3 Best Baby Bottles Reviews of 2018

The most excellent method to your baby’s heart is absolutely through his stomach. A baby bottle is the second finest way to distribute food to your little one. Why second one is the best? Because nothing beats a fine boob, just ask anyone!

The trouble is that there are so a lot of different baby bottles on the market it can be tricky to know where to begin.

It can be unexpectedly hard to discover a baby bottle that won’t leak and is just as simple to use as it is too hygienic (and even then your baby still may refuse it). The total method of purchasing a baby bottle can be a spot daunting to a latest parent.


13 Things to Consider While Buying the Best Baby Bottles

As there are numerous preferences and lots of differences in modern baby Bottles, the task to pick the most excellent one may get muddled if you don’t know what to think and what to stay away from.

There are features like, protection harness, kinds, sturdiness, simple cleansing and most significantly, the console. Now let’s get going throughout them in details.

1. The age of the baby-

Babies have a lot of preferences for the shape of the bottle, the rate of flow of milk and the nipple shape and size, you will need to test and try different types of shapes for different age groups and select the one they like the best.

Small bottles that contain upto 150ml is good for babies 0-3 months of age, larger bottles upto 330ml is generally used for babies who are older, however, it is very individual and chances are, you will need to try quite a few before finding one that works for your baby.

2. Their rate of development-

While a lot of brands that sell baby bottles have a stock standard for shape and size of the bottles available in the market which are age specific for use, you really have to find something that works for them.

Special bottles for premature babies are designed specifically to work for babies who have a poor sucking reflex. Some bottles can help the babies transition from tube feeding to bottle feeding.

With nipples and holes that are specifically designed to slow down the flow to make it more suitable for babies who are born premature. Special nipple shapes are also available which can offer controlled flow for babies who are born with congenital defects such as cleft lips.

You can even find specific orthodontic nipples made for teething babies in the market. There has been a lot of development in the field of feeding bottles and with a bit of research, you can find ones that work for your baby.

3. The material of the nipple-

There are two types of nipple materials that you can find in the market, latex and silicone. If your baby has a latex sensitivity or is allergic, it can be a better idea to switch to silicone ones which are generally more durable and can last a lot longer than latex variants.

4. The size, shape and flow of the nipples-

The nipples that you can find generally on the market include standard sized, ones with wider bases and those that can mimic the teat of the mother. You will have to try a lot of nipples in the beginning to find the one that works for your baby specifically.

While younger babies prefer a slower flow of the liquid to ensure that they are not ingesting too much air, which can be prevented by looking for nipples which have smaller holes.

Older babies generally prefer a faster flow and you should use ones that have larger holes for them to prevent frustration and fussing.

5. Bottle material-

Some of the most popular material for feeding bottles is plastic and they are quite economical and can come in a number of shapes, sizes and colors.

The concern for leaching of plastic into the feed is rising and the addition of phthalates (which has been linked to developmental issues) to plastic can be a concerning issue. You can also find glass or stainless-steel bottles in the market for your purposes.

6. The size of the bottle and capacity-

As a baby grows, the requirement for feeding changes, the feeding requirement goes on changing. You can start off with a standard 120ml bottle for your newborn and move up to 240-330ml bottles for older babies.

7. Bottle shape-

Any standard bottles are shaped cylindrically and can be easily held for newborn children. If your baby is older than the age of 6 months, it can be a better idea to go for a bottle that has a wider base to help them feed easily.

8. Safety-

This is the most significant for every bottle. It is about to protection of your baby. You must have to be careful about it. Give him a comfortable bottle to hold or use or to drink the liquid substances from it.

9. Types of Bottles-

In this recent time there are many types of bottles in the market. They also can be found in different size and shape according to your requirements. Straight, curved, handled with it, dual nipple etc.

10. User friendly-

The baby bottle must have to be so much friendly for using for the baby. Because the thing is using a newborn cute baby. It can be rejected by her, if it doesn’t seems easy to use.

