to protect your walls from over agile infant.

Wheel and Brake: Wheel design must have enough traction and resistance for different types of floors in your house counting hardwood or carpet to make sure that your baby can walk smoothly. Another top feature is the Brake Pads and Friction Strips at the base of the walker.

Seat: On the seated walker features regarding the baby walker’s is the seat. Removable seat covers are locking with wheels for being able to be rolled around by walker.

They are machine washable, height adjusting and comfortable. Bouncing Seat is available on some walkers on the market who has a spring system inside to have them bounce when in the locked position. If don’t like bouncing then it can usually be locked and make the seat still.

Entertaining: Most seated walkers have trays with frames on them that can be used for feeding the baby snacks as well as they can play with toys.

For Standing Walker, it has attached a front leaning frame. In most cases, those trays are equipped with a variety of built-in or removable toys. These toys could be electronic gears, lights, and music or educational thing as well.

Foldability: Space is at a prime factor for some parents, so a foldable baby walker is a real benefit for them.

Most walkers on the market have a little device to allow them pressed and fold flat. This foldability is obvious to store and transport.

Adaptability: The most important consideration is, this toy you are giving to your baby is, interesting enough, user-friendly, flexible and prompt to your child or not? Assure that it encourages other types of skills besides just to learn to walk?

Those are some of the most significant features to help you acquire the best baby walkers for your baby.

No matter which one you pick, try to watch out for the pros and cons, and buy the best baby walker for your adorable one.


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