Skip Hop Baby Diaper Bags Review of 2018

While travelling with a baby the luggage almost doubles up in size because of the several baby essentials that needs to be carried along. The most important essentials like the medicines, diapers, wipes and lotions are need quite frequently.

The best way to keep them handy and organized while on the go is to use baby diaper bags. It is a bag that is specially designed with pockets to store diapers and baby wipes and a few other items to make it convenient for mothers who are travelling with their little babies.


Important Things to Consider Before Buying Best Baby Diaper Bag:

Finding the ideal diaper bag always seems a problem for parents. Here are the things that you must consider while buying the right diaper bag for all purposes.

  • Before style and design look for convenience. Your ideal diaper bag must be big enough and spacious to hold all the essential stuff that you need. Check the insides and the size of the pockets carefully before buying.
  • The bag should have several separate pockets or compartments to hold the diapers and wipes, baby creams, powders and lotions, feeding bottles and some other necessary things. If there is a separate pouch for wipes or an insulated case for bottles, you are making the right choice.
  • Check the quality of the handles and the fabric before buying. Even if you have to pay a few bucks extra do not compromise on the quality of the bags as it hugely affects the travelling experience. You surely wouldn’t want the bag to rip apart suddenly on the road after you have stuffed it with items.
  • Always check whether the bag that you are buying has adjustable straps for carrying it on the shoulder too like a shoulder bag or a backpack. This feature is extremely useful when you need to hold the baby in your hands.
  • Check out the best brands and read all the reviews before choosing the right bag for yourself.

Considerable Features of Diaper Bags:

  • Several pockets: There should be enough pockets in the bags to handle all the stuff needed by the baby or the mother. It should have a spacious and convenient design to hold all the essential things in an organized manner.
  • Multi-way straps: The straps of the bag should be adjustable to be able to carry the bag in many ways as and when needed. The best bags are the ones, which allow you to carry them on your shoulder to keep your hands free to hold the baby.
  • Ease of use: Lastly, the bag ought to be easy to use because it is meant to provide you with convenience while travelling. It should be easy to open and close the bag fast and take out things without spilling everything over. Using this bag while changing diapers during travelling should seem helpful.

Skip Hop Baby Diaper Bags:


Customer Ratings

Skip Hop is a well known brand that has been producing essential products for little babies and toddlers. It is a global lifestyle brand whose products are smartly designed to increase the convenience of parents and bring joy to their lives.

From clothes, baby utensils, bath time essentials to toys and diaper bags, Skip Hop has got everything that is needed by a baby while growing up. Parents trust the brand because of the myriad products that have made life easy.

This Skip Hop Baby Duo Signature Diaper Bag is a very useful multipurpose stylish diaper bag that has been specially designed for your travel needs.

Pros & Cons of Skip Hop Baby Diaper Bags:

Why we choose it:
  • Very stylish and best in terms of functionality.
  • Has several features requested by parents all over the world.
  • Best suited for travelling.
  • Several pockets on the interior and exterior to hold a lot of items in an organized manner. Mesh pockets on the side can hold bottles while on the go.
  • The multi-way handles can be adjusted to carry it on the shoulder or just grab it by hand.
  • The bag can be adjusted on a stroller and carried easily while travelling.
  • Best bag for storing diapers and other baby essentials in a convenient manner.
Keep in mind:
  • It is difficult to use the bag or fit things into the several pockets with one hand when the other hand is managing the baby.

Important Features of Skip-Hop Baby Duo Diaper Bag:

  • This bag can be carried in two ways as needed. The handle can be grabbed or the shoulder strap can be adjusted to keep the hands free while handling the baby.
  • The bag has non-slip straps and shuttle clips to be adjusted perfectly on a stroller while moving which makes it extremely convenient for moms.
  • There is huge number of pockets in the bag to organize everything neatly without them getting jumbled up in the bag. There are altogether four interior pockets in the bag and seven on the exterior which provides ample space to store things in an organized way while travelling. You can slip in diapers, napkins, wipes, medicines, bottles and other essentials into these pockets easily and keep them handy all the time.
  • There are two elastic mesh pockets on both the sides to fit in bottles. This makes it extremely suitable for travelling.
  • The bag also features a cushioned changing pad.

On a whole, this Skip Hop Diaper Bag is an extremely useful and convenient bag for parents with just a slight bit of inconvenience. The product has been widely appraised by many parents as it has solved many of the problems faced while travelling with babies.

The organized design of the bag has given them an opportunity to carry everything in a compact way. Go for it if you are a new mother and have loads of travelling on the cards soon.

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