11. Storage capacity-

There are different sizes and capacity of according to your need. you can have a look in the online or the shop nearest to your home. Many sizes are available in the recent market and in online.

12.Cost of the bottles-

Plastic bottles and silicone nipples are resistant to changes in the weather and can last for a really long time which can be a better deal in the long run and can be a good idea to stock up on these to avoid any emergencies at the time of feeding.

You will also need to factor in the cost of buying things like bottle warmers, racks for drying bottles, the cost of brushes for cleaning bottles and tote bags.

13. Cost of maintenance-

You will need to sterilize the bottle and the nipple before every use. It is advised to avoid any harsh detergent and you will need to factor in the cost of maintenance before buying a bottle. Wider-based bottles can be easy to clean and sterilize.

1. Philips Avent SCF563/57 Baby Bottles

[product_des  position="right" product_name="Philips Avent SCF563/57 Baby Bottles" aff_link="" img_link=""][/product_des]

The Philips AVENT is a classic choice for new parents who don’t want to compromise about the quality of product when concerns their child’s health issue. The typical looking bottle with nipple always proffers sheer comfort to your baby.

Most importantly, the material of this bottle is BPA free in order to lessen fussiness and colic especially at night.

To choose nipple you can go for further softer ones and frequently available in the market. Besides, small few portions, wide neck, round edges and more facilitates have made this baby bottle very easy to clean vividly.

2. Evenflo 1219621 Tinted Bottles

[product_des  position="left" product_name="Evenflo 1219621 Tinted Bottles" aff_link="" img_link=""][/product_des]

Well, most of the parents complain that their baby bottles don’t last longer. That problem has so much reasons.

But if you don’t want to face any of them, rather than searching for a gorgeously classic looking bottle, made of BPA free polypropylene and comes with the softest silicone nipple with specially built micro air vents, then the Evenflo Feeding Classic Twist Tinted Bottles shall be the most obvious solution. Because of micro air vent, nipple doesn’t collapse too easily.

For growing babies, you should go for the size of 8 ounce. If you have any confusions, you can check out the reviews that one of the best baby bottles have got from happy customers.

3. Comotomo 250ml Green Bottle

[product_des  position="right" product_name="Comotomo 250ml Green Bottle" aff_link="" img_link=""][/product_des]

The world of baby product is facing radical changes just in front of your eyes. Do you know why? Because of the advancement of modern technology. New products are coming, may be, but what about the quality?

Specially the baby bottle that contains the main food of any newborn child? By considering all of that, Comotomo Baby Bottle might come real handy for mothers.

It’s not made with the care of breastfeeding experts, probably, but surely manufactured with the care of mother. It’s fully toxic free and doesn’t put any health issue to the baby’s health. Most importantly, the nipple is really soft.

Click to Read - Complete Review of Comotomo Baby Bottles

 When do You Need Baby Bottles? 

The experts in lactation ask mothers to wait for babies to grow at least for one month before they make the switch to baby bottles. You need to breastfeed your newborn for a span of one month.

If you are a working woman then make sure you give your baby and yourself enough time to adjust to the switch. Give your child two weeks before you join office, this way you will be able to see how your child is adjusting to it.

When a baby starts sucking milk from a baby bottle a lot of mouth and tongue movement is required, which is entirely different from breastfeeding. That is why the little one needs time to adjust. In order to make the switch to baby bottles easier you can carry out these procedures:

Feed your child milk from a baby bottle after breastfeeding him or her.
To make the transition swift start with a small amount may be an ounce or half. This will help the child get accustomed to the nipple.

Use a nipple that flows slowly.
Babies have smaller mouths and that is why their tiny mouth can't take a strong flow of milk. Using a regular sized nipple might cause the problem. Try a regular sized nipple at first, if your baby starts to gag with the overflow of milk in his or her mouth. Switch to a nipple that has a slower flow.

