Bought a new car? Or having a baby? Either way, you would want to buy the best baby car seat. From new-born to around 9 years old, baby car seats are available for all and if you actually look, you will see, these car seats come in different sizes and facilities.

A baby car seat is necessary if you are travelling or even moving from one place to another, or giving your kid a lift to school. Their size and weight are different from us adults. That’s why, they need something special, something to make them comfortable in the car and enjoy the view. Hence, the thought for the best car seats.

These car seats are designed and modified every year and each year, it becomes more and more featured and stylish. It may come with travel bags or sunshades for your kid and lot more.

The best car seats are designed to be used for ages, that means, as the child grows, you don’t need to change the seats. They are convertible type (most of them). But there are also neonates and toddler type, used only for that specific group.

The car seats can be classified according to age group or according to child weight or the type of pushchairs used.


Top 10 Best Baby Car Seat of the Year

When you consider the brands in the market providing the seats, the first question that comes to your mind is, which one to choose.

You need to consider mainly two things. The first one obviously is about your kid, his safety, his comfort, and the second one is a car seat that is appropriate for your car.

Things to consider before buy baby car seat:

Before buying the best car seat, take your kid to the store, and try some seats there. You must consider:

  • The weight of your baby (You might not need that if the baby car seat is convertible)
  • Check if your car has isofix mounts. Most of the cars since 2002 do. They might be hidden under, so just go through manuals or ask the store selling baby car seats.
  • Put the baby in the seat and check. Check if his head is above the top of the seat, which might make him prone to a car accident and you know, how soft your baby’s head is.
  • Also check if your car has top tether mounts, which will fix your baby, even if your car accidentally bumps into anything.
  • Lastly, it is different if you are carrying more than one children. You might focus on seat size then.

There are many famous brands. They provide infant car seats, convertible car seats, booster seats, toddler seats and even all-in- one seats. We are considering the best baby car seats in the market for you.

1. Evenflo 38111190 Convertible Car Seat

If you want to go for car seats, both for babies and kids, this Evenflo will be the best for you. The seats are convertible and made in USA, the material is 100% polyester.

Not only that, it has added features so that it is easy to buckle up and release from the seats. The best feature is the 2X safety it provides. Federal safety standards are met along with Evenflo’s own product guidelines.

Other than being Light-weight and narrow, your kid can also put his head on the head pillow it comes with. This car seat is easy to recline, making it one of the topmost choice of the market.

2. Disney CC118CLJ Convertible Car Seat

Want to find a car seat according to your child’s preferance? You can easily chosethe ‘Disney’ theme now. Stylish and two faced-Ear and back,which make them one of the best baby car seats in the market.

It has a 5 point harness with upfront adjustment. With convertible seats, the car seats are appropriate for kids having 5-40 pounds and 19″ to 43″ as height. travelling is now more fun with minnie mouse.

3. Graco 8J00MTX 3-in-1 Car Seat

Steel-reinforced seats ensuring your baby’s ultimate protection and energy-absorbing foam for effective impact energy management, this Graco’s baby seats are the hot-cake in the market.

It offers you durability, so you don’t need to think about buying another for the next 8-10 years.

4. Safety 1st CC138DWV 3-in-1 Car Seat

Baby car seats that will grow with your baby, sounds amazing? this car seat even has growing pillows attached with it.

The seats mainly have 3 important features: rear-facing, forward-facing and belt-positioning booster.

5. Graco 8AB104PCE Car Seat

Want something simple? Graco brings you the best baby car seats. Now you can just click and connect the baby with the seat. The seats are ultra-lightweight and crash tested.

6. Graco 1949389 3-in-1 Car Seat

3 position recline and 3 in 1 harness, 3 boosters (Harness booster, backless booster and high back booster) what more do you need? And the promise to keep your kid extra-safe from infancy to childhood.

7. Graco 1948314 4ever Convertible Car Seat

Comfortable chair with 3 different recline positions when faced back of the car. Heavier construction make this car seat very safe for your children. They are very easy to fit in your car.

It goes from rear facing to front facing to booster seat so, it’s the only car seat you will need until your son is well over 5 years old. To change the seat position is very easy. It has the option to use the anchor system.

This seat will set your baby up so she can see and it doesn’t push her head down and forward like other car seats. It has very comfortable padding on it so, your baby will be comfortable for longer.

8. Safety 1st CC106BPEE Convertible Car Seat

Based on versatility, the best baby car seats ever. it has arm rests that can rotate and a detechable cup holder. Removable infant supprt keepd small babies in position.

9. Disney IC233BZE Infant Car Seat

Another Disney theme! but the best thing about this Luxe baby seat is, You can just remove the base of the car seat and carry it anywhere you like, as it is extra light weight. The product exceeds federal and ASTM safety standards.

10. Graco 8W402GLC Convertible Car Seat

Graco contender 65 is one of the best because you can separate the body and the head support,wash it if you want and also two bucle positions are attached.

Difference Between Convertible Car Seat vs. Infant Car Seat

But no matter, what brand you choose, make sure the baby is safe and comfortable and you have the best car seat for your baby. And choose wisely!

Infant Car SeatConvertible Car Seat
Rear – Facing only.Rear- Facing and Forward – Facing.
Infant only seats are used for babies from 0 – 12 months of age maximum. Babies from 0-2 years old may use convertible. It goes from infant to toddler, as babies grow this can be converted rear to forward.
Weight: Infant only seats can typically support a newborn as small as 4 pounds. Can carry up to 30-35 pounds.Weight: While the convertibles weighting starts from 5 pounds. Can carry up to 35-80 pounds.
Normally has two pieces, a carrier and a base. The carrier can be separated from base and comes with a handle so can be carried along.Convertible Car seat cannot be separated from its base. This has to fixed with vehicle seat and always stays in the car.
The infant car seat is the securer option for newborns.
Convertible Car seat cannot be supportable for newborns.
The infant casings only last until around 8-12 months. After then you have to buy another car seat. Convertible seat could be used for much longer. You may save money buying only one seat.
It is comfortable in its rear-facing position, because the seat attached with the base.In its rear-facing position, a convertible car seat is difficult to use, because you may have to restrained at least 5 harnesses.
Infant car seat comes with the travel system. Hence no need to spend on Stroller or Carrier.No stroller or carrier comes with convertible car seat. Thus, you need to pay extra on travel system.
Infant only seat has a trim design to habitat easily even on a small car.Convertible car seats take extra space in back seat and sometimes come with a detachable cup holder.
From the reviews, safety ratings and pediatrics suggestion Infant only seat are the best for infants. Most supportive for the infant’s spine.
On the other hand, convertible car seat is satisfied for Infants but not supportive for the infant’s spine. Besides best for the toddlers.
Convenient: While your baby is sleeping you can put them into the stroller without waking them up or carry them on the carrier. Too easy with the infant seats! Convenient: With a convertible, you cannot unbuckle the seat every day and carry babies in and out. Your younger's lack of sleep is a big issue!
Stated that If you buy a convertible car seat, you would miss the amenities mentioned above.Definite is if you buy an infant only seat you have to forgo some money, though you can carry your child rear-facing longer.


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