Complete Review of Comotomo Baby Bottles

A baby bottle refers to a feeding bottle through which a baby is fed milk. Bottles are used by mothers during the weaning stage when they need to make them quit breastfeeding.

Instead of breast milk the baby is fed powder milk or baby formula through the help of this feeding bottle. This is often not a very smooth stage as babies have a natural aversion towards bottles at first.

The ideal baby bottle is that which makes the babies feel comfortable and they adapt to them easily without any trouble.

Things to consider before buy:

There are several things to consider before buying the right baby bottle for the baby. Improper products may lead to several health issues.

  • Firstly, the bottles that you are buying for your baby should be made of 100% safe material. Often these bottles are made of plastic which is not permissible to be given to babies. Make sure that the brand you choose offers the best quality tested material that are safe for the baby’s health and are not toxic in nature.
  • Secondly, choose bottles that are soft and have nipples that resemble the mother’s breast because that would help to make the transition smoother. Babies usually tend to reject bottles in the beginning because they are super comfortable with their mother’s breast. To make this transition easier, choose soft bottles that resemble the mother’s breast as much as possible.
  • Thirdly, always check whether the locking system of the bottle’s cap is correct. Without proper locking milk may leak and create a mess. Moreover, trapping of air inside the bottle and improper air circulation often leads to colic.
  • Lastly, check the liquid flow capacity of the bottles as little babies suck very slowly and a heavy flow may choke them.
  • Read all the reviews by parents and choose the ideal brand wisely.

Considerable Features:

  • Easy: A wide mound for the nipple to make the sucking easier and similar to that of the mother’s breast.
  • Safety: Safe and tested materials that are approved for use in babies.
  • Ability: The material should also be able to withstand microwave heat or boiling water and be unaffected when passed through a dishwasher.
  • Presentation: Most importantly, the ideal bottle should be loved by babies and they should not be able to feel the difference between the bottle and the mother’s breast.

Comotomo Baby Bottles

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Comotomo is a brand that has been providing essential best quality baby products like baby bottles and teethers. Parents all over the world have been impressed by the quality of products sold by Comotomo and they have often recounted how these have ended their troubles with bottle refusal by infants.

Comotomo baby bottles have made the transition from the mother’s breast to the bottles extremely smooth for babies. The mouth of the extra soft bottles have the exact shape and feel of the mother’s breast which makes babies easily adapt to them.

The most important features of the Comotomo Baby Bottles are:

  • These are naturally shaped like a mother’s breast to make the babies feel comfortable and adapt sooner.
  • The skin-like silicone texture makes babies feel they are attached to their mother’s breast. These bottles are very soft and squeezable and are ideal for babies who have been breastfed till now.
  • The mouth of the bottles has the natural shape and mound of a nipple to make babies feel absolutely comfortable.
  • The bottles are made of 100% safe materials that have been clinically tested and are approved for use by babies. These are free of Phthalate and safe even when put into microwaves, dishwashers and sterilizers.
  • The bottles have two anti-colic vents to improve air circulation in the bottle. This helps to reduce colic and gas, two of the biggest issues faced by bottle fed babies.
  • The wide neck of the bottle makes cleaning easier and better.
  • The slow flow through one-hole helps to develop the baby’s sucking and prevents cases of choking.

Pros & Cons of Baby Bottle by Comotomo:

Why we choose it:

  • Babies are super comfortable with this bottle. They do not seem to have any problem getting used to it.
  • It provides babies with the feel of the mother’s breast and thus babies seldom show any problem while being fed from the bottle.
  • It prevents risks of choking and colic.
  • The wide neck makes cleaning really easy.

Keep in mind

  • Nothing that troubles parents or babies.

On a whole, Comotomo baby feeding bottles have been reviewed by parents as the best ones as they provide babies a feeling that is almost similar to a mother’s breast.

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