Don't be the one that is introducing your child to the baby bottle.
If you take up the task of feeding your child with a baby bottle, the infant might refuse to take it. This happens because kids wonder why their mothers are making the switch.

When someone else does the same the baby will not be confused and has a higher chance of accepting the bottle. You can turn to your spouse, family, friends, mother or anyone from child care to do it for you.

Try to be outdoors.
No matter how strange it sounds. Experts and doctors feel that a child should be taken outdoors and away from the mother to feed him or her with the baby bottle. The baby senses the environment and surrounding he or she is in.

Things to keep in mind while switching to baby bottles:

Babies start reacting in a different way when they are made to drink the milk from a bottle. They wake up before they have completed their sleep, they don't drink as much milk as they should, and babies also start getting agitated. Don't be surprised if these things start happening. Give them the time they need.

Keep the pacifier and nipple of the same kind

Choose a nipple for the baby bottle made out of latex. Make sure the material of the pacifier is the same. In order to make the child take nipple of the baby bottle easily, warm it in water. This will turn the nipple soft.

Give the baby the taste of your breast milk

Dip the nipple of the baby bottle in your breast milk. This will help the child get the taste and the smell of his or her mother. They start sucking on the nipple in order to get more of it.

Let the baby do whatever they want.

Don't stop your child from playing with the nipple of the baby bottle. This helps the child get familiar to it. Kids often chew the nipple of the baby bottle rather than sucking it. Let them do it for some time without any prevention. Try holding the child in different positions to help her more.

There are numerous Bottles on the market to meet your requirements that it can be overwhelming for maximum parents to narrow down the options to find the exact right bottles for their family. Try to select the best one for you from the market.

You can also buy the baby Bottles nearest shops. Just make sure the Bottles are very much good for your using purposes.

Be careful when you are selecting one for you and take good care about the requirements you need in the Bottles. Must think the fundamental factors to pick the Bottle you are buying.

Verify if the manufacturer offers any supplementary facilities. If you have any questions regarding this product let us know about it and if you want to give any additional ideas about the product feel free to let us know.

Safety Tips When Bottle Feeding Your Baby:

The process of sterilization-

In order to keep your baby from harm and any kind of unwanted infection. You need to sterilize every part of the baby bottle. Each and every equipy involved in feeding the baby should be sterilized every time you use it to feed them.

There will be no worry of germs and Bacteria's after you have done the needful. Before your baby needs feeding, wash every bottle, rings of the retainers, teats, and caps. Use hot water and soap first to clean them and then sterilize it. This needs to be done for a minimum of one year.

How to proceed?

Fill up a kettle with tap water. Don't use pre-boiled, mineral or soft water. Boil the water at high flame and then set it aside to cool for half an hour. Make sure the water is hot to kill the presence of any bacteria, it doesn't have to be boiling.

Now add the water to the baby bottles. This will help with the accuracy in measurements. Add the exact quantity of baby powder in it. You don't need to push the baby powder inside the bottle too hard.

Close the mouth of the baby bottle with a cap(that has been sterilized). Shake with care and precision until the formula dissolves.

Measurements matter-

Don't overdo or under do the measurement of the baby powder. You need to take the exact amount of baby powder that has been mentioned. You will find the prescribed quantity on the label of the formula.

If you make a weak formula then your little one misses out the nutrients he or she needs to develop. On the other hand if you add too much of it constipation or dehydration can affect your child. Worst case scenario leads to kidney problems.

The right temperature-

When you are giving your child formula that is ready made or feeding him or her with breast milk that has been pumped into a baby bottle. Then you can warm the milk inside the bottle by placing it inside a bowl filled with lukewarm water.

Place the bowl with the bottle in it on a pan and heat it in low flame for fifteen to twenty minutes. Don't overdo it. Some people even buy electric warmers. This takes exactly six minutes to heat a bottle of milk.

