Best Baby Utensil Sets Reviews of 2018

 What Should You Look For in a Spoon? 

  • It is important that you select the right size: While buying the spoons for your baby, make sure you are picking the right size. In case the size of the spoon is too small, you will keep on dragging the baby to feed that might make the baby feel bored. On the other hand, using excessively large spoons, you are likely to face troubles in using the spoon.
  • The material: While buying the spoons for the babies, it will be best to opt for the ones, made with rubber or plastic materials. However, you should only opt for the ones that is BPA-Free. Use of materials like stainless steel or other metals is not encouraged as it might hurt the gums and the tender parts inside the mouth.
  • You must check the ease in handling the spoon: Another important point of consideration is the ease in handling the spoon. In case the spoon is complex and intricate to handle, you will have issues in feeding the baby. Likewise, in case the baby has already started to feed by its own, he/she will definitely find issues, if there are troubles with handling the spoon and the grip is not comfortable.
  • Don’t opt for the ones that comes with removable ends: It will be wise to refrain from using those spoons that come with removable ends as, there are possibilities for those spoons to trigger chocking hazards. As such, use of these spoons offers a threat to the safety and well being of the baby.
  • Washable: It is important to ensure adequate hygiene, and you cannot take a chance with the health of your baby. Hence, while buying the baby spoons, check if it is easy to wash the spoon so that you can ensure the hygiene of your baby and safeguard his/her health.

SKIP-HOP Baby Utensil Set for Toddlers

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Skip Hop products are a favorite among parents. They are a blend of style and comfort.

The company founded in 2003 produces some of the best-selling utensils for toddlers and is a globally recognized brand approved by parents, kids and babies.

This company is very much careful about the product safety, following mechanical and physical standards. The products are all tested and safe.

Features of SKIP-HOP Utensil Toddler Set:

  • Features zoo characters.
  • Durable.
  • Perfect and comfortable size.
  • Stainless steel heads.
  • BPA-free
  • PVC free

Pros & Cons of Utensil Toddler Set by SKIP-HOP:

Why we choose it:

  • The sides are soft and so easy to grip.
  • They are dishwasher safe.

Keep in mind

  • According to some customers, the spoons are difficult to grip because of the decoration. They should have instead been longer, thinner and made of a different material.

Types of Baby Utensils Set:

  • A-Spoons: though it is convenient to carry the pouches of baby food and feed the baby on the go, however, often such pouches turn messy, especially, if the bag gets squeezed by anyway. In such instances, these spoons come as a wonderful solution. You will simply require twisting the spoon onto the pouch’s mouth and serve your baby, directly from the source.
  • Long Handle Spoons: this spoon with longer handle makes it easier to take out the last bits of food, out of the jar and allows the user to access every angle of the jar, evenly. In addition, use of these spoons will allow you to ensure adequate hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Bjorn Spoons: once your’s ward gets to the stage of grabbing the spoon, it will be right to offer this spoon that will make it easier to hold. These spoons come with thick handles and are friendly to hold, and it comes with a groove along the back side that checks the chances for the spoon to slide into the bowl, in the course of eating.
  • Bowl-and-spoon combo: the market has the availability of bowl and spoon sets that comes as a complete solution to the quest for the baby utensils. Manufactured by Eco-friendly materials and offering the longest durability, these utensils are mostly unbreakable and hence, there are no chances for the babies to drop it and break, and getting injured by the broken pieces. As a matter of a tip, opt for the ones with bright colors that will entice the baby to eat from the bowl.
  • 3-piece utensil set: this wonderful baby utensil set comes with a spoon, fork, and knife, and it is ideal to encourage the growing babies to adopt eating themselves. You mostly get these sets in materials like stainless steel that promises you the longest durability and comes absolutely safe.

 What makes a good spoon for feeding your baby? 

  • The material: the first and foremost important point to check is the material used for the construction of the spoon. Ideally, you should opt for the ones, made with durable and Eco-friendly materials, so that it lasts for the longest span, and never ever threatens the health of the baby.
  • Convenience in gripping the spoon: another key point to check is the ease and convenience in gripping the spoon. Opt for those pieces that is hard to grip, and exert stress and strain on the tender fingers of the baby. Likewise, you should see that the spoon comes with a handle of adequate length so that it never ever gets inside the bowl, in the course of eating.
  • The spoon should not come with sharp edges: while picking the spoons for the baby, refrain from those pieces that comes with sharp edges, as there are chances for these spoons to injure the tongue and the softer parts inside the mouth. Spoons with rounder edges and longer handles are ideal for the babies to adopt them with self-eating practices , without the chances of hurting them.
  • The spoon should check spillage: another point to check is, if the spoon checks spillage or not. In this regard, spoons featuring a rounded edge design will be ideal as the additional surface area prevents the chances of spillage that makes the clothes dirty. If spillage is checked, you can also ensure that there happen, no wastage of food and your baby will get the adequate nutrition.
  • The length of the handle: you should always opt for the ones, coming with longer handles as these spoons are easy to control for the babies, and such spoons will never ever get inside the bowl, making it difficult for your baby to eat, and also challenging the hygiene and health.

 How to Get Your Baby to Eat with Utensils? 

  • Encourage your baby to eat of his own by giving them their own spoon: in instances, your baby is learning the use of the spoon, don’t let the baby use the utensils, meant for the adults. These heavier pieces are likely to hurt the gums and teeth of the baby, and in addition, they are likely to find it difficult to handle the regular utensils. Rather, you should encourage them to eat themselves, by serving the utensils, meant for the babies.
  • Guide your baby to learn the art of eating with a spoon: even if your baby has started eating on his own, It is obvious that the baby will face some issues in eating as usual. Hence, you need to guide the baby to master this trick so that your baby face no issues in feeding himself.
  • Allow your baby to practice, serving a bit of food: practice makes a man perfect, and it holds true in this instance itself. Serve a bit of food to your baby, and encourage him/her to eat on own, by using the baby utensils. It is obvious that, in the initial days your baby would face some issues with eating, however, as you allow him/her to feed themselves, eventually they will surely master the art.
  • Always accompany your baby, while trying to eat with the spoon: you should not leave your baby unattended, trying to feed himself, using the spoon. There are possibilities that the baby can swallow larger bites that can cause choking. On the other hand, as these novices use the spoon, there are chances that they can hurt themselves. Hence, even if you are encouraging them to eat themselves, please don’t leave them alone.

Likewise, it is equally important that you ensure that you are cleaning the utensils properly, and washing it, each time, before giving it to your baby.

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