Complete Review of OXO Baby Wipes Case

Taking care of a baby is a job without any break. There are so many things to take care of when you have a little baby in your arms.

Some of the most essential items required during the first few months or years are diapers, baby wipes and cases for the baby. You frequently require such items till the baby is properly toilet trained.

A baby wipes is a type of a case that stores a certain number of baby wipes and dispenses one by one from the stack as per need. These dispensers are very helpful while using wipes during a baby’s diaper change routine.


Important things to consider before buying Wipe Case:

Before buying a baby wipes dispenser for your baby’s diaper changing needs, here are some of the features you must check to ensure you are buying the right product.

  • Buy dispensers which are easy to access and function. These are made for your convenience and should be doing that well.
  • Look for dispensers that are of standard size and can hold wipes of most brands.
  • Check whether the design is compact and neat.
  • Always read the reviews of the product you are selecting to purchase.

OXO Tot Wipes Case with Weighted Plate

[product_des  position="right" product_name="OXO Tot Wipes Case with Weighted Plate" aff_link="" img_link=""][/product_des]

OXO is a renowned brand providing essential items to make your daily living easier. The brand was founded following the principle of Universal Design which aims at making products which can be used by maximum number of people across the world.

OXO now produces more than 1000 products dedicated to home and living. Among the extremely popular baby essential goods from OXO, the Tot PerfectPull Wipes Dispenser with Weighted Plate is really a must have for parents.

Increasing your convenience while handling a baby during the initial months, this one comes loaded with lots of beneficial features.

Features of OXO Tot Wipes Case

  • Since it disposes one wipe at a time and can be opened with a simple, one-handed push, it is very easy to access and use it while handling the baby with another hand.
  • The weighted plate disposes one wipe at a time and keeps the other ready in line.
  • The lid contains silicon gasket which keeps the wipes fresh and moist always.
  • The non-slip rubber feet of the lid keep it always in place wherever you keep it.
  • It stores up to 100 wipes and the indicator window on the front always shows you the number of wipes left in the box to avoid emergencies.
  • The dispenser fits most of the popular wipes and is very easy to refill.
  • It is discreet and neat and fits easily on the back of the toilet.

Pros & Cons of Tot Wipes Case by OXO

Why Should Use?

  • Very easy to access and use.
  • Keeps hands free while accessing. Can be used with one hand.
  • The lid opens with a single push.
  • Stores up to 100 wipes of most brands.
  • Easy to refill.
  • Dispenses one wipe at a time neatly.
  • Discreet design.
  • The non-slip feet keep the dispenser in place.
  • The silicon gasket keeps the wipes fresh.

Keep in Mind

  • Since it is just a dispenser there is no room for diapers and other baby essentials. This is not a replacement for a diaper bag. You can use it just to store the baby wipes and carry it along if there’s room enough in your baby travel kit.

On a whole, if you are looking for a baby wipes dispenser that scores high on convenience and has a sleek design to aid in your baby’s daily care routine, this one is a good choice for you as it covers all the aspects really well to become an ideal dispenser.

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