It is always advised to refrain from microwaves. They don't heat the milk in a bottom evenly. Overheating a bottle of milk will harm the inside of your child's mouth. It also causes nutrients to break down.

Never allow your child to drink the milk before testing its temperature. If you find it too hot then hold it under running cold water to lower the temperature.

Feeding positions-

Always tilt the mouth of the bottle, this way your child will be sucking on the teat that is filled with milk. Often holding the bottle in the wrong way causes the teat to be full of air and not milk. Give your baby a little rest in between sucking the nipple of the baby bottle.

This gives your baby the idea whether he or she needs more. Don't leave a child alone with a bottle or put her flat on the ground. This will cause her to gag and vomit the whole thing.

Use fresh each time-

It is always advised to feed a baby with freshly made formula. Even when a bottle of milk is stored in the refrigerator, germs can end up entering it. If you are in need of a bottle of milk from before, then make sure you put it inside a cool bag or refrigerator immediately.

When a cool bag is used, the milk from the bottle should be fed to the baby within four hours. In case it is stored inside the refrigerator, it can last for as long as twelve hours.

It is advised to make a fresh batch every-time.

The option of ready made-

You will find formulas in the market that are made and are ready to use. It comes in carton packs and are extremely convenient. The use of scissors (that have been sterilized) and clean hands to prepare the formula is a must.

 What kind of difference baby bottles make? 

The idea of privacy
Baby bottles are way less intruding into the privacy of new mother. Although, babies need to feed from their Mother's breast for some time due to the less movement of mouth and tongue. But, the feeling of a child latching on to the breasts all the time is way more peaceful.

The comfort level
Breastfeeding is extremely painful for a woman. A mother already goes through a lot during the nine months of pregnancy and getting used to the pain in her breasts after her delivery is something she really doesn't enjoy.

It causes engorgement (pressure is exerted on the breasts. This happens due to the breast milk that is stored in it.) Women start suffering from inflammation, bacterial infection due to the damage caused in the nipples.

Public spaces
Women already face a lot in public on a day to day basis. Taking out their breasts and feeding a hungry child can be somewhat uncomfortable and way too embarrassing her. The use of baby bottles in such a case is easier and can be done anytime the child is hungry.

No switching to different diet

Babies often show allergic reactions to some ingredients that a woman is having. In case of bottle feeding that doesn't happen. The child will never be subjected to allergies from having your breast milk.

Women often wonder why their baby is crying more than often, or not sleeping as much as they should. They start wondering whether it is something that they have eaten. This causes a lot of frustration to the mother.

When you switch to baby bottles that will never be the case

You don't need to be round
The use of baby bottles gives a mother the time she needs. She can take her long comforting bath, eat with ease, go outside and sleep without having to worry about the child.

When a child starts using a baby bottle, any member of the family can take up the responsibility of feeding the child. This gives the stressed mother some much desired and needed rest.

You know how much your child needs
Babies often get cranky and start demanding the breast milk. Most of the times they do so because they want the comfort from it. When you start using a baby bottle you know exactly how much your baby needs to drink.

That never happens with breast milk. It is either way too much or way too less that you are child is having. In short it ends all confusion and is healthier for the child.

Choices and that too way to many
When you shop for formulas to make your baby their food. You get a wide range of choices. It can be according to the medical condition of your child too.

Your body gets back in shape
A woman can finally come to the end of extra pressure that her body has been going through for months now. She gets back into shape in no time and that prepares her for life. This is even beneficial if a woman wishes to have more children in the future.

Relationships get healthier
Your partner finally feels involved in the whole process. More than often a woman goes through baby blues for a long time after her delivery this happens for a lot of reasons one of which is breastfeeding.

When a mom finally spends some quality with her partner, things start to spice up again. It is good for their healthy sex life too. If you already have another child, this will help to improve your relationship with them too. They will not feel neglected when you are not occupied all the time.

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