Complete review of Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle Nipples

The little ones need to be pampered. They are to be fed whenever they demand it. However, it is not always convenient for the mothers to breastfeed their little babies as they might be busy at work.

There are cases when a mother might not be able to produce sufficient milk to feed their child. Baby feeding bottles come to their rescue.

There are kids who may grow up but still cannot manage to drink from a cup or a glass. Baby feeding bottles can be their favorite drinking option as well.

It is a bottle with a nipple so that it makes it easier for the baby to drink by simply sucking the nipple attached to the bottle, just like breastfeeding.

The baby bottle nipples are similar to the mother’s nipple, but slimmer. Specialized nipples are available in market that mimics the shape of breasts so that “nipple confusion” does not arise in the baby when they are constantly switched between breastfeeding and feeding bottles.


Think Before Pinching Your Wallet!

Whatever you choose to buy for your little one has to be given a second thought. However finding the right bottle nipple might make you quite a number of them and your baby will finally choose which one he/she prefers to feed from!

  • The baby bottle nipple’s size and shape must be carefully observed before buying it. It must be in parity with your baby’s style of sucking. The speed of the liquid’s flow is determined by the size of the nipple’s hole. If the hole is not of the right size, your baby might feed too fast or too slowly. She might also swallow much air.
  • There are varied sizes of nipples. Size one has a small hole which is suitable for babies up to 6 months age. The older babies might choose from size two, three and four.
  • The ideal nipple drips a few drops of liquid when turned upside down. It is you who has to judge if the liquid is too much or too less for your baby.

Important Features of Baby Bottle Nipples

  • Specialized nipples: Specialized nipples are available for preemies.
  • Standard Nipples: Standard nipples are usually dome-shaped and tall. However other nipples are available that mimics the shape of a female breast.
  • Materials: Latex and silicone are the main materials out of which the nipple is made.
  • Orthodontics Nipples: Orthodontics nipples are narrow in the middle and have wide tip and base, thereby fit inside the baby’s mouth comfortably.

Dr. Brown's Baby Bottle Nipples

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Dr. Brown’s baby bottle nipples are made to fit exclusively in the baby bottles from the same brand.

They often become the favorite of all infants because there is always a size and shape available for each baby because this house of baby feeding products believes that every baby is special.

The nipple for the preemies limits the flow to the amount the little baby can take in. This company provides a chart of nipple size and shapes to help you choose from the varied choices.

However they also prescribe their customers to not be very stringent about it and treat it only as a guideline for feeding their baby according to their feeding habits.

What Makes Dr. Brown’s Baby Feeding Nipples so Special?

  • The baby bottles by this brand provide an internal vent system. Dr. Brown’s wide neck bottles are often preferred because the nipples have a broader base, thereby avoiding “nipple confusion” that might arise in the baby.
  • It prevents vacuum from developing in the bottle.
  • They are made of high graded silicone.

Pros & Cons of Dr. Brown’s Baby Feeding Nipples

Why we choose it:

  • Super soft.
  • They are BPA-free polypropylene.
  • Available in plenty of sizes.

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • They can be used only with Dr. Brown’s feeding bottles.
  • More expensive than ordinary bottles.

Dr. Brown’s baby feeding nipples and bottles are a favorite of both the infants and their parents. It is okay to spend a bit more when you are assured that it is good for your baby.

So, all you need to do is choose carefully from the wide range of baby feeding nipples that Dr. Brown has to offer. Needless to say, your little one will give the final verdict!

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