Best Baby Diaper Bags Reviews of 2018

7 Features to Look for in Your Diaper Bag

1. Storage Space-

The first and foremost consideration that you need to keep in mind is the storage space you are getting out of the bag. Storage space doesn’t just refer to the ability to carry whatever you need but also how it helps you organize the stuff.

While most first-time mothers or fathers don’t understand the number of things that they will need to carry around to meet the needs of the baby and the individual.

Items that you are likely to need include diapers, rash creams, wipes, storage for dirty diapers, a pad for changing, cloths for burping the baby, a change of clothes in the event of any accidents, covers for nursing, sippy cups and bottles, toys and binkies, a sunscreen and some snacks.

You will also need to carry a ton of stuff for yourself as well including water bottles, sanitizers, wallets, snacks, phones, keys, sunglasses any makeup and sunscreen as well as reading materials.

A good diaper bag can help fit most or all of these things in spaces that are easily accessible. Going for bags with external storage options like pockets for keeping snacks and bottles, as well as extra pockets for phones, diapers, wipes and changing pads.

2. Ease of Use-

One of the biggest issues that people forget to consider is the ease of use. It is a nightmare trying to change a squirming baby and the worst thing that can happen in the middle of changing is you forgetting a crucial item.

Ease of accessibility can be your saving grace in this case and can help you find the stuff you need while holding on to your baby. Look for bags with light color interiors and a wide opening to enable easy access to the contents of the bag.

Closures are also of great importance when it comes to choosing a bag. Zips are your best friend in this case. It is crucial that the bag has a compartment inside with a zip closure as it ensures that you don’t lose anything important if the bag is tipped over.

Magnetic closures can open when they are loaded and Velcro can be too noisy, attach to other fabrics and they tend to wear out and get covered with fabric shards, making them hard to close.

3. Personal items-

Not only can it be extremely hard to carry a baby, a purse and a diaper bag at the same time, it is also quite unnecessary. Look for bags that can help you carry the things you need at the same time and ensure that it has enough space for your stuff.

4. Quality & Cost-

You need a bag that delivers on the quality. The bag needs to work for the long haul and can easily lead you to be extremely frustrated if it breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

Cheaper bags(less than $40 to $55) can actually end up costing you more if they break down and need to be replaced often. A better idea is to go for a durable and good quality mid-range one, which costs around $60-$100.

5. Fit & Style-

You need to focus on the comfort factor and the style too, when choosing a bag. The aim is to look for something that actually is comfortable and doesn’t give you a shoulder ache or back ache.

There are generally 4 types of styles, the tote bag, the messenger bag, the backpack and a bag that attaches to a stroller handlebar. Totes are like a large handbag and is carried with a handle or two.

They often come with detachable straps to be carried as a messenger bag. Messenger bags have one long strap that is carried across the body or over the shoulder. The backpack is worn on the back.

These bags can also have attachments to attach to the stroller, though it is not a good idea as the stroller can easily tip back due to the extra weight. Look for options that can help you be hands-free, like a handbag which is ergonomic and enables the weight to be equally distributed.

If your primary concern is accessibility, a messenger bag can be a good idea. Look for bags with padded straps for ease of comfort.

6. Fabric/Material-

Look for bags that are easy to clean and can be wiped off. You also need to find fabric that is waterproof and stain resistant. Ensure that the bag can be easily washed in a machine.

Antimicrobial fabric can help ensure the items in your bag stay free from germs. Eco friendly and organic materials can help prevent any chemical exposure to babies. Ensure there is no PVC in the bag which is treated with phthalates, which can be problematic for children’s development.

7. Features & Accessories-

Additional features are like the cherry on the cake when it comes to diaper bags. Look for additional features like changing pads, padding, bottle holders, key clips etc can really help make the process a lot easier.

Why to choose Eco-Friendly Materials on Diaper Bag?

It is always safe to choose Eco-friendly materials for the babies. We usually love to buy Eco-friendly diapers for our babies.

However, for storing the wipes and dirty diapers, we have to use the best diaper bags. The modern manufacturers have designed diaper bags, made of Eco-friendly materials.
Just as any other diaper bags, these organic bags are available with different other features.

No bad smell from the organic bags-

In many conventional diaper bags, you may find the use of PVC, which is also called polyvinyl chloride plastic. You can think that PVC is a good fabric as it has water-resistant feature, and helps in cleaning the bag easily.

However, this material is not the right choice for a baby’s diaper bag. To soften the fabric, like PVC, the manufacturers add phthalates. It can emit the smell of chemicals. You use diaper bags to store not only the diapers but also some other baby’s stuffs.

These stuffs can get filled with the odor. Most of the babies do not like this chemical odor. That is why most of the moms love to use Eco-friendly diaper bags.

The organic diaper bags, with leak-proof system, are the best choice to all the parents. These bags will also cause no health issues to the users and the babies.

Get all features in the durable bags-

Most of these bags are manufactured with PVC-free leather, and thus, they are non-toxic. For the purpose of lining, the manufacturers use water resistant polyester or pure cotton. You will also find these bags highly durable.

However, in case of the PVC bags, there are cracking issues. Other features that you may check out in the diaper bags are- removable and insulated bottle holder, front-cover, stroller hooks, compartment and zip pouch. Thus, the Eco-conscious moms will surely love these bags.

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